Best Christian Affiliate Programs

The Christian niche represents a passionate and highly engaged audience. In the United States alone, over 75% of adults identify as Christian. Tapping into this group’s strong purchasing power for faith-based products and services presents exciting affiliate opportunities.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore some of the most rewarding Christian and faith-based affiliate programs to consider. Whether your website or audience caters to the broader Christian demographic or specific denominations, integrating promotions for relevant products and services could be a natural monetization fit.

Let’s take a look at some of the top verticals and programs within the Christian affiliate marketing sphere.

Top Christian Affiliate Programs

Here is an overview of noteworthy Christian affiliate programs segmented by category:

Christian Apparel and Gifts

  • – Books, Bibles, gifts, apparel. Up to 13% commission.
  • Mardel – Christian books, greeting cards, gifts. Competitive commissions.
  • Kerusso – Christian t-shirts, apparel, gifts. Generous commissions.

Christian Entertainment

  • Christian Cinema – Faith-based movies and videos. 50% commission.
  • Christian Music Depot – Christian music CDs, DVDs, downloads. 15% commission.
  • FaithGateway – Wholesome family movies and TV on DVD. 15% commission.

Faith-Based Education

  • Christian Homeschool Hub – Homeschool curriculum, resources. 10% commission.
  • – Online homeschool classes and support. $25 average order commissions.

Christian Dating and Relationships

  • Christian Cafe – Leading Christian dating site. $20 per paying signup.
  • Single Parent Meet – Dating for single Christian parents. $38 per signup.
  • – Marriage prep and counseling platform. Up to 35% revenue share.

This selection highlights major programs across key categories like apparel, media, education, and relationships relevant to Christian niche audiences. But many smaller Christian companies also offer partnerships worth exploring if aligned with your audience.

How to Promote Christian Affiliate Products

Here are proven and ethical ways to incorporate Christian affiliate product links naturally into your content:

Create Christian Gift Guides

Develop gift idea content and guides focused on occasions like Christmas, Easter, weddings, baptisms and more with faith-based products.

Recommend Faith-Based Movies and Entertainment

Share and review the latest Christian-friendly movies, books, music and TV shows your audience would enjoy based on their values.

Give Biblical Perspectives on Relationships

Provide guidance applying biblical principles to marriage, parenting, dating and everyday life. Recommend related books, courses and services.

Share Deals and Coupons

Promoting exclusive savings, sales and special offers on Christian products incentivizes purchases from your audience.

Profile Christian Business Owners

Interview entrepreneurs and creators about how their faith guides their business. Organically recommend their products and startup stories.

Suggest Sunday School, Youth Group and VBS Supplies

As program planning starts, recommend affiliate curriculum, activities, apparel, gifts and more relevant to these Christian education programs.

Develop DIY Projects for Christian Holidays

Create project tutorials for decor, gifts, activities for holidays like Christmas, Easter, and VBS, incorporating any needed supplies.

Seamlessly weaving affiliate links into content that speaks directly to the passions and interests of Christian niche audiences delivers value and monetization simultaneously.

Successful Examples of Christian Affiliate Sites

Looking at popular affiliate sites focused on the Christian demographic provides inspiration for what engages this audience:


In addition to selling faith-based movies and books, FaithGateway creates tons of inspirational content incorporating recommended products.

Christian Audio

This site provides reviews of the latest Christian audiobook releases and featured new products relevant to their book-loving audience.

Christianity Co

Christianity Co builds strong trust by publishing advice and educational content focused on applying biblical principles to life and relationships.

Pick Your Planner

With content helping moms organize family schedules and activities, this site successfully promotes Christian planners and organizational tools.

Multi-Cultural Christian

Offering resources for Christians of diverse backgrounds, this site incorporates recommendations for relevant books, movies, gifts etc. that appeal to their niche.

Bible Study Tools

Serving an audience hungry for Biblical learning makes affiliate promotions for faith-based online courses, guides and study resources highly fitting.

These examples provide proven models for tailoring content specifically to Christian niche demographics in an authentic, non-salesy manner.

Tips for Success Promoting Christian Affiliate Products

Here are some top tips to help maximize your earnings from Christian affiliate marketing:

  • Create evergreen informational content not overt affiliate pitches to build long-term value and trust
  • Focus on promoting products that align with your audience’s values and principles
  • Time recommendations and deals around major Christian holidays when buying interest increases
  • Capture emails with lead magnets like devotionals or Bible reading plans to nurture leads
  • Share your own personal stories and faith perspective when recommending products you genuinely use
  • Publish reviews for newly released faith-based products so readers learn about them first through you
  • Don’t over-promote. Sprinkle recommendations contextually into faith, family and lifestyle advice content

Delivering authentic value that enriches your Christian audience’s lives builds loyalty and engagement that drives conversions better than aggressive sales tactics ever could.

Adhering to Christian Affiliate Marketing Best Practices

To maintain integrity when promoting Christian offers, adhere to best practices like:

  • Disclosing affiliate partnerships transparently using phrases like “Paid Advertisement”
  • Avoiding pressure tactics and aggressive promotional language
  • Providing honest, experience-based recommendations on products you genuinely recommend
  • Producing valuable, educational content not just product pitches
  • Representing offers truthfully
  • Selecting only affiliate programs for brands that align with your values

Taking an honest, authentic approach focused on serving your Christian readership ensures affiliate marketing feels like a natural win-win rather than a salesy distraction.

Christian Affiliate Program FAQs

For more details on integrating Christian affiliate promotions successfully, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What commission rates do Christian affiliate programs pay?

Commissions vary greatly depending on product prices and margins. But most pay between 4-15%, with 8-10% average for Christian retail products.

What cookie lengths do Christian programs offer?

30-45 days is standard. Some offer 60-90 days for big ticket items like online courses to allow time for buyers to return and purchase.

Can I promote Christian offers without my own website?

Absolutely. You can integrate product recommendations seamlessly into YouTube, podcasts, social media, and other channels with engaged Christian followers.

How much traffic do I need to join Christian programs?

Most approve publishers with just 500-1,000 monthly visitors since the passionate niche audience converts well.

Does my audience need to be 100% Christian?

No, most programs only require your content appeals broadly to Christian readers whether exclusively or as part of a mixed lifestyle audience.

What niches perform best?

Family life, women’s advice, relationship tips, Bible study, and prayer/devotional content convert highly due to passion for these topics.

So in summary, Christian affiliate programs represent a great opportunity for publishers already serving this sizable, highly engaged readership demographic. Just maintain a authentic tone with value-focused recommendations.


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