Best Fishing Affiliate Programs

Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies and outdoor recreational activities around the world. With over 49 million fishing enthusiasts in the United States alone, the fishing accessories and equipment market is a lucrative one to tap into. That’s why joining fishing affiliate programs can be highly profitable for websites and influencers.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore some of the top affiliate programs for fishing products and discuss how you can leverage them to earn commissions. Whether you have a fishing blog, outdoors site, or a large social media following of anglers, promoting fishing gear can provide excellent revenue streams.

Top Fishing Affiliate Programs

Here are some of the best affiliate programs to look into if you want to recommend fishing accessories and supplies:

Bass Pro Shops

One of the world’s largest fishing retailers, Bass Pro Shops operates an expansive affiliate program that pays up to 10% commission rates on qualifying purchases. They carry every fishing-related product imaginable including rods, reels, tackle, gear and apparel.


A leading outdoor recreation retailer focused on hunting, camping and of course fishing gear. Cabela’s affiliate program offers competitive 8% commissions on sales. They sell a huge assortment of major fishing brands and products.


This legendary fishing lure brand operates an affiliate program paying 8% commissions. It allows you to promote Rapala’s huge selection of lures, tools and fishing accessories. Great niche to focus on.

Deeper Fishfinders

Deeper creates wireless smart fishfinders that integrate with smartphones. Their program offers 15% commissions on sales of these high-tech fish finding gadgets and accessories. Unique product to promote.


FishUSA is an online retailer selling every type of fishing tackle, equipment and apparel. Their competitive affiliate program pays 8% commissions. They have a massive inventory from freshwater to saltwater fishing.

Block Marine

For marine electronics like fish finders, GPS and sonar, Block Marine has an extensive selection. Their program offers 8-12% commissions to affiliates. A great niche for fishing tech products.

Austin Kayak

Austin Kayak specializes in kayak fishing gear including racks, paddles, PFDs and accessories suited for anglers. They offer an 8% commission rate through Impact Radius.

Pyramid Fly Co

Dedicated to fly fishing, Pyramid Fly Co offers quality fly rods, reels, tackle and accessories. Their program pays 10% commissions. Perfect for fly fishing enthusiasts.

Camping World

Massive selection of fishing supplies along with RV and outdoor gear makes Camping World’s program appealing. Affiliates can earn up to 11% commission on sales.

Wholesale Marine

For everything marine related, Wholesale Marine carries tons of boat parts, electronics and fishing equipment. Affiliates earn 6-8% commissions promoting their products.

This list just scratches the surface of all the affiliate programs available for fishing products. These are some of the best and most reputable companies to partner with in the industry though. They offer competitive commission rates and will supply you with all the promotional resources needed to succeed.

How to Promote Fishing Affiliate Products

Once you’ve joined fishing affiliate programs, you’ll need to start actively promoting products to your audience to generate sales. Here are some of the most effective ways to do this:

Write In-Depth Fishing Gear Reviews

One of the best ways to provide value to your audience while promoting affiliate products is to create detailed reviews. These reviews help guide readers on the best fishing rods, reels, lures, tackle, electronics and other gear to buy. Include pros and cons, comparisons, photos, videos and links to the affiliate product.

Create ‘Best of’ Fishing Gear Lists

Compiling lists like the “Best Bass Lures for Under $10” or “Best Portable Fish Finders” is highly engaging. Include descriptions and pros/cons for each product. Rank them and link to the items through your affiliate links. Lists perform well for lead generation.

Give Angler Gift Guide Recommendations

Around the holidays, gift guides are hugely popular. Curate gift ideas tailored to fishermen like lure variety packs, fillet knives, rod holders and fishing apparel. Provide options at different price points.

Share Fishing Deals & Limited-Time Offers

Promoting deals, sales and time-limited offers helps increase conversion rates. Many brands provide special coupon codes and promotions just for affiliate partners. Share these with your audience when available.

Interview Fishing Industry Experts

Interviewing popular fishing pros, researchers and industry experts allows you to create engaging “insider” content. Ask them for recommendations on the best gear for different angling techniques to organically work in affiliate links.

Document Fishing Trips

Recording your own fishing trips through vlogs and blogs is a great way to build authority and trust with readers. You can naturally showcase the rods, lures, tackle boxes and other gear you use through real life stories.

Give Tips & Recommend Accessories for Different Fish Species

Create content tailored to fishermen targeting specific fish like trout, bass or salmon. Give tips on the best rods, reels, bait and tackle to use to catch that species. Recommend accessories based on the environment and conditions.

Film ‘How To’ Fishing Technique Tutorials

Step-by-step fishing tutorials are extremely popular on YouTube and fishing blogs. Making “how to” videos allows you to educate anglers while featuring affiliate gear in real life situations.

By using these promotional tactics, you can seamlessly integrate affiliate links into all types of fishing content. Give honest recommendations on products you truly believe in after thoroughly testing them if possible. This engenders reader trust while generating affiliate income.

Top Fishing Niches and Verticals

The fishing sector spans tons of different niches and sub-categories. To maximize earnings, it helps to focus your affiliate marketing efforts on a specific vertical. This allows you to tailor content and product recommendations directly to that subset of anglers.

Here are some of the most lucrative fishing niches to explore:

Bass Fishing

From Tournament anglers to weekend bass fishermen, anything bass fishing related has huge appeal. Create content about the best bass rods, reels, line and bass lures to promote.

Fly Fishing

The fly fishing niche has an avid following. Cater content to this group with recommendations on fly rods, flies, tying tools, waders, and other specialty fly gear.

Saltwater Fishing

Saltwater fishermen need rods, reels and tackle built for the ocean. Cater product recommendations to off-shore fishing techniques, big game fish species, and saltwater boat gear.

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing has its own specialty equipment like shelters, augers, heaters, and ice rods. Focus recommendations on cold weather fishing gear for this dedicated niche.

Kayak Fishing

Fishing kayak sales exploded in recent years. Provide reviews on kayaks for anglers along with rods, accessories and electronics tailored to kayak fishing.


From gear to bait, catfishermen have their own preferences. Create content highlighting the best rods, reels, tackle and bait for catching different catfish species.

Carp Fishing

A hugely popular freshwater fishing niche in Europe and beyond is carp fishing. Carp anglers will appreciate recommendations on carp-specific gear.

Trout Fishing

For fishermen who target trout specifically, recommend the top-rated trout lures, flies, tackle, rods and reels for different conditions.

Salmon Fishing

From the Great Lakes to the Pacific Northwest, salmon fishing has many dedicated anglers. Recommend rods, reels and salmon lures tailored to them.

Crappie Fishing

While crappie fishing doesn’t get as much attention, it’s still a passionate niche. Feature the rods, jigs, tackle and gear that perform best for crappie.

Drilling down into a specific fishing niche allows you to dial in product recommendations to exactly match their needs and preferences. This results in higher conversion rates compared to general fishing affiliate sites.

Fishing Affiliate Website Examples

To get even more affiliate marketing ideas, it helps to explore real-world examples of successful affiliate websites focused on fishing:

Fishing O’Clock

Fishing O’clock offers extensive fishing gear reviews and tips for all skill levels. Their detailed recommendations help anglers pick the right equipment.


With helpful “Best of” lists and fishing equipment recommendations, GallantFishing caters their content to various niches.

Fishing Pioneer

Featuring in-depth fishing gear reviews and tips, Fishing Pioneer focuses on highlighting the latest and greatest products.


This site creates helpful reviews and “best” lists tailored to beginners looking to get started fishing affordably.

Fishing Tool Expert

Catering their content to fishing tools and accessories, this site provides recommendations for gadgets and innovations.

Fishing Kayak Guide

This site focuses specifically on the kayak fishing niche, with reviews of fishing kayaks and related gear.

Addicted Fishing

Addicted Fishing offers a wide variety of fishing tips, techniques, destinations, product reviews and comparisons.


Filled with resources for tournament anglers, Speed4Fishing recommends the top competitive bass fishing gear.


GetFish creates buying guides and reviews that appeal to casual weekend warrior type fishermen looking to maximize their time on the water.

The Marine Battery

This niche site focuses specifically on reviewing marine batteries and accessories suited for fishing boats.

Studying competitors’ content strategies gives you ideas for how to approach fishing affiliate marketing for your own website or channel. Look for gaps or underserved niches you can fill as well.

Keys to Success With Fishing Affiliate Programs

Here are some important tips to succeed as a fishing affiliate:

  • Cater Content to Passionate Anglers: Understanding fishermen’s needs, challenges and interests allows you to create content that truly resonates with them. Get inside the mindset of your target audience.
  • Provide Value: Don’t just push products. Focus on providing genuine value through educational content like how-to’s, buying guides and reviews. Build trust.
  • Niche Down: As discussed above, highly targeted content tailored to specific fishing methods and fish species converts better. Get granular with niches.
  • Back Up Recommendations: Make sure any fishing gear you endorse is high-quality and you have first-hand experience with it. Credibility is key.
  • Promote Top Sellers: Check what fishing tackle, rods, electronics and lures are bestsellers and cater content accordingly. Recommend proven big sellers.
  • Make Affiliate Links Visible: Put affiliate links near images, in buttons and within the content. Don’t hide them away. But keep them relevant and natural.
  • Monitor Performance: Track metrics like clicks, conversions, EPC, site visits and sales by product category. Double down on what performs best.

By keeping these tips in mind and specifically targeting fishing enthusiasts with your content, you can build a successful affiliate business promoting fishing gear across multiple programs.

Fishing Affiliate Marketing FAQ

For more guidance on the fishing affiliate marketing niche, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What affiliate commission percentage is typical for fishing products?

The average commission rate for fishing affiliate programs ranges from 6-15%, with most in the 8-10% range. Anything over 10% is generous for this market. Avoid programs under 4-5%.

Do I need a website to promote fishing affiliate offers?

While a website or blog helps, you can also promote affiliate fishing products through social media, YouTube, podcasts and other channels with audiences of fishing enthusiasts.

What rod, reel and tackle brands perform best?

Based on popularity and sales, some of the top fishing brands are Shimano, Abu Garcia, Penn, Rapala, Lew’s, Strike King, Quantum, Daiwa, Berkley and Okuma.

Should I target freshwater or saltwater fishing niches?

You can focus on either, but freshwater fishing is a significantly bigger niche. Main freshwater species like bass, trout, crappie, catfish, pike and more have huge appeal. Create content for your niche’s needs.

How much traffic do I need to make sales?

As a guideline, aim for at least 1,000 focused visitors per month in your niche to reliably generate affiliate income. More traffic and email subscribers means higher revenues.

How do I disclose affiliate relationships legally?

Clearly disclose next to links as an affiliate relationship. For example “We earn a commission for purchases made through links in this post” suffices in the USA. Check local laws.

What rod/reel specs and features should I highlight?

Things like rod length and power, reel gear ratio, drag, ball bearings, rod material (graphite, composite etc), and integrated technologies are key specs and features to highlight.

And that covers the fundamentals of getting started and succeeding with fishing affiliate marketing! You can leverage your audience and content to earn excellent income promoting fishing gear through affiliate programs. Just stay laser focused on providing value to passionate anglers to maximize conversions. Enjoy all the perks that come along with fishing affiliate success!


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