Best Gaming Affiliate Programs

The gaming industry has exploded into a $300+ billion market worldwide. With over 3 billion gamers globally, it represents one of the most lucrative niches for affiliate partnerships. Promoting gaming products on your website or content allows monetizing this passionate audience.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore some of the most rewarding gaming affiliate programs across key categories like gaming equipment, digital games, merch, and more. Whether your website or audience caters to mobile, console, PC or tabletop gamers, integrating relevant gaming affiliate promotions can provide attractive recurring commissions.

Let’s examine some of the top affiliate opportunities within the expansive gaming vertical.

Top Gaming Affiliate Programs

Here is an overview of recommended gaming affiliate programs segmented by category:

Gaming Equipment

  • Razer – PC gaming equipment like keyboards, mice, headsets. Up to 10% commission rates.
  • Logitech – PC gaming accessories plus console/mobile controllers. Competitive commissions.
  • ASTRO Gaming – Premium console and PC gaming headsets. Generous affiliate program.

Digital Game Stores

  • Green Man Gaming – Digital game sales for PC and console. 80% revenue share plus bonuses.
  • GOG – DRM-free classic and indie digital games. Up to 60% commission.
  • Humble Bundle – “Pay what you want” game bundles. Up to 25% rev share.

Gaming Apparel & Merch

  • J!NX – Video game shirts, apparel, accessories. 10% base commission rate.
  • Controller Chaos – Custom painted and modified gaming controllers. Average 10% commission.
  • Meta Threads – Nerdy gamer apparel and merch. $16 average order commission.

This selection highlights major affiliate opportunities perfect for gaming sites or audiences. But many game publishers, software firms and accessory makers also offer partnerships.

How to Promote Gaming Affiliate Products

The most effective approach for monetizing gaming content through affiliate links is to seamlessly integrate product recommendations into engaging articles and videos:

Write In-Depth Hardware Reviews

Provide detailed hands-on reviews of PC components, peripherals, gaming laptops and pre-built desktops based on real-world testing.

Create “Best of” Lists

Compile lists like “Best Gaming Mice Under $50” or “Top PS5 Headsets” and feature options across budget levels.

Give Buying Advice

Offer guidance around gaming hardware like how to choose a GPU or build a PC with affiliate links to recommended parts.

Provide Game Recommendations

Suggest games to buy across platforms like must-play Nintendo Switch games or top indie PC titles.

Share Deals and Discounts

Promoting gaming sales, bundles, exclusives and coupons incentivize clicking through to make purchases.

Live Stream Gameplay Using Affiliate Equipment

Naturally showcase and discuss affiliated gaming products like headsets, keyboards, controllers etc. during your streams.

Offer Tutorials for Accessories

Content like custom controller tutorials allow integrating related affiliates for parts and tools needed for the project.

Integrating gaming affiliate links and recommendations into reviews, tutorials, and informational content provide a seamless, value-added experience rather than a sales pitch.

Successful Gaming Affiliate Website Examples

Looking at examples of successful affiliate sites focused on gaming content provides ideas on proven monetization strategies:


Covering games, esports, entertainment and gaming tech, IGN incorporates relevant affiliate links to hardware, games and accessories into reviews and buying guides.

Game Rant

With the latest gaming news and tips lists, GameRant is able to naturally integrate seamless affiliate links to complementary products mentioned in articles.


Polygon creates strong trust and loyalty reviewing games honestly while linking related gaming merchandise and accessories contextually within content.

PC Gamer

Catering their content to PC gamers allows PC Gamer to incorporate PC component and gaming laptop affiliate links from relevant brands.

Nintendo Life

As a Nintendo focused site, Nintendo Life successfully incorporates affiliate game and accessory recommendations perfect for their niche.


Offering a mixture of game reviews, cosplay spotlights, and enthusiast culture content provides GamesRadar diverse affiliate promotion opportunities.

Studying their monetization strategies provides takeaways for seamlessly incorporating gaming affiliate opportunities into your own website or channel.

Tips for Increasing Gaming Affiliate Earnings

Here are some tips to help maximize your earnings from gaming affiliate marketing:

  • Only recommend games and equipment you have actually used or tested to maintain credibility.
  • Time promotions around major gaming events like new console launches and big game releases when spending peaks.
  • Capture emails with popups and lead magnets to allow promoting gaming deals and recommendations through newsletters.
  • Don’t just link text. Use inline image links, comparison tables, boxouts, banners and videos to highlight products.
  • Make sure links are mobile-responsive. Enable tap-to-buy capabilities for mobile users.
  • Keep links updated as prices and availability change fast with games and tech. Outdated links lose conversions.
  • Negotiate higher commission rates or incentives from brands by pitching how your audience can be leveraged.

Optimizing promotions during peak seasons and showcasing offers in multiple ways will result in higher conversion rates from your gaming audience traffic.

Building a Profitable Gaming Affiliate Site

Based on proven gaming affiliate models, here is one framework for constructing an affiliate site from scratch:

Pick Your Gaming Niche

Determine a tight niche like Nintendo, PC building, FPS games etc rather than overly broad gaming coverage.

Join Relevant Gaming Affiliate Programs

Apply to affiliate programs in your niche like game stores, accessory brands, publishers etc.

Create “Best of” Content

Develop rankings like “10 Best PS5 RPGs” or “5 Top Gaming Laptops Under $800” with your analysis.

Write Reviews

Provide detailed hands-on reviews of hardware, games and accessories showcasing your experience.

Publish Gaming Guides

Offer guide content like “How to Custom Build a Gaming PC” or “Beginner’s Guide to League of Legends”.

Live Stream Gameplay

Broadcast yourself playing new game releases and discussing titles. Subtly feature gear.

Measure Traffic and Conversions

Track traffic sources, rankings and referral conversions to optimize content.

Genuinely helping fellow gamers separates an authority affiliate site from more commercial competitors. Laser focus your content on serving your core niche.

Gaming Affiliate Program FAQs

For more details on maximizing earnings from gaming affiliate programs, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What commission percentages do gaming affiliates pay?

Commissions vary based on verticals but generally range from 3-15%. Hardware and accessories pay on the higher end while digital games pay lower commissions.

What cookie lengths do gaming merchants offer?

30-90 days is standard. 60 days provides sufficient time for gamers to return and complete a purchase.

Can I use a game’s artwork and images if I’m an affiliate?

Only with permission. Most game publishers provide promoter kits and approved assets to affiliates upon request. Don’t scrape images.

How much traffic do I need to join a gaming program?

1,000+ monthly visitors is generally sufficient, especially if in a niche gaming category which converts well like MMORPGs or FPS games.

Do gaming commissions change over time?

Pricing drops over time for games so earnings per transaction declines. But hardware affiliate rates remain steady. Mix both for stability.

What niche works best?

Enthusiast niches convert highly thanks to audience passion. PC gaming, Nintendo, VR gaming, esports, retro gaming etc. all perform well.

So in summary, joining gaming affiliate programs represents a logical monetization path for publishers already producing content tailored to serve various gaming niches. Just maintain an authentic tone focused on your audience.


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