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The tourism and hospitality industry drives over $1 trillion in economic activity annually worldwide. With hotels representing a massive segment, joining high converting hotel affiliate programs presents a major opportunity for publishers to earn substantial commissions.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the top affiliate programs for promoting hotel bookings and recommendations on how to integrate hotel affiliate offers into your website or channel. Whether you have a travel blog or a large audience of vacation planners, partnering with leading hotel chains and booking platforms can provide excellent revenue streams.

Top Hotel Affiliate Programs

Here are some of the most rewarding hotel affiliate programs to consider joining:

The world’s largest hotel booking platform, offers an affiliate program that pays out commissions averaging 15% or more for confirmed reservations. With over 28 million listings, they provide global reach.

Another major hotel booking site, provides attractive commissions starting at 25% for new partners on last-minute bookings, and 10% on standard bookings. Over 325,000 partner properties gives you plenty of booking options to promote.

Popular in Asia, Agoda’s affiliate program pays up to 6% commission on hotel bookings. They have inventory in 200+ countries with 1.2 million properties. Unique to promote for Asian destination content.

Priceline Partner Network

The Priceline Partner Network offers competitive rates, paying 10-50% commission for bookings on, Kayak and other major hotel and travel sites in their network. Massive reach and inventory.


While lower commission rates around 4-10%, TripAdvisor makes up for it with huge user traffic of 456 million monthly visitors. Promote live hotel pricing and availability matching TripAdvisor content.

Marriott International

For a single brand program, Marriott offers commission rates up to 10% across their 30 hotel brands including Courtyard, Westin, Sheraton, and Ritz-Carlton. Promote their direct site booking rates.


Similar to Marriott, Hilton Hotels operates an internal program paying affiliates 10% commission on bookings at Hilton, Hampton Inn, DoubleTree and other Hilton hotel chains when booked direct.

Shangri-La Hotels

Upscale Asian hotel chain Shangri-La offers an affiliate program tailored to their deluxe 5-star properties across Asia, Middle East, Europe and North America. Competitive 8-12% commission rates offered.

Omni Hotels

Omni Hotels provides affiliates 8-10% commission on bookings of their 60+ luxury resorts and business hotels across North America when booked through their site. An upscale boutique hotel option.

Red Roof

Economy hotel chain Red Roof Inn pays 10% commission on bookings of their 600+ properties nationwide when referred through their affiliate program. Great inclusion for budget road trip content.

Featuring major booking platforms along with individual hotel chains gives you a mix of massive inventory and higher commissions to maximize potential affiliate earnings.

How to Promote Hotel Affiliate Offers

The key to generating abundant commissions promoting hotel affiliate programs is seamlessly integrating affiliate links and offers into targeted, high-quality content tailored to your audience:

Create City and Destination Hotel Guides

Develop hotel recommendation guides for popular tourism destination cities like Las Vegas, San Diego, Miami, and more with suggested partner properties at different price points.

Write Reviews of Partner Hotels

Provide in-depth reviews of partner hotels you’ve stayed at, highlighting amenities, room features, location, dining, recreational facilities and more. Include pros, cons and stars rating.

Curate Top Hotel Lists and Awards

Compile top hotel lists like “Best Las Vegas Hotels Under $200 a Night” or “Best Boutique Chicago Hotels” with write-ups on each property. Annual hotel awards for categories like best value, service etc also attract attention.

Compare Hotel Rates Across Booking Sites

Create side-by-side comparisons of hotel pricing across various booking platforms and direct hotel sites to help users find the best rates. Integrate affiliate links where applicable.

Share Destination and Hotel Deals

Promote special offers like free nights, discounted rates, resort credits, and package deals from partner hotels and booking platforms as they arise. Time-limited deals help drive conversions.

Give Local Accommodation Tips

For budget-focused travelers, suggest affordable accommodations like partner hostels, B&Bs, vacation rental properties, and cheap hotels tailored to the destination. Backpacker content converts well.

Highlight Pet and Family-Friendly Options

Call out top-rated partner hotels that cater to pets, kids, extended families and large groups based on their amenities, suite types, activities etc. Family travel is a huge niche.

Develop Hotel Content Around Events

Create hotel recommendation content targeted at major events like New Year’s Eve in Times Square, SXSW in Austin, San Diego Comic Con and more with booking options near the event facilities.

By seamlessly integrating affiliate rates, discounts and special offers for partner hotels into targeted, high-quality travel content, you can earn substantial passive income from commissions over time.

Examples of Successful Hotel Affiliate Sites

Looking at affiliate site examples helps provide ideas on how to effectively monetize hotel content:

My Millennial Guide

With detailed city destination guides, My Millennial Guide does an excellent job showcasing the best hotel options for solo travelers and couples. Their reviews and recommendation lists integrate affiliate links naturally.

Travel Away

Travel Away caters their content to budget-conscious backpackers and solo travelers with hotel guides, hostel recommendations, and deals focused on value. Affiliate links supplement display ads.

Nomadic Hustle

This site targets digital nomads and remote workers with travel destination content highlighting accommodations good for remote working like apartments and extended stay hotels.

Travel for Miles 101

Catering their content to travelers focused on hotel point rewards and credit card perks, this site integrates affiliate links for their points-savvy audience.

Hotels Finder

This site provides a search and comparison tool for hotel rates across various booking platforms, earning commissions on referrals. User-friendly interface.

What’s the Best Hotel

Reviews, rankings, awards and guide content focused solely on helping travelers identify the top accommodations for their stay makes this site useful for research and referrals.

Travel with a Mate

Providing couple-focused travel and hotel advice allows this site to integrate affiliate links to properties catering to couples like adults-only and resort hotels.

Studying examples of successful affiliate hotel sites helps provide ideas on content angles, target demographics and monetization strategies to model for your own website or channel.

Maximizing Earnings from Hotel Affiliate Programs

Follow these tips to optimize commissions earned from promoting hotel affiliate offers:

  • Show pricing and deals prominently next to your recommendations so readers can easily check rates.
  • Always link to the direct hotel site rather than just the booking platform when available to earn higher commission.
  • Negotiate higher commission tiers based on your site’s traffic and influence with a brand’s target demographic.
  • Ensure affiliate links are visible on homepage navigation menus, content recommendation roundups and hotel directory pages.
  • Promote time-limited sales and seasonal deals which tend to convert better than everyday rates.
  • Aim for at least 100,000 pageviews or 10,000 engaged email subscribers to generate meaningful income from hotel commissions.
  • Pay attention to metrics like earnings per click and conversion rates by hotel partner. Double down on better performing programs.
  • Don’t rely solely on text links. Display real-time rate widgets and booking buttons to boost engagement.
  • Leverage push notifications and social media to notify followers immediately of flash sales and hot hotel deals.

By optimizing your promotional strategies and showcasing real-time pricing and deals, you can maximize commissions earned from hotel affiliate programs over the long run.

Hotel Affiliate Program FAQs

For more guidance on succeeding with hotel affiliate marketing, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What types of sites work best for promoting hotel offers?

Travel blogs, city-specific guides, tourism sites, deal sites, family travel blogs, events sites, digital nomad blogs and influencer channels tend to see the highest conversion promoting hotel booking offers.

How much can you make from hotel affiliate programs?

Commission rates vary from 4-25% typically, so earnings depend on your site’s traffic and commissions earned per booking. Top affiliate sites can easily generate over $5,000 per month. $1,000+ is feasible for mid-tier sites.

What commissions do luxury hotel programs offer?

Luxury chains like Ritz-Carlton, Shangri-La and Omni still only pay affiliates around 8-12% commission, the same as budget brands in many cases. Focus on volume over higher rates.

Do hotel chains allow affiliate coupons or special promo codes?

Absolutely. Affiliate managers often provide exclusive discount promo codes and seasonal offers to incentivize bookings and help drive incremental sales.

How often do hotel affiliate rates and commissions change?

Hotel room rates fluctuate constantly. Commission rates tend to change infrequently but partners may adjust terms seasonally or yearly. Keep terms updated in your links and content.

Is it better to focus on specific hotel chains?

Generally, booking platforms provide far more breadth of inventory despite lower commission rates. But promoting a few complementary hotel chains you have experience with can be effective for niche sites. Find a balanced approach.

Can I recruit other affiliates under me?

Some programs allow recruiting affiliates to create multi-tier commission structures. But most don’t offer this. You’ll need to drive direct bookings yourself to earn hotel commissions in most cases.

So in summary, integrating affiliate links to major hotel booking platforms and leading hotel chains into targeted travel content represents a lucrative monetization avenue for publishers. Just stay laser focused on providing authentic value to travelers to maximize conversions.


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