Best Jewelry Affiliate Programs

Jewelry represents a high-ticket, high-margin product category. The global jewelry market is projected to surpass $400 billion by 2027. With consumers consistently spending significant sums on jewelry, the niche presents lucrative affiliate opportunities.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore some of the most rewarding jewelry affiliate programs and effective promotional strategies. Whether your website covers fashion, deals or shopping, integrating jewelry affiliate links can provide attractive earnings.

Let’s examine the top jewelry affiliate options to consider for your monetization efforts.

Top Jewelry Affiliate Programs

Here are some noteworthy jewelry affiliate programs covering major retailers, designers and specialty stores:

Amazon Associates

As the largest jewelry retailer, Amazon offers the most extensive jewelry selection and name brand watches. Their program pays up to 10% commission.

  • Commission Rate: Up to 10%
  • Cookie Duration: 24 hours
  • Huge Selection: All major brands and styles


ShareASale provides access to 1,700+ jewelry merchants via their marketplace. Custom date ranges and creative allow better optimization.

  • Commission Rate: Varies by merchant
  • Cookie Duration: 30-120 days
  • Top Brands: Tacori, Blue Nile, Brilliant Earth and more

Rakuten Advertising

Formerly LinkShare, Rakuten offers 1,000+ jewelry brands through their affiliate network including major retailers. Provides cookie-less tracking.

  • Commission Rates: Varies by brand
  • Cookie Duration: Varies by program
  • Global Reach: International jewelry brands

Owned by Signet Jewelers, carries all major fine jewelry brands. Their program offers competitive rates and custom linking options.

  • Commission Rate: Up to 9% tiered
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Wide Selection: Every major jewelry brand focuses on diamond jewelry, watches, and luxury gifts. Their program pays 8% commissions with a 45 day cookie.

  • Commission Rate: 8% flat
  • Cookie Duration: 45 days
  • Strengths: Diamond jewelry and luxury watches

This selection provides a sample of the major marketplaces, retailers and brands offering jewelry affiliate programs. But many more niche jewelry companies also provide partnership opportunities.

How to Promote Jewelry Affiliate Links

Successfully monetizing a website through jewelry affiliate links requires seamlessly integrating product recommendations into engaging, high-quality content:

Create Jewelry Shopping Guides

Develop guides for products like “Best Heart Pendant Necklaces Under $500” or “Gold Watch Gift Ideas for Him” with affiliate links.

Write Jewelry Reviews and Roundups

Provide in-depth reviews and testimonials for specific products like the latest Apple Watch model or popular jewelry styles.

Curate Jewelry Gift Guides

Compile gift idea listicles focused on occasions like anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings etc. and integrate affiliate links.

Share Coupons and Jewelry Deals

Promoting jewelry sales, exclusive discounts and coupon codes incentivizes consumers to buy through your links.

Publish Luxury Jewelry and Watch Content

The high-end jewelry segment represents added earning potential. Provide luxury gift guides and spotlight new designer collections.

Cover Jewelry Trends and Releases

Discussing popular new jewelry trends and the latest product releases provides opportunities to link to brands carrying these items.

Feature Specific Jewelry Brands or Designers

Publishing features or interviews with specific designers gives context to highlight their products through affiliate links.

Integrating affiliate jewelry links into targeted, high-value recommendations and trend content earns commissions while providing added value to your audience.

Examples of Successful Jewelry Affiliate Websites

Looking at popular affiliate websites focused on jewelry provides inspiration for possible monetization approaches:

Engagement 101

This site focuses specifically on engagement rings, featuring recommendations through their custom Jewelry Insider platform.


Alongside wedding content, Brideclick incorporates affiliate links to bridal jewelry, bands, rings, and accessories.

Your Jewelry Guide

Offering extensive jewelry education and guides lends itself seamlessly to affiliate partnerships with retailers and designers.

The Adventurine

As an online jewelry magazine, The Adventurine discusses trends, spotlights new collections, and links to featured designers.


Reviews of jewelry retailers along with buying guides provide a context for JewelryNerd to link relevant affiliate offers.


In addition to jewelry, LuxePW covers high-end bags, watches, shoes and more lifestyle products fitting their affluent reader base.

Studying sites successfully monetizing jewelry content provides insights into proven affiliate strategies.

Tips for Maximizing Jewelry Affiliate Earnings

Follow these tips to boost earnings from jewelry affiliate marketing:

  • Spotlight high-ticket items like engagement rings, precious metal jewelry and Swiss watches which bring bigger commissions.
  • Time recommendations and offers around seasonal gifting holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day when sales peak.
  • Promote via social campaigns and email right before major gifting holidays reminding followers of jewelry gift ideas.
  • Don’t just link text descriptions. Format comparison tables, image links, banners, and embedded brand widgets help highlight relevant products visually.
  • Capture emails with pop-ups and lead magnets to allow promoting affiliate jewelry deals through newsletters and automated email workflows.
  • Write for both him and her. Include watches, men’s accessories and groom wedding bands along with women’s jewelry.

Leveraging seasonal opportunities around major gifting holidays represents the biggest opportunity to maximize jewelry affiliate earnings. But providing value year-round keeps audiences engaged.

Complying with Jewelry Affiliate Advertising Regulations

To integrate jewelry affiliate links successfully, comply with advertising disclosure requirements such as:

  • Utilizing phrases like “Paid Advertisement” clearly next to affiliate links.
  • Disclosing incentives received alongside reviews and recommendations.
  • Adhering to jewelry marketing code of conduct best practices from the FTC.
  • When promoting jewelry promotions, ensure terms and conditions are easy to find and restrictions are clear.

With proper disclaimers for recommendations and transparent disclosures on promotions, jewelry affiliate marketing can be integrated compliantly to provide value for your audience. Just focus recommendations on products you would genuinely endorse based on personal experience or trusted expert reviews.

Jewelry Affiliate Program FAQs

For more details on maximizing earnings from jewelry affiliate programs, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What commission rates do jewelry programs pay?

Jewelry commissions are typically 4-10% depending on price points. Designers pay up to 15%. Rates ultimately depend on margins. Luxury segments pay better.

Do programs limit affiliate links to website use only?

Most jewelry programs allow promoting offers through channels like Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube etc. But some restrict promoting certain designer exclusives.

What cookie lengths do jewelry programs offer?

30-60 days is standard, some extend up to 90 days on big ticket items. Holiday-specific programs may shorten to incentivize quick purchases.

Can I use affiliate links in print magazines or newspaper articles?

Generally no. Most jewelry affiliate programs limit links to digital use cases only due to tracking limitations. Ask merchant permission first.

Do jewelry merchants allow product image use?

Some provide media galleries while others restrict imagery. Review each brand’s guidelines carefully or request access to approved images for affiliates.

What niche performs best?

Engagement and wedding focused affiliate sites convert traffic extremely well thanks to passionate high-intent audience. Jewelry complements this content naturally.

So in summary, jewelry represents a rewarding affiliate niche, especially for websites already catering to fashion and wedding audiences. Just ensure your recommendations provide genuine value to build lasting trust with readers.


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