Best Pet Affiliate Programs

Pets are beloved family members for millions of households worldwide. In the United States alone, it’s estimated over 70% of households own at least one pet. This has fueled a booming pet care industry worth over $100 billion annually.

With so much consumer spending on pet products and services, pet-related affiliate programs present an enormous opportunity for publishers. Promoting pet brands allows you to tap into this passionate and lucrative market.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore some of the most rewarding pet affiliate programs and tips for integrating pet product promotions into your website or content. Whether your site covers pet care, deals and discounts or simply appeals to pet owners, joining leading pet affiliate programs can add a new revenue stream.

Top Pet Affiliate Programs

Here is a list of recommended pet affiliate programs to consider joining:

Chewy Affiliate Program

The leading online pet food and supplies retailer, Chewy offers competitive 6-10% commissions on referred sales. Their program integration provides real-time reporting and analytics.

  • Commission Rate: Up to 10%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Niche Bonuses: Higher rates for approved pet influencers

Petco Affiliate Program

Top brick-and-mortar pet retailer Petco pays 8% base commissions on sales from referred customers. They supply personalized links and marketing assets.

  • Commission Rate: 8%
  • Cookie Duration: 20 days
  • In-Store Sales: Also earn commissions when referrals shop in physical stores

PetSmart Affiliate Program

Similar to competitor Petco, PetSmart offers 8% commissions on purchases through affiliate links along with bonuses during seasonal sales events.

  • Commission Rate: 8%
  • Cookie Duration: 20 days
  • Bonus Opportunities: Occasional spikes up to 12% commissions

PetFlow Affiliate Program

PetFlow focuses specifically on pet food subscriptions and automated deliveries. Their program pays $15 average order commissions with a 60-day cookie.

  • Commission Rate: $15 average order
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days
  • Recency Offers: Win-back commissions for returned customers

PetMeds Affiliate Program

Leading pet pharmacy PetMeds has rewarded affiliates with competitive commissions since 2002. Loyal customer base and repeat orders.

  • Commission Rate: 8%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Proven History: Established successful program

Animal Supply Affiliate Program

Animal Supply carries a large inventory of pet products at wholesale prices, appealing to value-focused shoppers. Their program pays 8% commissions.

  • Commission Rate: 8%
  • Cookie Duration: 45 days
  • Wholesale Savings: Low prices help drive conversions

EntirelyPets Affiliate Program

With a wide assortment of pet medications, supplies and specialty products, EntirelyPets is a niche yet popular pet retailer with an 8% commission affiliate program.

  • Commission Rate: 8%
  • Cookie Duration: 15 days
  • Diverse Inventory: Broad selection beyond just pet food

This list provides a sample of top pet retailer affiliate programs that cover the spectrum from major brands to specialty stores. But many smaller pet companies also offer affiliate partnerships.

How to Promote Pet Affiliate Offers

The most effective way to earn commissions from pet affiliate programs is to seamlessly integrate relevant product links into high-value content:

Write Pet Supply Reviews

Provide in-depth, helpful reviews of pet products like food, toys, beds, and gear that educate readers and share buying guidance based on testing and experience.

Create Pet Care Guides

Develop guides that solve common pet owner challenges like “Best Tips for Reducing Pet Hair” or “How to Save Money on Pet Prescriptions” with integrated affiliate links.

Curate Gift Guides

As holidays and occasions approach, gift guides with ideas for pet toys, treats, supplies and more make the perfect opportunity to link affiliate products.

Share Deals and Coupons

Promoting discounts, sales and time-limited coupons for pet products incentivize buying through your links. Exclusive codes perform even better.

Publish Pet Health and Nutrition Content

Articles on pet nutrition needs, ingredient labels, health issues and vet advice let you naturally incorporate affiliate food and supplement links.

Profile New Pet Products

Publishing spotlights on new and notable pet products can capture buyer interest, especially if uniquely positioned to your audience’s preferences.

Develop Pet DIY Project Tutorials

Walkthroughs for pet DIY projects like homemade food recipes, toys and accessories provide actionable value to embed related purchase links.

Integrating affiliate links aligned to high-value pet-focused content helps deliver helpful recommendations readers will appreciate while earning commissions from resulting purchases.

Examples of Successful Pet Affiliate Sites

Looking at examples of popular pet websites monetizing through affiliate partnerships provides inspiration on proven monetization strategies:

Pup Junkies

With toy reviews, breed profiles and pet DIY project tutorials, Pup Junkies seamlessly incorporates relevant supply purchase links. Their pet enthusiast audience responds well.


HerePup focuses on thoroughly reviewing specific pet products like dog toys, gear and foods. Their in-depth analysis lent itself naturally to affiliate recommendations.

PetGuide caters their content to pet health and care advice that allows integrating contextual affiliate links to medications, supplements and pet insurance providers.

The Dog People

Catering to expert and new pet parents alike, this site incorporates shoppable affiliate links with reviews and guidance content. Their wide appeal opens multiple promotion avenues.

Top Dog Tips

Offering a mixture of pet health advice, dog training tips, breed profiles and actionable guides makes affiliate promotions highly relevant on this leading site.

Canine Journal

With pet news, advice and product recommendations, Canine Journal employs affiliate partnerships strategically to monetize their informative articles.

Kitty Catter

As a feline-focused site, Kitty Catter can tailor content recommendations specifically to cat products, earning commissions on resulting purchases. Their tight niche focus helps conversions.

Studying competitor content and monetization strategies provides a blueprint for integrating affiliate opportunities in a contextual, value-added manner.

Tips for Increasing Pet Affiliate Earnings

Follow these tips to maximize commissions earned from pet affiliate marketing:

  • Actively monitor conversion metrics and use affiliate links for the specific products performing best. Double down on winners.
  • Negotiate higher commission rates or custom bonuses from brands for hitting monthly volume or revenue milestones.
  • Time promotions around major pet purchasing events like holidays, National Pet Day, back-to-school, etc. when sales spike.
  • Split test different links, creatives and product recommendations to determine what resonates most with your audience to increase clicks.
  • Promote via social media channels using standalone links, shoppable Pins and posts leading to pet product recommendations on your site.
  • Don’t just link at the end of articles. Utilize affiliate links in sidebars, product tables and banners to increase visibility.
  • Join multiple pet affiliate programs to expand your product selection and always pick the most relevant option for each piece of content.

As an authority site, you can negotiate improved commissions, promotional bonuses and higher-converting placements to maximize pet affiliate earnings over time.

Building a Pet Affiliate Site from Scratch

Based on the proven success of current sites, here is a blueprint for building a profitable affiliate site focused on pet products from the ground up:

Find Your Pet Niche

Determine a specific pet category like dogs, cats, birds, reptiles or even breed-specific to develop truly tailored content. The narrower the better.

Join Relevant Affiliate Programs

Sign up for affiliate programs in your pet niche like pet food, toy, and supply merchants. Seek brands catering to your specialty.

Develop Informative “Best of” Content

Create articles like “Best Cat Trees Under $100” and “Best Dog Frisbees for Large Breeds” with affiliate links. Incorporate value-adds like buyer’s guides and comparison tables.

Review New Products

Build a following by publishing spotlights on new pet products to inform owners of the latest options. Share your hands-on feedback.

Create Pet Care Tutorials

Offer useful guidance for pet owners like “How to Give a Dog a Bath” or “Ferret-Proofing Your Home” with related affiliate links.

Publish Seasonal Content

Develop Halloween costumes, holiday gift recommendations, summer care articles and seasonally relevant content to align with buyer needs.

Don’t Forget SEO

Optimize posts for search to rank for terms like “dog toys” and “automatic cat feeders” so you catch purchase intent queries.

By providing genuinely helpful buying advice and education for pet owners in your specialty, your site or channel can integrate affiliate links in an organic, value-added manner rather than hard sales pitches.

Pet Affiliate Program FAQs

For more details on maximizing affiliate marketing within the lucrative pet vertical, here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What commission rates do pet affiliate programs pay?

Pet affiliates typically pay between 4-10% commissions, with most falling between 6-8%. Higher than general retail but lower than digital products. Promotions may pay more.

What cookie durations do most pet programs offer?

30 days is common, but some extend to 60 days or more, especially subscription-based services. This allows time for visitors to return and complete purchases.

Do pet food affiliates require any disclaimers?

Some nutrition content requires disclaimers that you don’t offer veterinary advice. Consult an attorney to ensure you comply with regulations.

Do pet affiliate links work across devices?

Yes, affiliate cookies track visitors across devices and desktop etc. Ensure links work responsively cross-device.

How much traffic do I need to join pet affiliate programs?

Most approve sites with just 1,000+ monthly visitors. Having a niche pet focus helps increase relevance even at lower traffic levels to get approved.

What niche performs best?

Dog-focused affiliate sites see higher conversion rates given dogs’ 90 million+ ownership rate. But successful sites exist for all major pet categories.

So in summary, joining pet affiliate programs allows publishers to tap into the highly lucrative pet care market. By providing value added education and recommendations to pet owners, affiliate commissions can deliver growth. Just ensure content remains focused on serving your pet niche audience above all else.


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