AirDNA vs Airbnb Analytics

Short-term rental investing has exploded in popularity in recent years. With sites like Airbnb, VRBO and others, anyone can make extra income renting out properties. But to maximize your rental profits, you need data. AirDNA and Airbnb host analytics tools like Airbnb Insights and Airbitics provide rental data and analytics to help hosts price, manage, and optimize their listings.

In this in-depth guide, we’ll compare AirDNA vs Airbnb analytics tools to help you decide which platform best meets your needs.

What Airbnb Analytics Can Do For Hosts

Before diving into the comparisons, let’s look at why Airbnb data tools are so valuable:

Optimize Pricing

By analyzing rental data like average daily rates, occupancy, and seasonality, hosts can set optimal prices to maximize income. The tools provide pricing recommendations backed by data.

Improve Listing Quality

User reviews, ratings, click rates and other metrics show how your listing is performing. This allows making tweaks to improve visibility and conversion.

Understand Market Demand

Granular data about inquires, bookings, and cancellations for your market helps calibrate supply to demand. You can see what types of listings are most popular.

Track the Competition

Pricing, availability, amenity data and more from competing rentals allows you to stay competitive. You can see what successful rivals are doing.

Estimate Revenue

Forecasting tools allow modeling different pricing and availability scenarios to project earnings. This aids budgeting and planning.

Inform Investment Decisions

Market and submarket data enables picking ideal locations and properties to maximize rental potential and ROI on investments.

Clearly, analytics provide powerful insights for hosts serious about optimizing their short-term rental business. Now let’s see how AirDNA and Airbnb tools specifically compare.

AirDNA vs Airbnb Analytics Feature Comparison

FeatureAirDNAAirbnb InsightsAirbnb Analytics by Airbitics
Pricing DataDaily rates, seasonal trends, custom date range analysisDaily rates, seasonal trends, custom date range analysisDaily rates, seasonal trends, custom date range analysis
Occupancy DataOverall occupancy, daily occupancy percentagesOverall occupancyOverall occupancy, daily occupancy percentages
Demand DataLead volume, bookings, demand vs. supply analysisBookings, cancelations, click ratesBookings, cancelations, click rates
Market DataComprehensive – entire markets and submarketsLimited – only your listingsComprehensive – entire markets and submarkets
Competitor DataPricing, occupancy, activities, amenity analysis for competitorsNonePricing, occupancy, activities, amenity analysis for competitors
Listing ScoresQuality score, competitive score, investment scoreNoneQuality score, competitive score, investment score
Price RecommendationsData-driven dynamic pricing suggestionsNoneData-driven dynamic pricing suggestions
ForecastingCustomizable rate and occupancy forecasting modelsPreset forecasting modelsCustomizable rate and occupancy forecasting models
Analyst SupportDirect email support from data analystsSelf-serviceEmail support
ReportingCustomizable advanced reportingBasic preset reportsCustom reporting builder
User InterfaceWeb app and mobile apps for iOS, AndroidWeb app onlyWeb app only
IntegrationPlug-ins for Google Sheets and Google Data StudioDirect API accessPlug-ins for Google Sheets and Data Studio
Pricing$99-$499/mo plans$499-$4,999/mo plans$47-$147/mo plans

Key Takeaways from Feature Comparison:

  • Data breadth – AirDNA provides the most comprehensive data, with metrics on entire markets, granular submarkets, and competiors. Airbnb Insights has less market data. Airbitics is close to AirDNA’s breadth.
  • Analysis tools – AirDNA’s listing quality scores, forecasting, and reporting stand out. Airbnb Insights and Airbitics have less robust analysis features.
  • Ease of use – AirDNA has more flexible deliverables via apps, plug-ins, and analyst support. Airbnb Insights and Airbitics are largely self-service.
  • Price – AirDNA is most affordable for individuals and small businesses. Airbnb Insights caters to enterprise. Airbitics is competitively priced.

Next we’ll dive deeper on how AirDNA and Airbnb analytics platforms compare.

AirDNA vs Airbnb Insights

AirDNA and Airbnb Insights take different approaches to delivering Airbnb data, with key pros and cons.



  • Provides analytics on entire markets, neighborhoods, and competitor sets, beyond just your listings
  • Granular benchmarking data to evaluate listing performance
  • Dynamic pricing recommendations to optimize rates
  • Forecasting for different pricing and availability scenarios
  • Scores for listing quality, competitiveness, and investment potential
  • Strong data breadth and flexibility for custom analysis


  • More complex with steeper learning curve
  • Potential data sampling limitations
  • Multiple plan options can be confusing

Airbnb Insights


  • Straightforward preset reports on your listings’ metrics
  • Powerful automated pricing optimization tools
  • Direct access to Airbnb’s first-party data
  • Deep integration and phone support


  • Very limited market and competitor data
  • Expensive plans with high minimums
  • Less flexibility for custom reporting
  • Steep learning curve for using API

Key Differentiators

Target user – AirDNA suits individuals, small businesses, early stage investors. Airbnb Insights is enterprise-focused.

Data breadth – AirDNA hasbroader, more granular data for markets and competitors. Airbnb Insights focuses narrowly on your listings.

Analysis – AirDNA has more benchmarks, forecasting models, and scoring. Airbnb Insights reporting is more basic.

Ease of use – Airbnb Insights has steeper learning curve to utilize the API. AirDNA is more user-friendly.

Price – AirDNA is more affordable for small users. Airbnb Insights starts at $499/mo with high minimums.

AirDNA vs Airbnb Analytics by Airbitics

Airbitics is another Airbnb analytics tool that competes with AirDNA. How do they compare?


Show Image


  • Broad market and competitor data like AirDNA
  • Dynamic pricing recommendations
  • Custom reporting builder
  • Google Sheets and Data Studio integrations
  • Competitively priced plans


  • Smaller customer base and less brand recognition
  • Less robust scoring capabilities
  • No mobile apps

Key Differentiators

Data breadth – Airbitics has comprehensive market and competitor data, similar to AirDNA.

Pricing – Airbitics starts at $47/mo, much more affordable than Airbnb Insights. Closer to AirDNA’s price.

Analysis – AirDNA has an edge with quality and investment scoring models. Airbitics reporting is solid.

Ease of use – Airbitics has fewer deliverable options and less support than AirDNA. But still user-friendly.

User base – AirDNA is more established player with bigger customer base currently.

For hosts that want broad Airbnb data but at a lower cost, Airbitics presents a viable option next to AirDNA. The analysis tools are not as robust, but the platform provides excellent value.

FAQ – AirDNA vs Airbnb Analytics

Is AirDNA authorized by Airbnb?

No, AirDNA is a third-party tool not officially authorized or endorsed by Airbnb. However, they use sophisticated data methodology to provide accurate metrics.

Can hosts get suspended for using these tools?

Airbnb’s TOS prohibits scraping entire market data. However, using analytics on your own listings is typically fine. Thousands safely use AirDNA. Just don’t excessively ping Airbnb’s servers.

Are there free alternatives?

Airbnb provides basic reporting itself for free. Tools like PriceLabs and Wheelhouse offer some free estimates. But for robust data, paid tools are recommended.

Can I export AirDNA data to Airbnb?

Yes, via the API or Google Sheets add-on you can connect your AirDNA data to tools like Airbnb or Google Data Studio.

Does AirDNA integrate with other platforms?

AirDNA connects with Google Sheets, Data Studio, Tableau, Excel, and Salesforce. Airbnb Insights can also integrate via API.

Can hosts with multiple listings get discounts?

Yes, AirDNA offers reduced pricing for hosts with 20+ listings. Contact their sales team for details on bulk discounts.

What are the payment options?

AirDNA accepts major credit cards and PayPal. Airbnb Insights accepts credit cards and bank transfers for enterprise plans.

Is my AirDNA data kept private and secure?

AirDNA signs strict non-disclosure agreements to protect customer data and never shares identifiable host metrics.

Top Alternatives to AirDNA and Airbnb Insights

AirDNA and Airbnb Insights are not the only options for short-term rental data. Here are some other top platforms to consider:


PriceLabs offers robust automated dynamic pricing optimized based on demand data. The tool integrates directly with major rental platforms via API. Pricing starts at $199/mo.

Key features:

  • Automated pricing updates
  • Demand forecasting
  • Rate optimizer tool
  • Calendar management
  • Syncing to OTAs via API

Beyond Pricing

Beyond Pricing focuses on automated pricing, using an algorithm informed by historical performance data, seasonal trends, and upcoming events. Plans from $179-$599/mo.

Key features:

  • Dynamic price adjustments
  • Calendar blocking
  • Competitor data monitoring
  • Demand forecasts
  • AI pricing models


For hosts with properties across multiple OTAs, Everbooked consolidates all your rental data into one dashboard. Price starts at $99/mo.

Key features:

  • Cross-channel performance dashboard
  • unified calendar
  • Automated pricing
  • Messaging integration
  • Custom reporting


Real estate investors can use Mashvisor to research Airbnb occupancy and revenue by market across the U.S. Basic subscription starts at $49/mo.

Key features:

  • Airbnb occupancy rates
  • Average daily rate data
  • Traditional rental income data
  • Neighborhood insights
  • Cash flow/cap rate estimates


Hostaway provides listing management with integrated dynamic pricing software. Begins at $165/mo for 50 listings.

Key features:

  • unified calendar
  • Automated rate adjustments
  • Messaging integration
  • Listing performance dashboard
  • Guest experience management

The Takeaway – Which Airbnb Analytics Tool is Right For You?

So which data platform makes the most sense for your rental business? Here are some key questions to consider:

What’s your budget? AirDNA and Airbitics are the most affordable options for individuals and early-stage hosts. Airbnb Insights caters to enterprise-level.

How much support do you need? AirDNA provides direct analyst assistance. Airbnb Insights offers integration guidance. Airbitics is largely self-service.

How much data do you need? AirDNA and Airbitics have the most robust market and competitor data. Airbnb Insights focuses solely on your listings.

What’s your technical comfort level? Airbnb Insights will require API skills. AirDNA and Airbitics are more user-friendly.

What integrations do you need? AirDNA and Airbitics plug into Google services and Salesforce. Airbnb Insights can integrate via API.

The ideal solution depends on your specific goals, needs, and capabilities as a host. Use the free trials to test out platforms and see what works best for your rental business. Leveraging the insights from analytics can help maximize your occupancy, ADRs, and ultimately your rental income.


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