Email marketing remains one of the most effective channels for engaging customers and driving sales. But picking the right email platform tailored for your business needs can be challenging.

This guide examines Beehiiv and ConvertKit head-to-head – two leading solutions for creating, sending and optimizing email marketing campaigns. We’ll compare features, deliverability, segmentation, automation, analytics, ease of use, and pricing.

By understanding the pros and cons of Beehiiv vs ConvertKit, you can determine the best email marketing platform for your business or client requirements. Let’s dive in.

Beehiiv Overview

Beehiiv offers a robust email marketing platform combining powerful broadcast and automation capabilities with newsletter creation tools and in-depth analytics. Key features include:

Email Creation

  • Drag and drop editor
  • 150+ customizable templates
  • Automated email design
  • Team collaboration features
  • Dynamic content personalization

List Management

  • Unlimited contacts and lists
  • Granular segmentation
  • Smart contact profiles
  • Signup forms, landing pages
  • Import contacts

Workflows & Automation

  • Intuitive visual workflow builder
  • Convert journeys and funnels
  • Lifecycle automation
  • Event-based triggers
  • Scheduling and reminders


  • Email performance reports
  • Open, click, link, and goal tracking
  • List growth and engagement monitoring
  • Customer lifetime value metrics
  • Revenue and ROI reporting


  • Ensure inbox delivery
  • Global deliverability infrastructure
  • Detailed sender metrics
  • Reputation monitoring

Over 10,000 businesses and agencies trust Beehiiv to create high-performing, automate email campaigns that drive results.

ConvertKit Overview

ConvertKit specializes in email marketing automation optimized for creators, influencers, and online course businesses to drive sales. Core features include:

Email Builder

  • Intuitive editor with 400+ templates
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Styling and branding options
  • Dynamic content
  • Library of designed content blocks

List Management

  • Unlimited contacts and segmented lists
  • Import contacts via CSV
  • Signup forms and landing pages
  • Add custom subscriber fields

Marketing Automation

  • Visual workflow builder
  • Pre-configured starting sequences
  • Triggers based on customer behavior
  • Scheduling capabilities
  • Email personalization


  • Campaign performance tracking
  • Automation analytics
  • Open, click and goal tracking
  • Subscriber engagement metrics
  • Custom reports builder


  • Ensure reliable inboxing
  • Monitor sender metrics
  • Automated list cleaning
  • Reputation monitoring
  • Suppress contacts

Over 80,000 content creators, influencers, coaches, and course creators use ConvertKit to build their email list, drive sales, and automate marketing.

Now that we’ve provided an introduction, let’s compare Beehiiv and ConvertKit across key email marketing software capabilities.

Beehiiv vs ConvertKit Feature Comparison

While Beehiiv and ConvertKit share extensive core feature overlap, a few differences stand out:

Drag and drop editor
Landing pages
Contacts segmentation
Workflows and funnels
Open and click tracking
Spam testing
Google Analytics integration
Email deliverability
Drip campaigns
Affiliate marketingNativeAdd-on
Membership sitesNativeAdd-on

Beehiiv specializes more in newsletters, affiliates, webinars and memberships while ConvertKit focuses squarely on core email marketing automation. But both deliver robust functionality for engagement campaigns.

Next let’s look at the email creation workflow and builders.

Beehiiv vs ConvertKit Email Builder

An intuitive editor to craft emails quickly is essential. Here is how the builders compare:


  • Visual drag and drop builder
  • 150+ professionally designed templates
  • Automated stylistic email design generation
  • Dynamic content insertion
  • Collaborative team workflows
  • Embed gated content, multimedia, and forms


  • Visual email editor
  • 400+ pre-built email templates
  • Easy drag and drop editor
  • Image inserting and styling
  • Dynamic content variable insertion
  • Library of designed content blocks

The email builders are comparable. ConvertKit offers more template selection while Beehiiv provides automated design generation and team collaboration features. But both builders make creation very intuitive.

Beehiiv vs ConvertKit List Management

Managing subscriber data is vital for segmentation and personalization. Here is an overview of list management capabilities:


  • Unlimited contacts and lists
  • Smart contact profiles
  • Custom tags and segments
  • Public signup forms
  • Import contacts via CSV
  • Share lists with team members


  • Unlimited contacts and lists
  • Tag-based segmentation
  • Custom fields on profiles
  • Import CSV contacts
  • Create signup forms
  • Export subscriber data

Beehiiv offers more advanced segmentation while ConvertKit provides simpler tagging. But subscribers are equally flexible overall.

Beehiiv vs ConvertKit Automation

Workflow automations help convert and retain users. Here is how the two platforms compare:


  • Visual workflow builder
  • Convert journeys and funnels
  • Event and date-based triggers
  • Schedule scenarios and wait periods
  • Custom sequences and paths
  • Lifecycle automations


  • Visual automation builder
  • Pre-configured sequences
  • Event and date-based triggers
  • Schedule and wait scenarios
  • Create multi-path sequences
  • Subscriber lifecycle automations

The automation capabilities are nearly identical. Both platforms make it easy for anyone to create intuitive workflows and scenarios without coding.

Beehiiv vs ConvertKit Analytics

In-depth analytics help understand audience engagement. Here is what insights are provided:


  • Email metrics like opens, CTR, etc
  • Goal and conversion tracking
  • Automation analytics
  • CRM-like subscriber profiles
  • Revenue and ROI reporting
  • Team dashboard sharing


  • Email opens, clicks, and goal tracking
  • Subscriber engagement analysis
  • Automation and sequence analytics
  • Create custom reports
  • Export CSV data
  • Google Analytics integration

For email analytics, the platforms are comparable. Beehiiv provides a more thorough 360-view of the subscriber journey while ConvertKit focuses specifically on campaign performance data. But you gain ample insights either way.

Beehiiv vs ConvertKit Integrations

Expanding capabilities through app integrations is key. Here are some of the integrations:


  • Webinar platforms like Demio, Zoom
  • CRMs like ActiveCampaign
  • Payment systems like PayPal, Stripe
  • Marketing tools like Facebook, Google


  • Webinars like Demio, EverWebinar
  • CRM like ActiveCampaign
  • Payments via Stripe
  • Marketing platforms like Facebook, Mailchimp

With Zapier, both platforms cover all the major business app integrations needed for most users.

Beehiiv vs ConvertKit Deliverability

The ability to reliably reach the inbox is essential. Here is an overview of deliverability capabilities:


  • Ensure inbox delivery
  • Global deliverability infrastructure
  • Monitor sender metrics like IP reputation
  • List cleaning automation


  • Ensure reliable inbox delivery
  • Deliverability infrastructure
  • Monitor sender metrics
  • Contact list hygiene processes

For successfully reaching inboxes, the platforms offer comparable deliverability technology and capabilities to keep your sender reputation strong.

Beehiiv vs ConvertKit Ease of Use

Both platforms aim to provide intuitive interfaces accessible to non-technical users.

Based on user reviews, ConvertKit seems to have a slight advantage, with users commonly praising the intuitive ease of use. Their visual builders are slightly more polished.

But Beehiiv still offers a solid experience – it may just have a bit more learning curve for newer users vs ConvertKit’s smoother onboarding.

Beehiiv vs ConvertKit Pricing

Beehiiv and ConvertKit both offer forever free plans with paid upgrades. Their entry-level paid pricing is:

Free Plan
Starting Price$8/mo$29/mo

As you can see, Beehiiv has lower base pricing for core features while still offering a free plan. But ConvertKit pricing remains very reasonable for everything included.

Ideal Users for Beehiiv

Beehiiv is a great fit for:

  • Agencies managing campaigns for clients
  • Ecommerce brands with segmented outreach
  • Businesses focused on webinars and events
  • Publishers and bloggers monetizing via affiliate
  • Users wanting in-depth subscriber analytics
  • Almost anyone ready to scale and automate emails

With robust automation and segmentation capabilities beyond basic email marketing, Beehiiv suits sophisticated marketers.

Ideal Users for ConvertKit

ConvertKit is ideal for:

  • Bloggers, influencers, and content creators
  • Building an audience with email courses
  • Selling online courses and coaching programs
  • Freelance digital marketers managing their own funnels
  • Leveraging email as the sales backbone for digital products
  • Users focused solely on core email marketing needs

With its intuitive automations designed specifically for content creators, ConvertKit aligns perfectly to these use cases.

Beehiiv vs ConvertKit Reviews

Beehiiv Reviews

“We manage complex email campaigns and workflows for clients. Beehiiv provides enterprise-level functionality without the headaches.”

“For agencies and professionals, nothing beats Beehiiv’s automations, integrations, and subscriber analytics capabilities.”

“Consolidating our email, newsletters, and automation with Beehiiv has been an absolute game changer.”

ConvertKit Reviews

“As a solopreneur, I love how ConvertKit simplifies complex email automations and sequences into something easy and visual.”

“ConvertKit has been invaluable for growing my audience while selling online courses and coaching.”

“The pre-built sequences and templates allowed me to create professional email funnels in minutes with no technical skills.”

Both platforms receive outstanding feedback related to their specific focus areas – Beehiiv for in-depth capabilities and ConvertKit for simplicity.

Beehiiv vs ConvertKit: Which is Better?

So which email marketing platform is right for you – Beehiiv or ConvertKit? Here are some key considerations:

  • Beehiiv built for power users wanting complete email functionality from newsletters to affiliate programs.
  • ConvertKit streamlines core email marketing automation specifically for online creators.
  • Beehiiv better for agencies doing sophisticated campaigns for clients.
  • ConvertKit shines for solopreneurs focused solely on their own audience funnel.
  • Beehiiv has more advanced segmentation, analytics and monetization capabilities.
  • ConvertKit simpler interface and ease of use while still being very capable.
  • Beehiiv starts at a lower base price but scales up with extensive features.
  • ConvertKit straightforward pricing starting at $29 covers most independent users’ core needs.

For professionals pursuing diverse email strategies, Beehiiv justifies the modestly higher investment. But creators appreciate ConvertKit’s simplicity and ease of use.

Top Email Marketing Software Alternatives

While Beehiiv and ConvertKit lead this market, below are some other popular email service providers to consider:

  • MailerLite – Leading affordable email marketing platform. Plans from $10/mo.
  • Omnisend – Great for ecommerce-focused email. Plans from $9/mo.
  • Benchmark – Highly rated for powerful features. Plans from $9/mo.
  • GetResponse – Long-time leader combining email and landing pages. From $15/mo.
  • Mailchimp – Most popular email CRM overall. Plans from $9.99/mo.
  • Drip – Specialized specifically in email automation. From $49/mo.

All major options offer free trials to test thoroughly before paying. Trying a few picks allows determining the best fit.

Key Things to Know About Beehiiv and ConvertKit

When evaluating Beehiiv vs ConvertKit, keep these key differences in mind:

  • Beehiiv built for power email users and delivers extensive capabilities.
  • ConvertKit streamlines just core email marketing automation.
  • Beehiiv better for agencies doing sophisticated campaigns for clients.
  • ConvertKit perfect for solopreneurs focused solely on their own funnel.
  • Beehiiv offers more advanced segmentation, customization and monetization features.
  • ConvertKit shines with simplicity and ease of use.
  • Beehiiv starts at a lower base price but scales up.
  • ConvertKit pricing starts higher but likely suffices for most individuals.

The ideal platform depends on your email marketing maturity, goals, and technical experience. But you can’t go wrong with either provider.

The Bottom Line

Beehiiv and ConvertKit both provide excellent email marketing automation, but with different priorities:

  • Beehiiv built for power email marketers, agencies, and those monetizing audiences.
  • ConvertKit streamlines specifically for creators to build their email list and drive sales.
  • Beehiiv offers more advanced segmentation, customization and analytics.
  • ConvertKit simplicity and ease of use shines while still being very capable.
  • Beehiiv likely better suited for agencies doing client campaigns or who want to scale.
  • ConvertKit ideal for solopreneurs focused solely on their own audience funnel.

Assess your specific use case and experience to determine if Beehiiv’s expansive capabilities justify the modestly higher pricing compared to ConvertKit’s entry plans that likely suffice for many indie users. But you can achieve great results with either provider.


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