Email newsletters remain a highly effective channel for creators and publishers to engage their audience while owning their data and brand. But choosing the right newsletter software for your needs can be challenging.

This guide examines Beehiiv and Substack head-to-head – two leading solutions for starting and growing an email newsletter business. We’ll compare features, customization, analytics, monetization, support, ideal use cases, and pricing.

By understanding the pros and cons of Beehiiv vs Substack in depth, you can determine the best newsletter platform for your publishing goals. Let’s dive in.

Beehiiv Overview

Beehiiv offers a comprehensive newsletter platform combining powerful creation tools, advanced monetization capabilities, and complete audience ownership. Key features include:

Newsletter Builder

  • Intuitive drag and drop editor
  • 150+ customizable templates
  • Automated email design
  • Team collaboration capabilities
  • Built-in payments and subscriptions

List Management

  • Unlimited subscribers and lists
  • Detailed subscriber profiles
  • Segmentation and tags
  • Import contacts
  • Public sharing and signup forms


  • Read rates, opens, click tracking
  • Campaign performance reports
  • List growth and engagement monitoring
  • Revenue and subscription reporting

Email Delivery

  • Unlimited emails and bandwidth
  • Automated welcome journeys
  • Scheduled and recurring sends
  • Integrated with top providers like Mailchimp


  • Built-in subscription payments
  • Paywalls and metered access
  • Bundle and upsell capabilities
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Robust affiliate management

Over 10,000 publishers leverage Beehiiv to grow their audience and revenue through engaging email newsletters.

Substack Overview

Substack offers a straightforward newsletter platform optimized for individual writers and creators getting started. Core features:

Newsletter Creation

  • Minimal visual editor
  • Library of starter templates
  • Drag and drop building
  • Image and media embedding
  • Newsletter previews prior to sending

List Management

  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Create multiple lists
  • Public signup forms
  • Import contacts
  • View subscriber details


  • Track opens, click rates
  • See top clicked links
  • Follow list growth over time
  • Export reports


  • Send automatically on custom schedules
  • Integration with Zapier and automation workflows
  • Reliable deliverability


  • Paid newsletter subscriptions
  • Simple payment processing for subscriptions
  • Bank account payouts

Over 250,000 paying subscribers use Substack to support creators through paid newsletter subscriptions.

Now that we’ve provided an introduction to Beehiiv and Substack, let’s compare them across key email newsletter software capabilities.

Beehiiv vs Substack Feature Comparison

While Beehiiv and Substack share core newsletter capabilities, Beehiiv offers more advanced options. Here is an at-a-glance features comparison:

Drag and drop builder
Email templates
Embed media
Segment subscribers
Automated emails
Signup forms
Delivery integrated
Open & click tracking
Subscription billing
Coupons and promos
Affiliate management3rd Party
Events and webinars3rd Party
Team collaboration1 Account
Custom domainsAdd-on

Beehiiv specializes in monetization and converting subscribers into paying customers. Substack takes a simpler approach focused just on publishing.

Next let’s look at the newsletter creation workflows.

Beehiiv vs Substack Newsletter Builder

A capable editor to craft engaging newsletters quickly is essential. Here is how the builders compare:


  • Visual drag and drop editor
  • 150+ professionally designed templates
  • Branding and styling customization
  • Automated layout and design
  • Collaborative team workflow features
  • Embed multimedia, social posts, forms, etc


  • Simple text-based editor
  • Library of starter templates
  • Basic styling options
  • Insert images and links
  • Embed multimedia
  • Solo newsletter creation workflow

Beehiiv offers a much more robust editor optimized for visual interactivity and conversions. Substack goes minimal but adds integrations like Zapier for automation.

Beehiiv vs Substack Audience Management

Growing and managing your subscriber list is critical. Here is an overview of list management capabilities:


  • Unlimited subscribers and lists
  • Detailed subscriber profiles
  • Custom tags and segmentation filters
  • Import list via CSV
  • Public signup forms
  • Share subscriber lists with team


  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Create multiple lists
  • Basic subscriber details
  • Simple tags
  • Download CSV export
  • Public signup forms
  • Solo account access

For collaborating on list growth and organization, Beehiiv provides stronger controls. But Substack still covers the basics like forms and imports.

Beehiiv vs Substack Email Delivery

Reliably sending your newsletter to subscribers at scale matters. Here is how the delivery technology compares:


  • Send unlimited emails
  • Integrated with top providers
  • Schedule sends in advance
  • Create email journeys and automations
  • Never lose data with cloud infrastructure


  • Schedule sends in advance
  • Reliable background deliverability
  • Zapier integrations
  • Automate workflows
  • Redundant infrastructure

Both platforms leverage best-in-class deliverability technology and infrastructure. You can count on your newsletters reaching subscriber inboxes.

Beehiiv vs Substack Analytics

Analytics help optimize your newsletters. Here is what insights are provided:


  • Track opens, clicks, dwell time
  • View top links clicked
  • Campaign performance reporting
  • List growth and engagement monitoring
  • Revenue and subscription reporting


  • Track opens and click rates
  • See top clicked links
  • Follow list growth
  • Export data to Excel
  • Subscriber location data

Beehiiv provides more advanced analytics especially around campaign performance and monetization metrics analysis. But Substack covers the essential readership insights.

Beehiiv vs Substack Monetization

Paid subscriptions are key for monetizing newsletters long-term. Here’s an overview of monetization capabilities:


  • Built-in subscription payments
  • Metered paywalls
  • Bundles and upsells
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Robust affiliate management
  • Webinars and virtual events


  • Paid newsletter subscriptions
  • Stripe payment processing
  • Schedule free trials
  • Bank payouts
  • Limited affiliate capabilities
  • Integrate 3rd party events

Beehiiv specializes in strategic subscription monetization and promoting partners. Substack takes a very simple approach focused just on paid newsletter subscriptions.

Beehiiv vs Substack Integrations

Expandability through app integrations is important. Here are some of the key connectors:


  • Integrated payments
  • Email providers like Mailchimp, ConvertKit
  • Webinar platforms like Zoom, Demio
  • Marketing platforms like ActiveCampaign, Omnisend


  • Zapier hub connects 300+ apps
  • Native Stripe integration
  • Scheduling with Calendly
  • Event platforms like Hopin

With Zapier, both platforms provide sufficient integrations. But Beehiiv offers a few more native integrations with key marketing platforms.

Beehiiv vs Substack Pricing

Beehiiv and Substack both offer forever free plans with paid upgrades. Their starter paid pricing is:

Free Plan
Paid Starting Price$8/mo$5/mo

Beehiiv has slightly higher pricing but no commission fees. Substack takes 10% of subscription revenue generated.

Both are very affordable for individuals starting out before upgrading for more features.

Ideal Users for Beehiiv

Beehiiv is a great fit for:

  • Established publishers and content creators monetizing seriously
  • Teams collaborating on a branded media newsletter
  • Creators focused on webinars and virtual events
  • Almost anyone ready to grow their audience at scale
  • Users wanting to own subscriber data and avoid commissions
  • Bloggers and publishers with existing audience

With Beehiiv’s advanced monetization capabilities, it suits publishers pursuing newsletter income professionally.

Ideal Users for Substack

Substack is ideal for:

  • Freelance writers and journalists
  • Independent bloggers and creators
  • Writers looking to build their personal brand
  • Anyone just getting started sending newsletters
  • Creators who want to test audience interest
  • People wary of software learning curves

With their simple and streamlined approach, Substack suits individuals starting out before pursuing newsletter publishing more seriously.

Beehiiv vs Substack Customer Reviews

Beehiiv Reviews

“I love how much Beehiiv simplifies creating beautiful, conversion-optimized newsletters that reinforce my personal brand.”

“The subscription and bundling features have been instrumental for generating reliable newsletter income without relying on ads.”

“Fantastic publication and monetization platform. Beehiiv provides everything we need to focus on content and audience without the hassle.”

Substack Reviews

“I looked at a bunch of newsletter platforms. Substack stood out for its simplicity that allowed me to just start publishing immediately.”

“For my purposes as an independent writer, I have everything I need with Substack – easy newsletter creation and subscription payments.”

“Substack made it super simple to start building my audience – almost no learning curve. Easy decision to go paid as I scaled my subscribers.”

The platforms are both beloved but serve slightly different types of users – Beehiiv catering to professionals and Substack to personal brands.

Beehiiv vs Substack: Which is Better?

So which newsletter platform is right for your needs – Beehiiv or Substack? Here are key considerations:

  • Beehiiv built for established publishers focused on monetization and conversion optimization.
  • Substack streamlined for individuals who just want to get started quickly.
  • Beehiiv offers advanced customization, collaboration features and analytics.
  • Substack shines with simplicity – extremely easy to use but less flexibility.
  • Beehiiv pricing starts higher at $8/month but you keep all revenue.
  • Substack very affordable but takes 10% commission on subscriptions.
  • Beehiiv better for newsletter businesses and teams.
  • Substack ideal for freelancers developing personal brands.

For professionals pursuing newsletters more seriously, Beehiiv justifies the modestly higher pricing. But solo creators appreciate Substack’s simplicity and minimal costs.

Top Newsletter Software Alternatives

While Beehiiv and Substack lead this market, below are some other popular newsletter platforms to consider:

  • Revue – Powerful free plan and paid upgrades for pro users.
  • Buttondown – Known for simplicity, excellent delivery, and support.
  • ConvertKit – Top email marketing platform with strong newsletter features.
  • MailerLite – Affordable newsletter-focused email marketing.
  • Mailchimp – Leading email provider with basic newsletter capabilities.
  • Ghost – Publishing platform with newsletter integration. More hands-on.

All major options offer a free plan to try before paying. Test driving for your specific needs is recommended.

Key Things to Know About Beehiiv and Substack

When evaluating Beehiiv vs Substack, keep these key differences in mind:

  • Beehiiv built for established publishers focused on growing and monetizing newsletters.
  • Substack streamlined for individuals just getting started on simple subscriptions.
  • Beehiiv offers more advanced customization, analytics, and team collaboration features.
  • Substack shines with simplicity – extremely easy to use but less flexibility.
  • Beehiiv keeps 100% of subscriber revenue with slightly higher pricing.
  • Substack takes 10% commissions but very affordable entry pricing.
  • Beehiiv better suited for ambitious newsletter businesses and teams.
  • Substack ideal for independent creators developing personal brands.

The right platform depends on your current newsletter size, future goals, and technical experience. But both deliver tremendous value.

The Bottom Line

Beehiiv and Substack provide excellent newsletter publishing capabilities, but with different priorities:

  • Beehiiv built for established creators focused on optimizing and monetizing newsletters.
  • Substack streamlined for individuals who just want to get started quickly and easily.
  • Beehiiv offers more advanced features but higher minimum pricing.
  • Substack shines with simplicity but takes 10% in commissions.
  • Beehiiv better suited for serious newsletter businesses.
  • Substack great for personal brands starting out.

Assess your specific stage, needs and goals to determine if Beehiiv’s advanced capabilities justify the slightly higher but still very reasonable pricing compared to entry-level Substack plans. Both deliver excellent ROI by putting control in the hands of creators.


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