Best Hosting Affiliate Programs

The web hosting industry generates over $150 billion in annual revenue as businesses continually invest in hosting infrastructure to operate websites and apps. The massive demand creates lucrative affiliate opportunities.

This guide explores the most rewarding hosting affiliate programs and proven tactics publishers use to effectively monetize websites through relevant hosting affiliate promotions.

Whether your site covers web development, WordPress, internet marketing or technology, joining hosting affiliate partnerships allows you to tap into this sizable market.

Top Hosting Affiliate Programs

Here is an overview of noteworthy hosting affiliate programs spanning key segments:

Shared Web Hosting

  • Bluehost – Global shared hosting leader. Pays $65-$100 per signup. Highest commissions in industry.
  • HostGator – Top budget shared hosting provider. Offers $50-$125 per sale commissions.
  • SiteGround – Fast, secure shared hosting plans. Pays average of $100 per referral.

WordPress Hosting

  • WP Engine – Leading managed WordPress hosting solution. Offers $200 per sale.
  • Flywheel – Optimized WordPress hosting with themes/design services. Pays $100+ per customer.
  • Liquid Web – Specialized managed WordPress hosting and support services. Custom commission rate.

VPS Hosting

  • Vultr – High performance cloud VPS hosting with 100% referral commissions for life.
  • DigitalOcean – Simple, SSD cloud server solutions. $25 credit for qualified referrals.
  • Linode – Developer loved virtual private servers. Offers affiliate commissions per signup.

This selection highlights popular affiliate programs across major hosting segments like shared plans, WordPress specialized products and VPS servers. But many additional niche host companies provide partnership opportunities.

Tips for Promoting Hosting Affiliate Products

The most effective approach for monetizing websites through hosting affiliate promotions is to integrate contextual recommendations into helpful tutorials and reviews:

Write Hosting Reviews

Provide detailed, honest reviews of various web hosts and tools based on actual testing and use cases. Share pros, cons and rankings.

Create “Best Hosting for X” Guides

Develop top hosting recommendation articles for specific users like “Best Linux Web Hosting” or “Best Managed WordPress Hosts” etc.

Explain Key Hosting Concepts

Write educational pieces explaining how concepts like VPS hosting or CDNs work and recommend platforms suited to those technologies.

Offer Website Speed Optimization Tips

Suggest hosts, CDNs, caching plugins etc. to improve site performance. Recommend affiliate tools mentioned.

Share Web Development Tutorials

As you create guides for developers, naturally incorporate mentions of useful affiliated hosting tools and platforms used in examples.

Interview Industry Professionals

Talk to developers, designers and digital marketers about workflows, allowing them to organically mention platforms they leverage.

Weaving affiliate links and recommendations into educational hosting content delivers high value to readers while earning commissions.

Successful Hosting Affiliate Website Examples

Looking at popular affiliate hosting sites provides examples for monetizing websites through promotions:


Covering WordPress tutorials allows WPBeginner to naturally recommend relevant WordPress optimized hosting affiliates.


Reviewing various cloud hosting providers and tools like CDNs allows Cloudwards to incorporate contextual affiliate links.

Domain Shane

As a domain name and web hosting education site, Domain Shane promotes various web hosting affiliate programs relevant to discussed topics.

WP Crafter

Catering content specifically to high-performance WordPress sites allows WP Crafter to integrate fast WordPress hosting affiliate partners.

Shout Me Loud

With extensive blogging growth tips and WordPress tutorials, Shout Me Loud successfully incorporates multiple web hosting affiliate programs.


In addition to their own managed WordPress hosting, Kinsta creates useful educational hosting content integrating affiliate links.

Their successful strategies provide proven examples for monetizing websites through relevant hosting affiliate promotions.

Tips for Maximizing Hosting Affiliate Earnings

Here are some tips to help boost your earnings from hosting affiliate marketing:

  • Actively monitor earnings by partner. Focus on promoting the programs converting best rather than spraying lots of links.
  • Negotiate higher commissions, custom bonuses, or lifetime recurring payouts based on your audience reach and authority status from brands.
  • Promote time-limited special offers like discounted first-month pricing to incentivize signups.
  • Capture emails with lead magnets like a “Guide to Optimizing WordPress Performance”. Allow follow up promotions.
  • Don’t just link text mentions. Use banners, site-wide sticky messages, relevant images and more to highlight affiliates.
  • Make sure links are mobile-responsive. Enable easy call-to-actions for mobile users.

Leveraging promotions, tailored content, and diverse link placements will result in higher conversion rates from your technically-focused audience.

Complying with Hosting Affiliate Marketing Regulations

When incorporating hosting affiliate links, comply with advertising disclosure requirements including:

  • Clear labeling of paid affiliate links as “Paid Advertisement” or similar phrasing.
  • Disclosing any incentives you may receive alongside reviews and recommendations.
  • Ensuring all claims about features, capabilities, and benefits are accurate. Don’t mislead readers.
  • Adhering to FTC guidelines for affiliate endorsements and testimonials.

With proper transparency through disclosures and avoiding misleading claims, publishers can incorporate hosting affiliate links successfully to provide added value for their readers.

Hosting Affiliate Program FAQs

What commission rates do hosting affiliates pay?

Typical hosting commissions are $50-$250 per referral signup depending on program. WordPress hosts on the higher end around $100-$200+. Recurring commissions of 20-40% are also common.

What cookie lengths do hosting merchants provide?

180+ days is common to allow time for webmasters to signup, develop a site, and go live which can take months. Affiliates often earn commissions at initial signup then again at launch.

Can I use hosting brand logos and screenshots?

Always gain explicit approval from the brand before incorporating any assets. Most will provide approved affiliate media kits. Don’t assume allowed.

How much site traffic do I need for approval?

Just 500+ monthly visitors focused on web dev, design and blogging are often sufficient for hosting program acceptance thanks to high commercial intent.

What content niches convert best?

Web development, web design, WordPress, SEO, blogging, digital marketing, and tech focused sites capitalize on audience interest in web hosting tools.

Do programs require a website to join?

Some only accept sites with hosting-related content. But many also allow forums, deal sites, email lists etc. Check requirements as some are invite-only partnerships.

So in summary, incorporating relevant hosting affiliate links represents a logical monetization path for publishers already creating web-focused content tailored to technically-inclined audiences. Keeping recommendations honest provides the most value.


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