The Top Online Tutoring Platforms for Students

Online tutoring has become increasingly popular in recent years as a convenient and effective way for students to get extra help with their studies. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming trying to determine which online tutoring platforms are the best. This comprehensive guide examines the top online tutoring platforms in 2023 based on factors like subject availability, tutor quality, price, and more.

1. Sidetrain

Sidetrain is our top pick for the best overall online tutoring platform for students in 2023. Here’s why:

  • Extensive range of subjects – Sidetrain offers tutoring in over 300 subjects, from math and sciences to humanities, languages, and more. Whatever you’re struggling with, odds are Sidetrain has expert tutors available to help.
  • Top-notch tutors – All Sidetrain tutors are carefully vetted, with 95% holding advanced degrees in their field. The platform only accepts tutors with a proven track record of success to ensure students get high-quality instruction.
  • Flexible scheduling – Students can schedule tutoring sessions at times that fit their availability, including evenings and weekends. Tutoring is available 24/7, so help is always accessible.
  • Affordable pricing – Sidetrain offers very reasonable rates, starting at just $15 per hour. Discount packages are available to help make tutoring more budget-friendly.
  • Convenient online access – As an online platform, Sidetrain allows students to connect with tutors entirely over the web via video chat. No commute required!

With its outstanding tutors, flexible scheduling, and affordable pricing, Sidetrain is a top-notch choice for students seeking online academic support.

2. Chegg Tutors

Chegg is another excellent online tutoring platform that has been helping students succeed for over a decade. Here’s an overview of its key features:

  • On-demand and scheduled sessions – Chegg offers both instant tutoring as soon as you need help, as well as the ability to schedule ongoing sessions with your favorite tutors.
  • Qualified tutors – Chegg has thousands of tutors available 24/7, all of whom are expertly vetted. Nearly 90% have a master’s or PhD in their subject.
  • Variety of subjects – Get help in over 50 subjects, including math, science, business, engineering, social sciences, and more. Homework help is available too.
  • Convenient online access – Connect with tutors and complete sessions online via Chegg’s virtual classroom using chat, screen sharing, and an interactive whiteboard.
  • Reasonable pricing – Chegg tutors start at around $30 per hour, with options to buy subscription packages for access to greater discounts.

For on-demand, expert tutoring help any time of day, Chegg Tutors is a top pick for students looking to boost their grades and academic performance.

3. Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors takes a unique approach to online tutoring by connecting students with instructors from top schools like Stanford, Brown, and more. Key features include:

  • Elite tutors – Tutors are hand-selected from the top 5% of applicants, with most coming from prestigious universities with high academic honors and achievements.
  • Large subject selection – Over 3,000 experts are available to tutor in hundreds of subjects, from academics like biology and calculus to specialized skills like computer programming and creative writing.
  • Flexible packages – Varsity Tutors offers options for pay-as-you-go sessions, monthly subscriptions, and prep packages for big tests like the SAT, ACT, GMAT, and more. Discounts are available.
  • Convenience – Tutoring is available online or in-person at locations across the US. Sessions are available 24/7 on demand or by appointment.
  • Premium experience – The exceptionally qualified tutors provide a top-notch, Ivy league-quality tutoring experience designed to help students excel.

For students seeking instruction from truly elite tutors, Varsity Tutors is a smart choice. The platform connects you with the best of the best.

4. TutorMe

TutorMe stands out by specializing in on-demand tutoring for instant academic help whenever you need it. Here are some key perks:

  • 24/7 availability – With TutorMe, you can connect with a vetted tutor in under 30 seconds anytime, day or night. Help is always on hand.
  • Over 300 subjects – Whether it’s calculus, genetics, history, or economics, tutors are available for hundreds of high school, college, and graduate-level subjects.
  • Quick sessions – Most sessions are under an hour, allowing you to get help with specific concepts whenever you’re stuck on homework or studying. Shorter 15 and 30 minute sessions are available too.
  • Online whiteboard – Use the interactive whiteboard to easily collaborate in real-time with your matched tutor. Share images, draw, and exchange work.
  • Lower cost – Starting at around $1 per minute, the per-minute pricing structure is budget-friendly and transparent. Only pay for what you use.

When you need help right away, TutorMe makes it easy and affordable to get 1-on-1 tutoring in an instant online. It’s the go-to choice for on-demand academic assistance.

5. takes a varied approach to online tutoring by offering video lessons, study guides, quizzes, and more, in addition to traditional 1-on-1 tutoring. Benefits include:

  • 10,000+ video lessons – has an extensive library of engaging instructional videos and animations across subjects that allow self-paced learning.
  • Tutoring packages – Packages provide access to certified tutors for homework help and test prep. Options include drop-in hours, unlimited monthly access, and private sessions.
  • Affordable pricing – From $20 monthly for self-paced video lessons to $40 monthly for unlimited tutor access, pricing provides great value.
  • Proven success – has helped over 30 million students master challenging academic concepts already. Many have achieved higher test scores and grades.
  • Variety of help – Get assistance with classwork, test prep, essays, study skills and more from expert instructors with advanced degrees.

With its combination of self-paced video instruction and one-on-one tutoring access, empowers students to learn at their own pace while still getting expert support.

6. Wyzant

Wyzant stands out by giving students direct control over hiring their preferred tutor based on experience, background, and price. Key features include:

  • Student-driven – Browse and filter profiles for 100,000+ pre-vetted tutors, then select the one you think will be the best fit. Initiate sessions on your schedule.
  • In-person or online – Meet tutors online via virtual classroom or find help near your location. In-person tutoring is available in most major cities.
  • All academic levels – Wyzant has tutors available to help elementary, high school, college, graduate, and adult learners succeed and advance their education.
  • Flexible pricing – Hourly rates vary based on the tutor’s background and experience. New students get discounts on their first sessions. Ongoing packages are available too.
  • Subject variety – Get assistance in hundreds of subjects, from common core subjects like math to specialized skills like computer programming.

By empowering students to find and connect with their ideal tutor, Wyzant makes it easy to secure the perfect fit for your needs. The extensive tutor profiles help you make informed choices.

7. Club Z! Tutoring

Club Z! is an exceptional online tutoring service providing personalized support designed to help students thrive both in and out of the classroom. Here’s a quick rundown of what they offer:

  • Top-notch tutors – Tutors are highly-qualified, subject matter experts who meet high Club Z standards. Many are certified teachers or hold other advanced degrees.
  • Tailored programs – Students get a customized learning program developed to target their exact problem areas and strengths. Goals are set and progress tracked.
  • Guaranteed results – Club Z promises to raise grades by at least one letter grade or your money back. Their proven process delivers measurable academic improvements.
  • Other services – In addition to tutoring, students can get homework help, test prep, college application assistance, and study skills coaching.
  • Flexible scheduling – Club Z allows students to book recurring appointments or one-off sessions based on need. Tutoring is available online or locally in 18 metro areas.

With its data-driven approach, Club Z gives students a personalized learning experience that yields dramatic academic gains and skills development.

8. Skooli

Skooli delivers on-demand online tutoring with fast match times and affordable pricing. Here’s an overview:

  • Quick matching – Connect with an expert tutor in under 30 seconds in over 300 subjects. Real-time academic support when you need it.
  • Vetted tutors – Tutors have at least a bachelor’s degree and mastery of their subject, plus have passed Skooli’s rigorous screening process.
  • Advanced whiteboard – The digital whiteboard enables easy collaboration between student and tutor using text, images, screen sharing, code snippets, and more.
  • Flexible packages – Choose pay-as-you-go per minute rates or discounted bulk and subscription packages (great for regular students).
  • 24/7 availability – With round the clock access, students can get help any time of day. Early morning and late night session times are available.

For on-demand tutoring at the click of a button, Skooli should be on every student’s radar. The quick matching and interactive whiteboard make getting fast 1-on-1 academic support simple.

9. CollegeVine

CollegeVine offers much more than just academic tutoring – they provide specialized assistance with college admissions, test prep, extracurricular activities, and more. Key benefits include:

  • Holistic support – In addition to tutoring, students get help crafting their entire college application strategy, picking extracurriculars, acing standardized tests, and developing critical skills.
  • Ivy league experts – Mentors and tutors come from top universities like Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, and have exceptional academic backgrounds.
  • 1-on-1 attention – Each student is paired with a dedicated CollegeVine mentor to guide them through the full college prep process start to finish.
  • Proven results – On average, students improve their SAT scores by 200 points working with CollegeVine. Their acceptance rates to top colleges are high.
  • Free consultation – CollegeVine offers a free 15 minute consultation to assess student needs before matching them with the ideal mentor and tutoring package.

For students looking for an edge in college admissions, CollegeVine goes far beyond tutoring to provide comprehensive guidance and support.

10. Kaplan Tutoring

Kaplan is renowned for exam prep but also offers stellar online tutoring services and test preparation:

  • Expert score boosting – Kaplan has proven test prep strategies that help students exceed score goals. Students see an average boost of 115 SAT points and 3 ACT points.
  • Tutoring packages – Kaplan provides tailored tutoring packages focused on either improving grades or boosting test scores, available in group settings or 1-on-1.
  • Thousands of tutors – With access to Kaplan’s network of 3,000+ tutors, students are expertly matched based on specific academic needs and goals.
  • Convenience – Get live online tutoring, homework review, practice quizzes, essay feedback and more from anywhere via Kaplan’s online classroom and resources.
  • College admissions help – Students can get assistance crafting admissions essays, building test skills, and developing applications strategies from Kaplan experts.

As a leader in test prep and education for over 80 years, Kaplan delivers exceptional tutoring with proven results.

Honorable Mentions

There are so many quality online tutoring platforms available today that narrowing it down to just 10 is tough. Here are a few other excellent tutoring services worth checking out:

  • Math Tutor DVD – Specializes in video-based math tutoring for grades K-12 and college. Students master concepts through lesson videos.
  • ArborBridge – Focuses on tailored one-on-one tutoring for high school and college students struggling in math, science, and world languages.
  • – Connects students with vetted tutors for on-demand homework help and tutoring in hundreds of subjects.
  • Revolution Prep – Specializes in boosting scores for major admissions tests like the SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT. Also provides academic subject tutoring.
  • GradePower Learning – 1-on-1 online tutoring for K-12 and college students across a wide range of academic subjects and standardized tests.

Each platform offers unique benefits, pricing, and options, so do your research to find the right academic assistance to complement your needs and learning style.

The Benefits of Online Tutoring

Online tutoring provides several key advantages that are making it an increasingly popular choice over traditional in-person tutoring methods:


One of the biggest perks of online tutoring is the unbeatable convenience it provides. Students can access tutors completely online, eliminating travel time and the need to coordinate schedules. Help is available on-demand or by appointment, 24/7 in many cases.

Expert Instruction

Reputable tutoring platforms carefully screen and select top-quality tutors, many with advanced degrees and specialized subject matter expertise. This vetting process ensures students work with very knowledgeable experts.

Customized Learning

Online tutors personalize instruction to fit how each student learns best. Tutors assess strengths/weaknesses early on and develop tailored strategies to target problem areas. Sessions actively engage the learner.

Improved Grades

According to surveys, students working with tutors see dramatic academic improvement, with over 95% experiencing a grade letter increase within a few months. Online tutoring is an effective way to boost academic performance.


From short on-demand sessions to unlimited monthly access, online tutoring offers very reasonable rates in line with most budgets. Packages and discounts make it even more affordable.

Interactive Learning

Features like digital whiteboards and screen sharing create an interactive environment ideal for collaboration, working through problems, demonstrating concepts visually, and active learning.

For these reasons and more, online tutoring is becoming the go-to choice for students at all levels looking to get the academic assistance they need to be successful.

Finding the Right Online Tutor

The key to getting the most value from online tutoring is taking time to find the right tutor. Here are some tips students should keep in mind:

  • Clearly identify your needs – What subjects do you need help with? What are your problem areas? What are your academic goals?
  • Verify credentials and experience – Make sure the tutor has expertise in your required subjects and skill helping students at your academic level.
  • Read tutor profiles and reviews – This provides valuable insight into teaching styles, personality, strengths, and track record.
  • Have a consultation – Many platforms offer a free session to determine if a tutor is a good fit before committing.
  • Check availability – Make sure the tutor has hours aligned with your schedule needs.
  • Consider communication style – Look for a tutor who explains concepts clearly, listens well, answers questions thoroughly, and connects well.
  • Confirm pricing – Compare hourly rates and any discounts or package deals to stay on budget.

Taking this time upfront helps ensure you choose a tutor who is fully equipped to provide the exact support you’re seeking. Checking credentials, experience, pricing, teaching style, and availability helps identify the best match.

Making the Most of Online Tutoring Sessions

To maximize the effectiveness of working with an online tutor, students should:

  • Come prepared – Have your materials, notes, assignments, and study resources readily available to make best use of time. Identify stuck points beforehand.
  • Actively engage – Participate fully by taking notes, asking questions, responding to prompts, and working through examples and practice problems.
  • Make objectives clear – Let the tutor know upfront what you want to focus on to direct the session effectively.
  • Be present – Avoid distractions, give the session your undivided attention, and be ready to learn. Stay focused.
  • Take initiative – Don’t be afraid to speak up if you need more explanation, clarification, or want to go deeper on a concept. Guide the pace and direction.
  • Practice teach-backs – Explain back in your own words and examples what you learned to check understanding before ending a session.
  • Review and follow up – Review your notes after and follow up on any leftover questions via messaging with your tutor.

Investing fully in each tutoring session by actively participating and steering instruction will help you retain concepts and achieve your academic goals more quickly.

Factors to consider when choosing an online tutoring platform include:

  • Subject availability – Look for a wide range of academic subjects and specialties to match your needs.
  • Tutor qualifications – Make sure tutors are screened for subject mastery, teaching ability, and communication skills. Advanced degrees in their field are ideal.
  • Scheduling flexibility – Seek platforms that offer both scheduled and on-demand sessions to accommodate your availability.
  • Student reviews – Read reviews and testimonials to evaluate tutor quality, effectiveness, and student satisfaction.
  • Interactive features – Look for built-in online whiteboards, file sharing, video chat, and other features that enhance collaboration.
  • Cost – Compare hourly rates, discounts for long-term packages, and subscription plans across services.
  • Grade level help – Ensure the platform provides tutoring tailored to your academic level, whether it’s elementary, high school, college, or graduate studies.
  • Convenience – Make sure you can access tutoring 24/7 online without location restrictions for maximum convenience.

Choosing a platform that checks all of the boxes above will ensure you get connected with top-notch tutors in your required subject areas when you need them most.

How is online tutoring different from in-person tutoring?

Though online tutoring differs from traditional in-person instruction, it offers unique advantages:

  • Accessibility – Online tutoring allows access to instruction anytime, anywhere rather than having to coordinate schedules and commute to appointments.
  • Affordability – It typically costs less than in-person tutoring since there is less overhead and no transportation time costs.
  • Selection – Students can choose from a much wider pool of specialized tutors across all subjects rather than relying solely on local options.
  • Flexibility – With online tutoring, students can more easily reschedule sessions and take advantage of 24/7 availability for last-minute studying.
  • Personalization – Data-driven platforms can accurately match each student with the top tutors for their exact needs and learning objectives.
  • Innovative tools – Unique interactive whiteboards, instant messaging, screen sharing, and video chat make online tutoring highly engaging and collaborative.

While in-person instruction allows face-to-face interaction, online tutoring offers unrivaled convenience, flexibility, accessibility, variety, and innovation.

How much does online tutoring cost?

Online tutoring costs vary based on:

  • Tutor experience level – More experienced, higher-credentialed tutors charge more. Rates typically range from $15-$100+ per hour.
  • Subject matter – Tutoring for specialized subjects like computer programming or advanced math/science carries a higher cost.
  • Grade level – Tutoring for college and graduate-level coursework costs more than sessions for early education.
  • Frequency – Packages for multiple sessions per week over a longer term cost less per hour than single drop-in sessions.
  • Timing – Some platforms charge a premium for priority access to top tutors during peak hours. Off-peak times can save money.
  • Location – Platforms that offer in-person tutoring in major metro areas charge more for local sessions.

By taking advantage of tutor special offers, first-time deals, subscription plans, and off-peak scheduling, students can access very affordable online tutoring starting around $15 per hour in many cases.

Are online tutors effective?

Yes, online tutoring has proven highly effective at helping students:

  • Master challenging academic concepts
  • Improve grades across subjects
  • Get admitted into competitive programs
  • Pass high-stakes exams like the SAT, GRE, etc.
  • Complete assignments, essays, and projects successfully
  • Develop better study habits and learning strategies

Online tutoring success is attributed to:

  • Specialized experts – Carefully vetted tutors have deep knowledge of the concepts they teach.
  • Targeted instruction – Tutors personalize sessions to each student’s strengths, weaknesses, and learning preferences.
  • Interactive technology – Innovative online tools actively engage students in the learning process.
  • Convenience – 24/7 availability ensures students get help whenever they need it most.
  • Accountability – Regular tutoring sessions hold students accountable for mastering material.

With measurable improvements in grades, test scores, and academics, online tutoring proves an extremely effective way for students to meet educational goals.

What subjects can you get tutored in online?

Some of the most popular subjects available for online tutoring include:

Math: Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Calculus, Statistics

Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy

English: Literature, Reading Comprehension, Writing Skills, Essay Writing

History: US History, European History, Government

World Languages: Spanish, French, German

Standardized Tests: SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT

College Prep: Admissions Essay Help, Application Guidance

While these are some of the most requested subjects, students can find online tutors for hundreds of school subjects including programming languages, economics, philosophy, business, and more specialized electives. Most major academic areas are covered. Students should verify availability of their required subjects before enrolling with a tutoring provider.

What do I need to get started with online tutoring?

Here is what you’ll need to begin working with an online tutor:

  • Computer/laptop – This gives access to the virtual online classroom to connect with your tutor. Most platforms have browser-based apps.
  • Stable internet – A consistent high-speed internet connection allows for smooth video chat and screen sharing without disruptions.
  • Webcam – Communicating face-to-face via webcam promotes engagement between student and tutor during instruction.
  • Microphone – A mic allows real-time discussion and collaboration rather than relying solely on written chat comments.
  • Digital whiteboard access – For math and science help, an interactive online whiteboard is essential for working through problems together.
  • Notes and resources – Having your class notes, textbooks, assignments, and other learning materials available will maximize productivity during sessions.

As long as you have a computer with strong internet access, webcam, microphone, and your study resources handy, you’ll have everything needed to successfully connect online with qualified tutors for effective learning sessions.

Final Tips for Getting the Most from Online Tutoring

To recap, here are some final pointers for students looking to get started with online tutoring:

  • Take time to research multiple platforms to find one that offers experts in your required subject areas. Compare tutor experience and credentials.
  • Don’t wait until right before a big test or project – begin tutoring early on to develop understanding and avoid last-minute struggles.
  • Be an engaged, active participant by speaking up when you have questions and fully leveraging platforms tools like digital whiteboards.
  • Identify your academic goals and share these with your tutor so they can personalize your learning plan.
  • Schedule sessions consistently, such as weekly at the same time, for continuity rather than sporadic drop-ins.
  • Request the same tutor if you find someone who teaches effectively in a style that resonates with you.
  • Use tutoring to fill in gaps in your knowledge but still attend class and attempt practice problems independently too.

Online tutoring is most effective when utilized consistently over time. Take advantage of the convenience, interactivity, and expertise online tutors offer to get the results you want this school year!


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