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Who says you can’t get paid to travel? The rise of remote work and the gig economy provides amazing opportunities to make money while seeing the world.

This epic guide covers 50 of the best jobs that enable location independent lifestyles through high earnings, flexible schedules, and mobile-friendly skills.

We’ll explore roles like professional blogger, social media manager, virtual assistant, online teacher, photographer, videographer, consultant and much more.

Let’s uncover the most liberating, lucrative ways to fund your wanderlust!

Why Pursue Location Independent Work

Here are the main upsides of travel jobs vs stationary employment:

Freedom and Flexibility – Craft your own schedule and work routine. Spend time focusing on passions vs commuting and mandatory meetings.

New Experiences – Immerse yourself in diverse cultures and expand your perspectives interacting with locals.

Lower Cost of Living – Live comfortably for far less abroad compared to expensive cities. Save substantially on rent and basics.

Improved Quality of Life – Escape burnout and depressive effects of cramped indoor office environments. Better health and wellbeing.

Growth and Learning – Develop grit overcoming new challenges and adapting to unfamiliar environments. Learn languages. Gain confidence.

Of course, perpetual travel has downsides like homelessness, lack of community and routine. It’s not for everyone. But location flexible income lets you travel deliberately for extended periods without fully giving up stability.

Next, let’s explore incredible travel job ideas across diverse fields…

Remote Online English Teachers

Teaching English online to students abroad provides location and time flexible income. Companies like VIPKid, Qkids, SayABC and more hire tutors as contractors working from anywhere in the world.

Typical pay: $14 – $26 USD per 25-60 min class

Hours required: Open availability for peak times like early mornings before kids go to school suggested. Minimum commitment ranges 5-20 hrs/week.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree, TEFL certification, teaching experience preferred. Native English speakers only. Demo lesson and training provided.

Teaching online allows educating students worldwide from exotic destinations. Schedule classes strategically to maximize sightseeing and adventure. Just ensure sufficient wifi speed and stability.

Freelance Bloggers and Writers

Bloggers and freelance writers can work from anywhere with an internet connection. Writing for travel journals, regional content sites, brand influencer campaigns, and more provides income infusion.

Typical pay: Ranges $0.05-$2+ per word depending on niche and platform

Hours required: Flexible – aim for at least 10-25 hours of writing and pitching clients weekly

Qualifications: Strong writing and communication skills. Niche expertise big plus. Samples and clips showcasing abilities.

Writing assignments fund travels between freelance gigs or full time contracts. Save on long term housing with income from articles composed at co-working spaces, cafes and hotel lobbies abroad.

Social Media Managers

Manage organizations’ social media accounts from afar through tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, Sendible. Create content calendars, engage communities, run paid ads. Especially in demand by travel brands needing online presence management.

Typical pay: $40-$150+ per hour or $2000 – $5000+ per month retainer

Hours required: 10-30 hours weekly depending on workload and number of clients

Qualifications: Experience handling major social platforms professionally. Graphics/video production ability a plus. Strong client communication and organizational skills.

For social media pros, travel never stops. Maintain client relationships and scheduling from any timezone. Balance travel activities between monitoring feeds and community conversations.

Search Engine Optimization Specialists

SEO experts help websites improve organic rankings, traffic, and leads through technical site audits, link building, and creating keyword optimized content. Offer remote optimization services to agencies and clients worldwide.

Typical pay: $50-$150+ per hour or $1000-$5000 per month retainer

Hours required: 10-30 hours weekly depending on number of clients and workload

Qualifications: Strong expertise in areas like technical SEO, content optimization, outreach and sales. Track record of successful campaigns. Certifications a plus.

As long as you have a laptop and internet, clients don’t mind where SEO services are delivered from. Schedule calls strategically across timezones.

Virtual Assistants

Provide administrative support like email handling, calendar management, travel coordination, research and data entry as a freelance virtual assistant to clients worldwide.

Typical pay: $15-$50 USD per hour depending on speed, accuracy and specialty skills

Hours required: 10-30 hours weekly depending on workload. Workweek shifts based on client availability.

Qualifications: Task management tools mastery. Excellent communication and organization. Reliable high speed internet and computer.

Virtual assisting provides stable remote income between travels. Just ensure excellent communication managing time differences. Update clients on location availability.

Affiliate Marketers

Earn commissions promoting products on blogs, YouTube, social media and websites. Find travel affiliate programs in areas like VPNs, travel gear, lodging, credit cards, tours and more.

Typical pay: Ranges from $20-$200+ per sale depending on vertical

Hours required: 5-15 hours weekly promoting + optimizing

Qualifications: Website or social following required. Niche selection and audience targeting abilities key.

Affiliate income funds travels while seeing the world provides inspiration for marketing angles and content ideas. Win-win.

Freelance Graphic Designers

Freelance graphic designers produce logos, branding material, marketing deliverables, presentations, packaging, and digital assets for clients remotely. Manage communication and file transfer through email, calls and project platforms.

Typical pay: $20-$75+ per hour or per project depending on services, speed and quality

Hours required: 10-30 hours weekly based on workload

Qualifications: Proficiency in design programs like Adobe Creative Suite. Samples displaying visual style and versatility. Strong client communication and responsibility.

As long as you have a laptop and graphic tablet, the world becomes your design studio. Schedule client calls strategically across time zones.

Web Designers and Developers

Build and optimize sites, apps, plugins and web platforms for diverse remote clients as a freelance developer. Provide ongoing support and maintenance virtually even while continuously traveling.

Typical pay: $50-$150+ per hour depending on skills and experience

Hours required: 10-30 hours weekly depending on workload

Qualifications: Expertise HTML, CSS, JavaScript/Node.js, WordPress etc. Portfolio of successful online projects completed. Ongoing learning.

With a quality laptop and internet access, offer web development services from anywhere clients reside. Be disciplined working odd hours crossing time zones.

Mobile App Developers

Code, develop and support custom mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Offer ongoing app maintenance and new feature development remotely.

Typical pay: $75-$150+ per hour

Hours required: 20-40 hours weekly depending on workload

Qualifications: Proficiency in Java, Kotlin, Objective-C, Swift and tools like React Native. Projects showcasing experience. App publishing and support expertise.

Program mobile apps from picturesque destinations worldwide. Scope out apps tourists would find useful during travels. Maintain availability accommodating business hours across regions.

Voice Over Artists

Provide professional voice over and narration services for commercials, audiobooks, cartoons, documentaries and more from a home studio.

Typical pay: $100 to $500+ per hour depending on experience and vocal versatility

Hours required: 10-20 hours weekly auditioning and recording

Qualifications: Voice acting training or talent. Home recording booth essential. Crisp clear voice communication over phone/Source-Connect.

Top voice over artists charge premium rates to selectively accept remote voice gigs between adventures. Travel domestically or abroad based on your schedule across gigs.

Resume Writers

Provide professional resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile optimization services to clients seeking new opportunities. Consult remotely via video chat and email.

Typical pay: $100-$500 per document depending on career level and turnaround time

Hours required: 10-30 hours weekly depending on workload

Qualifications: Strong writing and business communication skills. HR experience a plus. Samples displaying great client outcomes.

Help job seekers excel from anywhere while making steady income. Schedule early morning calls before application deadlines abroad.

Life and Career Coaches

Offer personalized guidance helping clients navigate professional and personal challenges through scheduled remote video coaching calls.

Typical pay: $100-$500+ per hour depending on niche and experience

Hours required: 10-20 hours weekly coaching and communicating

Qualifications: Certifications like CPLC or ICF credentials preferred. Proven frameworks and experience. Testimonials from past clients.

Coaching allows forming meaningful relationships while providing high value guidance from anywhere. Schedule calls outside of peak adventure times.

Business Consultants

Offer consulting services to help organizations refine strategy, operations, technology adoption, and other aspects of performance. Conduct virtual consultations via video chat.

Typical pay: $100-$500 per hour depending on experience and specialty

Hours required: 10-30 hours weekly advising and communicating

Qualifications: Line of business expertise and past quantifiable results. Outlining high ROI services. Strong references.

Consult experts globally on enhancing critical business functions while adventuring between client meetings. Schedule calls accommodating time zones.

Online Music Instructors

Teach music lessons remotely like singing, piano, guitar, drums, production through video chat platforms. Engage students with adaptive learning apps and video performances.

Typical pay: $20-$100 per hour depending on credentials and student base

Hours required: 10-25 hours weekly teaching and communicating

Qualifications: Pro skills playing instruments and/or singing. Personable teaching style. Remote lesson capabilities and tools.

Instruct from tropical beaches, mountain forests or jazz clubs worldwide. Portable instruments allow quick pop up teaching spots. Schedule lessons for internet stability.

ESL Textbook Authors and Publishers

Create educational textbooks, curriculum and courses teaching English as a Second Language learners online or abroad. Self publish materials through Amazon and teaching platforms.

Typical pay: $10,000-$30,000+ annually through royalties

Hours required: 500-2000 hours annually writing and producing content

Qualifications: Teaching credentials like TEFL. Understanding of language learning techniques and challenges. Publishing software mastery.

Write and produce educational materials from affordable destinations with the very populations you serve as inspiration. Test and iterate curriculums locally.

YouTube Content Creators

Create entertaining or helpful videos across themes like travel vlogs, food, music culture, languages and more for YouTube. Monetize channels through ads, sponsorships and affiliate income.

Typical pay: $3-$10 per 1000 video views, plus sponsorship income

Hours required: 10-25 weekly filming, editing, optimizing

Qualifications: Video production and editing skills. Equipment like quality camera, external mics. SEO and audience growth expertise.

Funding travels through viral travel content perfectly aligns work and passions. Scope out video ideas and production opportunities continuously exploring.

Podcast Hosts

Launch travel, food or culture focused podcasts from adventures worldwide. Monetize through ads, affiliate marketing, branded travel partnerships and premium subscriptions.

Typical pay: $10-$100+ per 1000 podcast downloads depending on niche

Hours required: 10-20 hours weekly producing, recording, editing, marketing

Qualifications: High quality recording and editing gear. Strong on-air presence and communication abilities. Self promotion skills.

Record episodes reflecting the amazing locales visited. Budget travel themes are popular. Coordinate sponsorships with destinations.

Photo Selling Sites

Sell travel, nature, architecture, and cultural photography through stock media sites like Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, and Alamy. Receive royalties when images downloaded.

Typical pay: $0.20-$2+ per download depending on quality and exclusivity

Hours required: 10+ hours weekly photographing, editing and uploading

Qualifications: Quality DSLR camera and editing software like Lightroom. General photography skills. Metadata optimization abilities.

Getting paid for exotic images captured while already traveling is a dream. But volume and consistency takes commitment. Upload in batches from internet cafes abroad.

Freelance Photographers and Videographers

Provide professional photography and videography services on a freelance basis to regular clients and agencies. Scope out storytelling visual opportunities everywhere.

Typical pay: $25-$100+ per hour or per final edited image/video

Hours required: 10-25 hours weekly communicating with clients, planning, shooting, editing

Qualifications: Photography and/or videography skills, experience and portfolio. Professional camera, lenses, stabilizer, lighting and editing software.

Capture professional caliber location flexible imagery by aligning photo/video needs with travel destinations. Schedule client work strategically between personal excursions.

Social Media Influencers

Earn income through branded sponsorships, merchandise and affiliate promotions as an influencer on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, etc. Traveling provides Continuous content.

Typical pay: $100-$2500+ per sponsored post depending on following size and engagement

Hours required: 10-30 hours weekly creating content and corresponding

Qualifications: Large, growing following in a solid niche. Strong brand identity and high quality posts. Sponsored content disclosure protocols.

Funding travels by capturing engaging social content aligned with follower interests provides fulfilling work possibilities if you achieve influencer status.

Travel Journalists and Bloggers

Write articles and blog posts reviewing destinations, experiences, tours, gear and accommodations relevant to a travel niche like backpacking, ecotourism, family travel, etc. Build audiences through SEO and social sharing of engaging stories and advice.

Monetize through advertising, sponsorships and affiliates. Some top travel bloggers make over $100k/year.

Typical pay: $1000-$8000+ per month depending on traffic and monetization strategies

Hours required: 15-40 hours weekly writing, photography, promotion

Qualifications: Excellent writing abilities. Solid grasp of social media, SEO and marketing. Strong photography/videography skills a major plus.

Journal blogging adventures worldwide provides a dream job for avid travelers. It takes substantial effort building an audience and income. But solopreneurs can fund freedom through their expertise and passions.


Freelance translators fluent in multiple languages translate documents, videos, books, websites and other materials for clients. Demand is global for accurate foreign language expertise.

Typical pay: $0.05-$0.20+ per word depending on language combinations

Hours required: 15-30 hours per week communicating with clients and translating

Qualifications: Deep fluency in at least two languages. Subject matter specialization a plus. Translation software. Great written communication in native language.

Practice language skills immersed experiencing new cultures while translating documents on the go. Schedule translation tasks during quiet times to focus.

Tutors and Teachers

Provide online tutoring to students worldwide in academic subjects, SAT prep, college counseling, languages, music, coding and more through platforms like Skooli, TutorMe and Wyzant.

Typical pay: $20-$100 per hour depending on niche expertise

Hours required: 5-25 hours weekly based on courses

Qualifications: Teaching credentials in subject areas. Tech setup for lessons via video chat. Engaging personality able to connect with millennials.

Instruct from vibrant overseas destinations instead of a classroom. Schedule sessions strategically when quality internet is available.

Customer Service Agents

Assist customers via phone, chat, email and social media remotely for diverse brands and platforms needing multilingual support worldwide.

Typical pay: $15-$25 USD per hour

Hours required: 10-30 hours weekly depending on role

Qualifications: Fluent second language skills. Customer support experience. Tech and tools expertise. Empathetic and problem solving nature.

Build skills communicating across cultures while earning reliable income between excursions. Set schedule based on regional peak support hours.

Legal Support Services

Assist law firms and attorneys remotely performing legal support tasks like legal research, document review/prep, data entry, case monitoring and translations.

Typical pay: $25-$75 per hour depending on experience

Hours required: 10-40 hours weekly depending on workload

Qualifications: Paralegal training or law degree in applicable countries. Attention to detail. Experience with legal databases/tools. Task management abilities.

Gain legal experience while supplementing travels. Schedule work during lawyers’ operating hours in home countries.

Data Entry Clerks

Provide data entry, data processing, transcription and administrative services remotely for clients in various industries through established outsourcing firms.

Typical pay: $15-$25 USD per hour

Hours required: 10-30 hours weekly depending on workload

Qualifications: Fast, accurate computer typing skills – 60+ WPM ideal. Tech tools experience. Reliability.

Data and documentation pros can find consistent short term contracts between excursions. Just ensure excellent internet reliability.

Freelance Accountants

Offer bookkeeping, payroll, income taxes and financial statement preparation remotely for small businesses, startups and individuals worldwide using platforms like Xero or QuickBooks Online.

Typical pay: $20-$75 USD per hour depending on experience

Hours required: 10-30 hours weekly depending on contracts

Qualifications: Bookkeeping certification or accounting degree preferred. Experience using major online accounting software platforms. Attention to detail.

Manage finances for clients back home while traveling using online accounting systems. Communicate across time zones.

Software Engineers

Work as contract remote software engineers via popular freelance sites like Toptal, and Andela designing, developing and supporting complex platforms.

Typical pay: $50-$200+ per hour depending on skills and experience

Hours required: 20-40 hours weekly – full time


Provide transcription services converting audio and video files to text documents remotely. Companies like Rev, GoTranscript and Scribie hire freelancers worldwide.

Typical pay: $0.50-$1.50 per audio minute transcribed

Hours required: 10-30 hours weekly depending on speed

Qualifications: Strong listening skills, fast accurate typing, grammar proficiency, focus.

Listen closely translating audio to text from anywhere with headphones and productivity. Work in the mornings before exploring.


Freelance 2D and 3D animators create explainer videos, educational segments, movie effects, cartoons, games and more remotely for creative agencies and multimedia companies.

Typical pay: $25-$250 per animated second depending on complexity

Hours required: 20-40 hours weekly depending on workload

Qualifications: Animation expertise using tools like Adobe Animate, Maya, Blender etc. Video production abilities. Portfolio of work.

Animate scenes on the go from inspiring new environments. Match animation styles to local aesthetic discoveries.

Mortgage Loan Officers

Originate and process mortgage loans remotely for clients anywhere coordinating with banks, brokers, realtors and buyers using digital tools and documentation.

Typical pay: $60,000-$150,000+ annually depending on metrics like loan volume

Hours required: 40+ hours weekly

Qualifications: Mortgage loan licensing. Sales driven. Strong communication skills. CRM and documentation workflow mastery.

Help clients secure loans to achieve the dream of homeownership from destinations worldwide through consistent remote coordinating and communication.

Regional Tour Guides

Lead regional tour packages virtually via live video or pre-recorded walking tours in your current destination highlighting history, food, architecture and more.

Typical pay: $20-$60+ per hour or per booked tour depending on group size

Hours required: 10-30 hours weekly guiding, planning, coordinating

Qualifications: Deep location-specific expertise. Engaging speaking and storytelling abilities. Tourism industry experience preferred. Tech setup for virtual tours.

Immerse yourself in local history and happenings wherever travels take you. Give live virtual tours using mobile tech. Offer tours on specialized platforms.

Online Counselors

Provide counseling and therapy for clients remotely using secure video chat software. Must meet state licensing requirements. Mental health expertise is location agnostic.

Typical pay: $40-$120 per hour depending on expertise, credentials

Hours required: 20-40 hours weekly contracted

Qualifications: Masters or Doctorate degree. State licensing for telepractice. Strong communication and listening skills. Technologically savvy.

Help clients overcome challenges and achieve growth while funding travels abroad between sessions. Display appropriate office backgrounds during video calls.

Website Testers

Ensure websites function optimally by testing user flows, forms, links, UX, etc. remotely providing feedback to developers and agencies. Companies like UserTesting and TryMyUI hire globally.

Typical pay: $10-$60 per test and feedback submission

Hours required: 5-20 hours testing weekly

Qualifications: Conscientious attention to detail. Tech savvy. Strong English writing. Task focus. Basic SEO knowledge a plus.

Provide usability feedback exploring websites from internet cafes all over the map. Schedule test sessions strategically.

Online Poker Players

Play poker through online platforms and apps competing in tournaments and cash games. Requires developing expert level poker strategy and bankroll management. Top players profits $50k-$100k+ annually.

Typical pay: $25-$50+ per hour if profitable, higher for top players

Hours required: 10-40 hours weekly playing and analyzing

Qualifications: World class poker and gambling knowledge. Risk tolerance. Mental stamina and math skills. Self control and discipline.

For skilled gamblers, playing poker online consistently from abroad against weaker competition can provide massive profits funding travel. But it’s high risk.

Niche Bloggers

Create niche blogs on specific topics like travel hacking, miles points, crawling the web for flight deals, maximizing credit card points or marketing location independent lifestyles then monetize through affiliates, advertising, and coaching products.

The most successful niche travel bloggers generate $60,000-$100,000+ in annual income once traffic scales. But reaching profitability takes years.

Qualifications: Excellent writing ability. Strong SEO, social media and content marketing knowledge. Some startup capital.

Relentlessly create content around profitable niche themes while embracing the nomadic lifestyle. Core focus and hustle separates successful travel blogs over time.

Key Takeaways For Travel Job Success

While work possibilities are endless for generating income when traveling, some core principles enable thriving long term:

Keep Business Costs Ultra Lean – Minimize expenses and overheads required to operate so wider profit margins enable living well almost anywhere. Automate key functions.

Offer Services, Not Manual Labor – Focus expertise around specialized skills, knowledge and consulting vs tasks requiring set physical presence and hours. Results, not time tracked, is key.

Embrace Synchronous Communication – Schedule overlapping hours for meetings, calls, lessons and availability despite time zone differences. Make coordination seamless.

Be a Self Starter – Without office accountability, motivation must come from within. Be responsive, meet deadlines, satisfy clients. Drive generates freedom.

Setup Reliable Tech – Carry secure essential tech like laptops/tablets and ensure internet access through SIM cards, wifi hotspots, co-working spaces to maintain productivity. Don’t assume connectivity.

Automate Income – Develop products, affiliate sites, subscriptions, and licensing allowing passive income. Pursue residual earnings supplementing active efforts.

Apply 80/20 Thinking – Limit tasks and clients to the vital 20% providing the most results and enjoyment. Too many obligations stifle mobility.

Keep Learning – Continuous improvement through courses, books, conferences sustains competitive edge and skills. Seek mentors.

With the right mobile mindset, hustle and flexibility embracing change, funding freedom through your talents and hard work is absolutely attainable.

FAQ About Making Money While Traveling

How much money do I need to travel while working online?

Budget $1500-$2500 monthly to sustainably fund travels in affordable destinations in regions like Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Central and South America while working online part-time. Earning at least $2000 per month works well for perpetual slower travel. Popular nomad cities offer good infrastructure.

What are the easiest online travel jobs?

Online tutoring, freelance writing, social media management, graphic design, virtual assisting and customer service are accessible remote work options for beginners. Develop niche skills like web design, consulting and programming for higher pay over time.

Is it hard to get remote travel jobs?

The most lucrative remote careers like software developer or finance take years to work up to. But part-time freelancing in areas like writing, social media, and virtual assisting have lower barriers starting out. Be patient honing skills and work portfolio. Under-promise and over-deliver.

How much can you make blogging while traveling?

Top travel bloggers can earn anywhere from $60,000-$500,000+ annually through ad placements, affiliates, coaching products, and sponsorships once niche sites build traffic. But reaching profitability after years of effort. Start on the side until income sustains.

Should I incorporate when working abroad?

Nomads working abroad long term should consider business incorporation and international company setup for advantages like lower taxes, asset protection, and appearing more professional to local clients. Get legal and tax guidance to ensure proper compliance.

Thanks to technology, the opportunities for creating location independent income are now endless. Find work you’re passionate about that leverages your unique skills and interests. Commit to delivering immense value to clients and customers. With consistency and hard work, you can build the laptop lifestyle that enables living life to the fullest!


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