Thumbtack provides an effective lead generation platform for home contractors like electricians, plumbers, landscapers, and more. But how does the process work on Thumbtack from the contractor’s perspective? This guide covers the key steps for contractors using Thumbtack to grow their business.

Creating a Thumbtack Contractor Profile

Your profile serves as your digital storefront and representative on the Thumbtack marketplace. Build an appealing, complete profile by:

  • Adding details like your location, specialty, skills, licensing, and background
  • Responding to required questions about your pricing, insurance, and availability
  • Writing a short bio highlighting your experience
  • Including photos of past project work
  • Passing a background check for many contractor categories

This information helps match you with suitable customers.

Getting Customer Requests

When potential customers submit a service request on Thumbtack, they answer questions about needs, timing, and location. Contractors who appear to match their requirements get notified of the new lead.

You can tailor lead settings like:

  • Maximum travel distance
  • Appointment types accepted
  • Short notice availability
  • Quick Quote response commitment

This filters leads to those you can feasibly service.

Responding to Leads with Quotes

Interested leads appear in your Thumbtack Message Center. You can reply to leads by submitting a custom quote including:

  • Proposed scope of work
  • Estimated price range
  • Your availability and timing
  • Brief details about your qualifications

Aim to respond promptly within the timeframe you set in preferences. Thumbtack may penalize slow responders in search rankings.

Getting Hired for the Job

After the customer reviews quotes from different professionals, they can decide to move forward and hire you for the project. They may ask follow-up questions or request an in-home estimate first.

Once hired, you can use Thumbtack’s messaging to coordinate scheduling, contracts, deposits, and manage the project until completion.

Getting Paid by the Customer

Thumbtack does not handle payments. You will get paid directly by the customer through your normal payment methods. Common options:

  • Check upon completion
  • Invoice with online payment link
  • Credit card on file for recurring work

Make sure payment expectations are clear before starting work. Thumbtack provides invoice templates.

Receiving Reviews After Projects

Earning good Thumbtack reviews is critical for attracting new customers as a contractor. Follow up with customers after each job requesting they leave an honest review about their experience working with you. Good feedback improves your search rank.

Using Premium Features (Optional)

Thumbtack offers optional “Pro” packages with premium features for a monthly fee, like boosted visibility. The free listing option works fine for most categories, but paid upgrades can provide more lead volume if you have capacity for higher demand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Thumbtack take any percentage or fee from contractors?

No, Thumbtack does not charge professionals – you pay only if opting into premium packages for more visibility. Customers pay Thumbtack.

How quickly should I respond to new Thumbtack leads?

Respond ASAP, within an hour during business hours is best. The platform monitors and ranks fast responders higher.

What happens if I decline a lead due to lack of availability?

You can politely decline leads that you can’t take on without negatively affecting your account. Thumbtack understands you won’t be a fit for every request.

Can I invite previous satisfied customers to leave reviews?

Absolutely, follow up and politely ask happy customers to leave positive feedback. This greatly helps get new leads.

What happens if I get a bad review on Thumbtack?

Respond professionally, apologize for the issue, and offer to address their concerns. Then redouble your efforts on future projects.

Leveraging Thumbtack provides home service contractors an excellent source of new customers. Focus on providing 5-star service to drive more business.


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