Thumbtack sends local service providers like photographers, DJs, home contractors, and more new customer leads through their platform. But how much do Thumbtack leads cost professionals? This guide examines Thumbtack’s unique pay-per-lead pricing model.

Thumbtack’s Pay Per Lead Model

Thumbtack utilizes an innovative pay-per-lead pricing approach:

  • Professionals only pay when they respond to a lead. Uninterested leads are free.
  • Each lead response costs between $5-$100+ depending on their category, location, and other factors.
  • Pros control how many leads they respond to based on bandwidth.

There are no monthly subscription fees – you pay per lead engagement. This model incentivizes high quality matches.

Pricing Factors

Multiple variables affect how much each Thumbtack lead costs to respond to:

  • Service category – Photography leads cost less than bathroom remodeling leads.
  • Customer budget – Bigger budgets warrant higher lead costs.
  • Location – Leads in major metros cost more than rural areas.
  • Lead desirability – Highly detailed leads with confirmed needs cost professionals more.
  • Competition – Categories with more pros get lower priced leads.
  • Response timing – Replying faster sometimes qualifies for discounts.

Thumbtack determines lead pricing dynamically based on these attributes to match each lead’s expected value.

Typical Lead Pricing

While variable, here are some average lead response cost ranges across popular categories:

  • Photography – $5 to $15 per lead
  • Electrical – $30 to $60 per lead
  • Plumbing – $40 to $100 per lead
  • Wedding planning – $8 to $20 per lead
  • Housecleaning – $3 to $12 per lead
  • Remodeling – $100+ per lead

Higher ticket services like contractors will pay more, while basic services are very affordable.

Estimating Potential ROI

Weigh the expected project size with your lead response cost to estimate potential ROI. Some examples:

  • If a wedding DJ gig earns you $1,000, spending $15 to bid makes sense.
  • A plumber charging $500 for a typical job can justify investing $75 to respond to a detailed remodeling lead.
  • Spending $30 to quote house cleaning leads that convert at 30% for $100 jobs nets revenue.

You control lead response spending based on your margins and conversion rates.

Premium Exposure Features

Thumbtack also offers optional “Pro” packages that provide added exposure like promoting your business profile higher in customer searches. These premium upgrades range from $25 to $175 monthly depending on category.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does responding to each lead require paying the quoted price to Thumbtack?

Yes, you must pay the quoted price to contact each lead through Thumbtack’s messaging system. Uninterested leads are free.

Can I reduce how much leads cost by waiting longer to respond?

Yes, lead prices may decrement after some time. But late responses get lower engagement, so balance price and urgency.

If I don’t win the job from a lead, is the lead fee refunded?

No, Thumbtack charges just for responding, not winning the business. The fee covers lead matching costs.

Is it possible to negotiate lower lead prices?

Thumbtack uses dynamic pricing, so the quoted prices are generally fixed based on their valuation algorithms.

Can I see how many competitors replied to a lead?

No, Thumbtack does not disclose how many other pros responded to a given lead.

Thumbtack’s pay-per-lead approach provides professionals added control over customer acquisition costs. Carefully consider potential ROI before responding and optimizing campaigns.


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