One of the most frequently asked questions from new Fiverr sellers is “how often does Fiverr pay out?” Understanding Fiverr’s payment schedule and process helps sellers manage finances and set income expectations from the platform. This guide covers everything sellers need to know about how often they will receive payouts.

Fiverr’s Payment Cycle

Fiverr pays sellers on a biweekly schedule, with payouts occurring every 14 days. Specifically:

  • Payouts are made on the 15th and 30th of each month.
  • Payments cover earnings accumulated from the 1st to 15th or 16th to end of month.
  • Payouts are sent approximately 24 hours after each payout date.
  • Weekends or holidays may delay transfers by an extra day or two.

So in concrete terms, if you earn $100 from March 1st to 15th, you would be paid that $100 around March 16th. Fiverr consistently follows this 14 day payment cycle.

Payment Methods and Thresholds

Fiverr offers three withdrawal options, each with minimum payout thresholds:

  • PayPal – The fastest option with a $20 minimum withdrawal.
  • Bank account – Direct deposit to your bank with a $100 minimum.
  • Fiverr Revenue Card – An online card you can use anywhere with a $30 minimum.

Pay close attention to these thresholds when estimating your payout dates, as earnings below the minimum roll over to the next payment cycle.

Timing for New Sellers

An initial waiting period applies before new sellers receive their first payout:

  • Users from the United States, Canada, Australia, and the UK are paid after their first 60 days.
  • International users have a 90 day waiting period before payments.

This delay allows Fiverr time to detect potential policy violations before paying new accounts. Be patient when starting out and plan finances accordingly.

When Payouts Occur

To receive a payout on the 15th or 30th, your earnings for the period must exceed the payment threshold and:

  • Services must be marked delivered before the payout date.
  • The 14 day buyer review period must expire without refunds.
  • You cannot have an active account limitation or violation.

Funds display in your Pending Balance once an order is complete. The balance moves to Available for Payout if no issues arise. The actual transfer to your linked payment method occurs approximately 24 hours after the 15th/30th.

How Refunds Affect Payments

Refunds immediately deduct from your Pending and Available balances. This means:

  • Refunds for the current period come out of money about to be paid out.
  • Refunds for previous periods get deducted from your next payout.

Frequent refunds substantially lower earnings, delaying meeting payment thresholds. Manage buyer expectations carefully to avoid refunds.

Payment Holds and Account Limitations

Fiverr may place holds on payments or limit accounts for policy violations like cancellations, poor performance, or legal concerns. This can temporarily prevent payouts until resolved. Ensure you follow all terms of service to avoid limitations.

Best Practices for Getting Paid Quickly

Follow these best practices for efficient payments:

  • Withdraw using PayPal once you cross the $20 threshold.
  • Cash out earnings every period rather than letting them accumulate.
  • Complete and deliver orders early in the pay period.
  • Proactively resolve buyer concerns to prevent refunds.
  • Provide excellent services and encourage 5-star reviews.
  • Avoid policy violations that trigger account limitations.
  • Update your payment details accurately if they change.
  • Contact support if your payout is ever delayed or missing.

Following Fiverr’s standard payment schedule enables sellers to plan their finances. Focus on swiftly fulfilling orders and providing buyer satisfaction to maximize earnings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Fiverr Payouts

Can I change my withdrawal payment method?

Yes, you can change your linked payment method at any time in your account settings. Allow 1-2 payment cycles for changes to take effect.

What do I do if my payout doesn’t arrive as expected?

First, check for any active limitations on your account. If none exist, contact Fiverr support to investigate the delayed or missing payout.

How long does it take for my bank to receive deposits?

Direct bank account transfers usually appear within 3-5 business days but can take 7-10 days in some cases.

Does Fiverr cover the fees for PayPal withdrawals?

No, any fees charged by PayPal for withdrawals or transfers will be deducted from the amount paid out.

Can I track my pending balance and available earnings?

Yes, you can closely monitor updated earnings and pending balances in your Revenue tab within My Gigs.

Can I cash out earnings if my account is below Top Rated Seller status?

Yes, sellers at any level can withdraw earnings as long as no active account limitations exist.

Are there any fees if I withdraw using the Fiverr Revenue card?

The Fiverr Revenue card is completely free to use. There are no fees for adding funds, purchases, or ATM withdrawals.

Why do earnings sometimes change or get removed after I’ve been paid?

Past earnings can be retroactively adjusted if refunds or chargebacks occur or pending orders are cancelled.

Understanding Fiverr’s standard payment process allows sellers to maximize and manage income. Consistently providing excellent service keeps funds available for fast payout.


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