One of the most common questions from new Fiverr sellers is “How often does Fiverr pay out?” Understanding the payment schedule helps sellers manage their finances and payout planning.

Here’s an overview of how frequently Fiverr makes payments to sellers for completed gigs:

Fiverr’s Payment Schedule

Fiverr pays sellers every 14 days provided you have reached the $20 minimum payout threshold.


  • Payouts are made twice per month
  • Payments are initiated every 1st and 16th day of the month

So you should expect to receive payment around the 1st and 16th based on this schedule.

When Transactions Are Included

Fiverr includes all transactions completed within the previous 14 days in each bi-monthly payment calculation.

For example:

  • Transactions from March 1 – 15 are paid out around March 16
  • Transactions from March 16 – 31 are paid out around April 1

So there is about a 2 week holdback before your earnings are disbursed.

How Long Payouts Take to Process

While payments are initiated on the 1st/16th schedule, it takes 2-3 additional days for the actual deposit to complete into your connected account.

So expect about a 3-5 day delay from the scheduled payout date until funds are accessible in your bank account.

Tips to Get Paid Faster

Here are some tips to help expedite receiving your earnings:

  • Link a PayPal account – Transfers are faster with PayPal compared to direct bank deposit
  • Withdraw as soon as possible – Don’t let earnings accumulate to the $80 max, withdraw every $20
  • Mark orders complete – Be diligent about marking orders completed so earnings are booked
  • Avoid holding funds – Negative reviews can trigger holds on your balance
  • Provide tax info – Enables Fiverr to remove withholding taxes that delay some payments
  • Stay above $20 – You must hit the $20 threshold to qualify for each payout

Careful account management and delivery performance will help ensure consistent on-time payment.

FAQs About Fiverr Seller Payouts

Does Fiverr pay weekly?

No, Fiverr does not offer weekly payouts currently. Bi-monthly is the minimum frequency.

What if I don’t hit $20 before the payout date?

Any earnings below $20 will roll over to the next payout period. The balance keeps accumulating.

How do I know when I will be paid?

You can check for upcoming scheduled payout dates right in your Seller Dashboard.

Can I invoice buyers directly instead?

No, all orders must be completed and paid fully through Fiverr. Taking payments outside Fiverr is prohibited.

What if my payout is late?

Contact Fiverr support if your scheduled payout is over 3 days late. They can investigate the cause of any delays.

Monitoring your earnings and payout status consistently makes it easier to stay up-to-date on your Fiverr income schedule.


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