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Walmart Marketplace allows businesses and entrepreneurs to leverage Walmart’s massive customer base by selling products directly on

But how do you actually register to become an authorized Walmart seller? This step-by-step guide covers the requirements, application, approval process, account setup, and tips for managing your Walmart seller account.

Understand the Walmart Marketplace Model

Similar to Amazon, Walmart now enables approved third-party sellers to list products on Walmart’s marketplace alongside Walmart’s own retail offerings.

As a seller, you list your items for sale on while handling your own fulfillment and customer service. Walmart charges referral fees on transactions.

Check Product Eligibility Requirements

Walmart has restrictions on which product categories new sellers can list initially:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Home Furnishings
  • Clothing & Accessories
  • Media categories like Books, Movies, and Music
  • Some Sporting Goods and Outdoor Recreation

Review the full list of approved categories and prohibited items. Certain categories require approval first.

Submit Your Seller Application

Visit Walmart Marketplace and click “Become a Seller” to begin the application process:

  • Select the categories you plan to sell in
  • Provide business information and tax ID numbers
  • Upload requested documentation
  • List brands you’ll sell and projected monthly sales
  • Pay the $1300 application fee if required

Applications can take 2-6 weeks to review. You will be notified if approved.

Pass Walmart’s Vetting Process

To sell on Walmart, all sellers undergo strict vetting on:

  • Business records, licenses, and incorporation documents
  • Inventory levels and order history
  • Supply chain and fulfillment capabilities
  • Customer service quality and performance
  • Product compliance, safety, and insurance

Meeting Walmart’s high standards is necessary for a successful marketplace partnership.

Integrate With Walmart Commerce Technologies

Once approved, technical integration with Walmart’s API is required to manage critical backend functions like inventory syncing, order processing, reporting, and more.

Feed-based API integration allows programmatic management of your Walmart seller account.

Optimize Your Seller Profile

Create a polished seller profile that inspires trust in potential customers:

  • Upload a profile image and cover photo
  • Share your company’s story and team details
  • Highlight relevant qualifications, awards, and certifications
  • Publish positive product reviews from customers
  • Link to your social media and external website

This page acts as your virtual storefront on Walmart Marketplace.

Start Listing Products and Managing Your Account

Once setup is complete, focus on creating compelling product listings, expanding your catalog, driving off-site traffic, and providing excellent customer service through prompt fulfillment and support.

Consistently monitor your seller performance ratings and metrics within your Seller Central dashboard. Identify opportunities to improve operations, product mix, and sales growth over time.

With rigorous preparation and performance, Walmart Marketplace can become a rewarding sales channel earning significant revenue.

FAQs About Becoming a Walmart Seller

How much does it cost to start selling on Walmart?

Expect around $1300-$1500 in startup costs including the application fee, initial inventory, and photography expenses. Ongoing fees apply per sale.

What is Walmart’s approval criteria?

Factors include product eligibility, safety standards, order capacity, customer service capabilities, company financials and history.

How long does it take Walmart to approve sellers?

The application review process usually takes 2-6 weeks. Additional time may be needed to pass vetting requirements.

Can international sellers apply?

Yes, international sellers can register but must meet all eligibility criteria and agree to Walmart’s US contracts and business terms.

What % commission does Walmart charge?

Walmart’s referral fees range from 4-20% based on the product category. Additional promoted listing fees apply.

Becoming a Walmart Marketplace seller involves effort but provides access to over 100 million loyal Walmart shoppers. Take advantage of this high-traffic sales channel.


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