How to Change Your Etsy Shop Name

You’ve done the hard work of opening an Etsy shop and establishing your brand. But now you want to change your Etsy shop name to something new.

Luckily, Etsy does allow sellers to change their shop name. However, there are steps you need to take to ensure the transition goes smoothly without losing any hard-earned shop momentum.

Follow this guide to successfully change your Etsy shop name.

Research New Etsy Shop Name Options

Brainstorm a list of new Etsy shop names that better fit your brand identity or products.

Things to consider:

  • Keep it short, memorable, and easy to spell
  • Use important keywords related to your shop
  • Check name availability on Etsy before deciding
  • Get feedback from customers on new names

Choose 1-2 frontrunners from your name ideas before moving forward.

Set Up New Shop Branding

To prepare for the name change, create new branded assets using your new shop name, including:

  • Shop banner/logo
  • Business cards
  • Website/social media handles
  • Packaging and labels

Have these ready to swap in when you officially change the name.

Update Listings with New Shop Name

In your Etsy shop, go through all your listings and update the “shop name” field to your new name. This ensures the change will flow through.

You don’t need to alter shop sections or listing titles/tags. The key is updating that shop name field.

Officially Change Your Etsy Shop Name

In your Etsy shop settings, go to “Info & Appearance” then click “Edit” next to your shop name.

Enter your new preferred name and click “Save”. Confirm the name change in the popup.

Once saved, your Etsy shop name will be officially changed.

Update External Assets and Links

Update your external assets and links related to your Etsy shop to maintain branding consistency:

  • Update website and blog to new shop name
  • Change social media handles and bios
  • Update business cards and email signatures
  • Request reviews using new name
  • Notify frequent customers of the change

This ensures your changeover to the new name goes smoothly.

Use Etsy Tools to Redirect Traffic

Use Etsy’s redirect tools to forward traffic from your old shop name to the new name:

  • Redirect your old shop URL in settings
  • Add old name as keyword for Google SEO
  • Create shop name redirect in Google Analytics

This retains visibility and prevents losing traffic. Monitor closely.

Changing your established Etsy shop’s name is a big step but can be done successfully with planning. Use this guide to navigate the name change process from start to finish.

FAQ About Changing Etsy Shop Name

How long does it take for an Etsy shop name change to take effect?

The Etsy shop name change takes effect immediately after you save the new name in your shop settings.

Does an Etsy shop name change affect your SEO?

Temporarily, yes – search rankings will reset with the new name until rebuilt over time. Use redirects to forward old traffic.

Can I change my Etsy shop name more than once?

Yes, you can change your Etsy shop name as often as needed. But frequent name changes may confuse customers and affect branding.

What happens to my old Etsy shop URL?

Your old URL will forward to the new URL automatically. But Etsy recommends manually redirecting for optimal traffic flow.

Do I need to change my shop policies after an Etsy name change?

No, your shop policies and listings will remain the same. Just update branding elements to reflect the new name where applicable.

Changing your Etsy shop name marks a milestone in your business growth. With some effort, you can retain existing customers and continue growth under a new name.


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