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Amazon A+ content gives you enhanced capability to engage customers and sell products right from the listing page through features like video demos, expanded text sections, comparison charts and more.

This comprehensive guide will teach you everything about creating high-converting Amazon A+ content, including:

  • Benefits of Amazon A+ content
  • Requirements and restrictions
  • Types of A+ content you can add
  • Step-by-step instructions for building A+ pages
  • Optimizing content elements for conversions
  • Driving sales through rich media
  • Tools to simplify creation
  • Getting A+ content approved by Amazon
  • Mistakes sellers make with enhanced content
  • FAQs on Amazon’s content guidelines

Let’s dive into leveraging Amazon A+ content to boost product visibility and drive more sales!

Benefits of Adding A+ Content to Amazon Listings

Enhanced A+ content allows you to:

  • Spotlight features – Draw attention to your product’s best attributes and competitive strengths.
  • Educate customers – Provide more details to inform purchase decisions using videos, charts, and text.
  • Build Trust – Increase credibility through media like customer reviews and enhanced branding.
  • Stand out visually – Make listings more eye-catching and immersive using multimedia.
  • Overcome objections – Address buyers concerns head-on through detailed content.
  • Reduce returns – Set proper expectations showing product details to avoid wrong product issues.
  • Boost SEO – Additional content provides more optimization surfaces for keywords and conversions.

A+ content keeps customers more engaged on your listings and nudges visitors closer to purchasing.

Amazon Requirements for A+ Content

Amazon has guidelines for A+ content to ensure quality:

  • Relevant to product – All imagery, text and videos must relate directly to the physical product being sold.
  • Accurate to assets – The content must match and represent the actual materials, colors, and functionality of what is sold.
  • Applicable to all variations – Content must apply accurately to all sizes, colors, configurations etc offered.
  • Minimal promotional messaging – Avoid sweeping claims or unrealistic hype regarding the capabilities.
  • Original assets – Amazon prohibits copyrighted media or content plagiarized from competitors.

Meeting these standards helps gain Amazon’s trust to open up A+ content access and provide maximum marketing flexibility.

Types of A+ Content You Can Add

A+ pages allow several content formats to engage customers:

Enhanced Text

Elaborate on product details, usage instructions, comparisons, and benefits through longer-form sales copy, formatted lists, and call-outs.

How-To Instructions

Provide step-by-step guidance on product assembly, usage, recipes preparation, maintenance, configurations etc.

Expanded Tables

Compare multiple products or product attributes through charts highlighting differences and competitive advantages.


Visually communicate information on features, timelines, anatomy, processes or other complex topics related to the product.


Show rather than just tell through product demos, tutorials, customer testimonials and behind-the-scenes footage.

Enhanced Branding

Consistently reinforce brand identity and positioning through logos, fonts, colors, and messaging aligned with the product line.

Take advantage of multimedia content types to maximize engagement.

Step-by-Step Guide to Building A+ Content Pages

Here is how to construct Amazon A+ content:

1. Conceptualize content elements

Brainstorm the optimal media mix and details for your product based on customer questions, competitive gaps, and selling points.

2. Write compelling text

Draft appealing yet honest product descriptions, feature call-outs, comparisons, and instructions tailored specifically to your product.

3. Design informative graphics

Create or commission infographics, charts, diagrams, and presentations visualizing product details and differentiation.

4. Shoot product videos

Capture engaging video footage demonstrating your products in action through demos, tutorials, and customer testimonials.

5. Optimize visual brand assets

Ensure logos, fonts, colors, and imagery used reinforce your desired brand identity and positioning.

6. Sequence content

Organize written, graphic, and video elements in a logical progression that builds value and addresses buyer concerns.

7. Format elements

Use A+ tools and wizards so content blocks, dividers, expands properly across desktop and mobile.

With compelling assets ready, you can bring enhanced content to life through Amazon’s content creation platforms.

Optimizing A+ Content for Maximum Conversions

Follow best practices creating your page:

  • Lead with strengths – Spotlight your product’s uniqueness and competitive advantages up front.
  • Get visual quickly – Engage viewers with eye-catching charts, videos or animations near the top to build interest.
  • Funnel strategically – Sequence content that educates then encourages action so visitors progress towards purchasing.
  • Reinforce with multimedia – Use complementary videos, infographics and imagery for complex topics, not just text.
  • Quantify claims – Include stats, measurements and examples that add concrete proof to important claims.
  • Use calls to action – Insert periodic prompts for visitors to “Learn more”, “Watch video”, “See comparison”.
  • Check mobile layout – Ensure content flows and buttons work across desktop and smartphones.
  • Update regularly – Keep making incremental improvements over time based on data and customer feedback.

Optimized enhanced content pays dividends through higher conversions and sales.

Driving Sales Through Amazon A+ Rich Media

Video and interactive content offers powerful ways to influence purchasers:


Showcase product functionality in action. Let viewers see items work seamlessly through real motion footage.


Walk through usage, step-by-steps, or assembly rather than just static instructions. Visual learning sticks better.

Comparison Charts

Use A+ charts to contrast your product with competitors and highlight advantages in table form.


Flip through product features or customer imagery dynamically within the listing.

Customer Videos

Authentic user-generated reviews build credibility better than anonymous text.


Expand to answer buyers’ common questions on video to increase trust.

Leverage multimedia A+ content to engage and nudge visitors towards converting within listings.

Tools to Simplify Creating A+ Content

Rather than building fully from scratch, tools help assemble enhanced content:


  • Helium 10 visual asset generator
  • Converts product details into infographics

Spark Studio

  • Automates creation of A+ content blocks
  • Feed in product data to generate

Listing Eagle

  • A+ page builder with pre-made templates
  • Graphic design capabilities integrated

Listing Loader

  • Creates A+ pages through pre-built mappers
  • Auto-populates content from details


  • Generates enhanced content from templates
  • Translates text into other languages

499 Designs

  • Marketplace for pre-made A+ page templates and assets
  • Browse by niche and customize

Leveraging templates, wizards and AI-assisted generators simplifies creation, though expect to still person

Getting A+ Content Approved by Amazon

Amazon manually reviews all A+ content before publishing live to ensure quality and accuracy. Follow these tips for smooth approval:

  • Follow all guidelines – Stick closely to Amazon’s content policies to avoid flagging issues.
  • Link to exact product – Ensure all textual and media references match the specific product being sold.
  • Show not just tell – Demonstrate through video and imagery rather than just describing.
  • Avoid superlatives – Don’t overhype with sweeping claims. Be specific on details.
  • Submit early – Allow 1-2 weeks for possible back and forth so it’s live for launch.
  • Fix and retry if rejected – Review feedback and edit any problem areas if your request gets denied.

Gaining Amazon’s trust through policy compliance and accuracy ensures your hard work creating A+ content pays off fully.

Mistakes Sellers Make with Amazon A+ Content

Watch out for these common missteps with enhanced pages:

  • Generic content copied from competitors rather than optimized specifically
  • Rushing submission without carefully proofing first
  • Getting overly promotional rather than educational
  • Showcasing features the product doesn’t actually include
  • Submitting imagery and videos without licensing rights
  • Failing to keep pages up-to-date as products evolve
  • Not prioritizing based on high visibility listings that drive the most sales
  • Focusing on quantity over quality of content
  • Neglecting to regularly refresh and test new content elements

Get your products’ enhanced content right the first time. Rushing creates more work correcting rejections that delay going live.

FAQ About Amazon A+ Content Policies

What image formats does Amazon allow for A+ content?

Amazon supports high-quality JPG, TIFF and PNG image file types for A+ content. They should have a resolution of at least 1000 pixels on the longest side. GIF files are not supported.

Does all A+ content need to be originally created?

Yes, Amazon requires that all A+ content be originally created, meaning you cannot simply copy details, media, or wording from competitors or product sites. Everything should be your own proprietary assets or licensed/purchased legally.

Can I edit published A+ content later?

Yes, sellers can edit or delete published A+ content at any time through Brand Central. Changes undergo review again before republishing updated. So you can refine details over time.

What video formats work for A+ content?

Amazon supports the MP4 video format for A+ content. Length can range from 10 seconds up to 5 minutes. Videos should have a resolution of at least 720p.

Can I use screenshots instead of product photos?

Only authentic original photos of the physical product itself are permitted. Amazon prohibits using digitally created mockups, illustrations, or screenshots instead of real photos in A+ content.

Hopefully these tips help you gain approval and maximize the impact of enhanced content. Let me know if you have any other questions!


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