Advertising your Fiverr gig is crucial for attracting new buyers and growing your business on the platform. With over 5 million active buyers on Fiverr, there is huge potential to reach new customers. But with so much competition, you need an effective advertising strategy to make your gig stand out. Follow these tips to successfully promote your Fiverr services and increase orders.

Focus on an Appealing Gig Title and Description

Your gig title and description are the first things potential buyers see when browsing Fiverr. Make sure your title is eye-catching and describes what you offer. Use relevant keywords that buyers search for. Keep your description concise and highlight the value you provide. List any special skills, qualifications or past experience that lend credibility. This helps buyers trust you can deliver what you promise.

Optimize Your Gig for SEO

Use targeted keywords throughout your gig listing to rank higher in Fiverr’s search results. Research what terms buyers use to find services like yours. Organically include these keywords in your title, description and tags. This makes it easier for your gig to be found by buyers searching relevant terms. Check Fiverr’s keyword research tool for suggestions.

Create an Informative Gig Video

An engaging gig video can grab attention and showcase your skills. Explain what you offer, why you’re qualified, and the service process. Show examples of your work. Keep it professional, high-quality and up to 60 seconds long. A video makes your gig more attractive and builds trust.

Categorize Your Gig Properly

Carefully choose the category and subcategories when creating your gig. This helps get it in front of buyers looking for those specific services. Avoid overly broad or improper categories that don’t accurately reflect your offer. Taking time to select the right categories increases your visibility.

Add Relevant Gig Extras

Gig extras allow you to provide add-ons and upgrades beyond your core offer. Tailor extras that complement your service and appeal to buyers. For example, a graphic designer could offer additional revisions or sized formats. Name extras clearly and promote them in your gig description.

Curate an Impressive Portfolio

Your portfolio showcases your skills and past work. Select diverse samples that highlight your style and abilities. Display a consistent quality of work. Remove outdated or irrelevant pieces. Replace portfolio items with newer, better examples as you complete orders. An impressive portfolio provides social proof and convinces buyers to hire you.

Maintain a Perfect 5-Star Rating

Your star rating and gig stats heavily influence hireability. By consistently delivering 5-star service, you’ll maintain a flawless rating. Even a single bad review can scare away potential buyers. Go above and beyond on every order. Follow up with buyers to resolve any issues and encourage them to leave positive feedback.

Promote Your Gig Across Social Media

Leverage all your social platforms to advertise your Fiverr gig. Share your gig listing and portfolio samples on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Post regularly about the services you offer. Interact and engage with followers. Run special promotions for social audiences. Adding social shares and links to your gig helps SEO too.

Collaborate with Previous Buyers

Building on existing buyer relationships can generate repeat business and referrals. Offer loyal return buyers a special discount or gig extra. Ask satisfied customers to leave positive public feedback. You can also privately request previous buyers share or link to your gig.

Pay for Fiverr’s Promoted Gigs Service

Fiverr lets sellers pay to have their gigs promoted higher in search rankings. While an added expense, it can be worthwhile to attract new buyers more quickly. Promoting a new gig helps establish initial rankings faster. Consider testing paid promotion for a week or two, then gauge if it is profitably driving traffic and orders.

With the right strategy tailored to your specific gig, you can generate greater visibility and sales on Fiverr. Be patient, and consistently use these advertising best practices to grow your online business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important things I should focus on for advertising my Fiverr gig?

The most important factors are having an optimized title, description, portfolio, and video. These visual elements make the first impression on buyers, so perfecting them provides the highest return on investment for your time spent.

What is the best way to get my first reviews and establish credibility?

Offer discounted or free orders to your first few buyers in exchange for honest feedback. You can also ask existing contacts or clients from other platforms to try your new Fiverr gig and leave a review.

Should I pay for Fiverr’s promoted gigs advertising?

Promoted gigs can be worth testing, especially when launching a new gig. Run promotions for 1-2 weeks to get your gig ranking higher quicker. Track orders to see if it generates a positive ROI compared to the cost.

How often should I share my Fiverr gig on social media?

Post about your Fiverr services across social platforms at least 2-3 times per week. Share gig updates, examples of work, special offers, or requests for your audience to share your listing. More frequent posting is even better for visibility.

What makes a good Fiverr gig video?

A good Fiverr video is short (under 60 seconds), high quality, professional, and engaging. Demonstrate or explain your services, showcase work samples, highlight your skills and qualifications. Be personable and friendly while also building credibility.


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