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When browsing Facebook Marketplace, you can save listings of items you’re interested in buying later. But with Marketplace’s focus on discovery, it’s not always obvious where to find your saved items again.

Here are a few ways to locate saved listings on Facebook Marketplace:

Use the Saved Items Menu

The Saved Items menu provides the most direct access to your Marketplace saves:

  1. Open the Marketplace tab in the Facebook app.
  2. Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner.
  3. Select “Saved” from the menu.

This will display all your current saved Marketplace listings. You can browse the listings, share them, or message the sellers.

Check Your Activity Log

Your broader Facebook activity log also includes Marketplace saves:

  1. Tap the Menu tab.
  2. Select “Activity Log” from the menu.
  3. Tap “Your Posts & Activity” at the top.
  4. Scroll down to see your saved Marketplace listings intermixed with other Facebook activity.

Search Your Notifications

When you save a Marketplace item, it triggers a notification. You can find these:

  1. Tap the Notification tab in Facebook.
  2. Use the search bar to search “saved” or “Marketplace”.
  3. Recently saved Marketplace listings will appear in the results.

Saving the notification itself lets you quickly access the listing later.

Look On Your Profile

If you save a listing from your profile, it will be featured:

  1. Go to your profile page.
  2. Scroll down to the “Saved” section.
  3. Any public Marketplace listings you’ve saved from your profile will be featured here.

Browse Your Interests

Facebook may add some saved Marketplace listings to your interests:

  1. Tap the Menu tab.
  2. Select “Interests” from the menu.
  3. Check if any of your recently saved Marketplace listings appear here.

Browsing your interests can surface relevant saves.

FAQs About Saved Marketplace Listings

How long do saves stay listed?

Marketplace listings will remain saved until you unsave them or the listing expires.

Can I download my saved listings?

Unfortunately, there is no way to download a list of your saved items on Marketplace.

Do saves remain if I delete the Facebook app?

If you delete and reinstall the Facebook app, your saved Marketplace listings will still be present.

Why can’t I see likes and comments on saves?

Saves only show the listings themselves. To interact, you’ll need to go back to the original listing.

Is there a limit to how many I can save?

There’s no visible limit to the number of listings you can save on Marketplace.

Using Marketplace’s saved listings is an easy way to keep track of items you may want to purchase down the line. Follow these tips to easily uncover your hidden gems.


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