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Anchor provides a full platform for recording, editing, hosting, and monetizing your podcast. But how should you get started with Anchor to launch your podcast? This guide covers the key steps every podcaster needs to know.

Signing Up for an Anchor Account

Getting started is completely free – just download the Anchor mobile app or go to to create your account. Complete your initial setup:

  • Add your podcast name, category, artwork, and description.
  • Record a short teaser trailer to introduce your show.
  • Claim your preferred podcast URL before someone else takes it.
  • Customize publishing permissions for exporting your podcast feed.

Recording and Editing within Anchor

Anchor offers intuitive recording and editing tools:

  • Easily record episodes right within the Anchor app.
  • Insert introductions, outros, transitions, and chapter markers.
  • Edit conversations by cutting, copying and rearranging clips.
  • Add background music beds under dialogue.
  • Access sound effects and customize EQ levels.

Publishing polished episodes helps attract and retain listeners.

Distributing Your Podcast Everywhere

Anchor automatically distributes your show across platforms:

  • Spotify and Apple Podcasts.
  • Google Podcasts and Overcast.
  • Pocket Casts and Castro.
  • Alexa devices and many more.

Wide distribution helps maximize listenership.

Monetizing Your Podcast

Once you build an audience, activate Anchor’s integrated monetization:

  • Insert dynamic mid-roll ads sold by Anchor’s marketplace.
  • Receive a share of revenue generated from the ads.
  • Track listener demographics and ad performance.
  • Withdraw earnings anytime with no minimums.

Optimizing Discovery and Promotion

Anchor assists with podcast discovery but you should also actively promote:

  • Research relevant podcast groups and forums to join.
  • Claim podcast directories like ListenNotes.
  • Reach out to past guests for shares and cross-promotion.
  • Pitch the show to publications aligned with your niche.
  • Share clips across your social channels.

Promoting your show is crucial to build listeners in the early days.

Analyzing Performance and Audience

Review Anchor’s built-in podcast analytics to uncover insights about your listeners:

  • Audience location, age, gender, and listening habits.
  • Episode performance across platforms.
  • Traffic sources driving the most listeners.
  • Reviews and feedback from listeners.

User data enables refining your podcast strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Anchor provide a podcast website or page?

Yes, Anchor automatically creates a free podcast homepage that is customizable with episodes, about section, and links.

Can I leave Anchor later and take my podcast feed?

Yes, you own your podcast RSS feed and can export it at any time to switch hosting platforms if desired.

How much money can you make podcasting with Anchor?

Revenue depends on your audience size and engagement. Most new podcasters earn $10-$50 per month but top shows make thousands.

Does Anchor have an app to manage podcasts on mobile?

Yes, Anchor offers a full-featured iOS and Android app for recording, editing, distributing, and managing your podcast from your phone.

Can I schedule episodes in advance on Anchor?

Yes, you can draft episodes in advance and schedule the exact date and time you want them to publish out to platforms.

Getting started on Anchor provides everything podcasters need to create professional quality shows and reach the widest audience. Grow your podcast following with these tips.


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