Coaching lacrosse can be a great way to make money while doing something you love. Coaches have the opportunity to work with athletes of all ages and abilities, teaching new skills and improving existing ones. With the right preparation, knowledge, and dedication, anyone can become a successful lacrosse coach.

This guide will walk you through what it takes to become an effective lacrosse coach and how you can turn that passion into income. It covers topics such as:

– Building an Effective Coaching Resume

– Leveraging Your Coaching Experience

– Finding Coaching Opportunities

– Setting up Coaching Fees

– Developing Winning Strategies for Your Team

By the end of this guide, you’ll have the tools and knowledge to become a great lacrosse coach and make money doing it. So let’s get started!


The first step in becoming an effective lacrosse coach is to develop a coaching resume. Coaching resumes should include your experience, both on the field and off, as well as any relevant certifications or qualifications you may have. This will demonstrate you are qualified and prepared for the job ahead. You can also include references from past teammates or coaches in order to show potential employers that you have good relationships with those who have experienced working with you firsthand.

Once your resume is complete, the next step is to leverage your coaching experience by connecting with current or former players who may be looking for a coach. This can be done through social media, or by attending lacrosse events and connecting with people in the sport. You should also join any local Coaches Associations, as it could help you to find potential job opportunities.

Once you have made connections, the next step is to start searching for coaching opportunities. Start by looking at youth leagues and schools in your area and reach out to them about available positions. You may also want to consider offering private lessons so that prospective clients can see what kind of experience you have firsthand before signing up for more extensive coaching services.

When setting up your coaching fees, make sure that they are competitive with other coaches in your area but also fair to yourself. Consider factors such as how much time and effort you are putting into each session as well as any materials or equipment costs that may be associated with the sessions.

Finally, make sure to have a plan in place for when you begin coaching. Having a strategy and objectives in mind will help ensure that your team is successful and that you are providing the best service possible to your clients. This could include developing drills, setting up practice schedules, and designing game-winning strategies. With the right preparation, knowledge, and dedication, anyone can become an effective lacrosse coach!

By following this guide on becoming an effective lacrosse coach and making money doing it, you’ll be able to turn your passion for the sport into income. Coaching can be a rewarding and profitable career path, but it takes hard work and dedication! Good luck on your lacrosse coaching journey.

Other Ways to Make Money as a Lacrosse Coach

If you are looking to make money as a lacrosse coach, there are several other avenues that you can pursue. Coaches can offer private lessons through Sidetrain, develop camps and clinics for players of all ages, or even consult with teams on specific skills. Additionally, coaches may be able to advertise their services to school districts or sports organizations in order to gain more clients. Coaches can also network with other coaches, athletes, and organizations to find additional coaching opportunities. Finally, coaches could consider selling their own lacrosse equipment or apparel if they have the resources available. All of these options provide ways for a lacrosse coach to make some extra money and continue developing their expertise in the sport!


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