Are you an aspiring makeup artist looking to make a living in the beauty industry? Making money as a makeup artist can be challenging, but with dedication and hard work, it is possible to create a successful career in this field. Here are some tips for how to make money as a makeup artist.

How to Make Money as a Makeup Artist

1. Build a Portfolio: In order to start gaining clients and make money as a makeup artist, you must first have an impressive portfolio of your work. Begin by taking pictures of your makeup looks on yourself or friends and family, attend workshops or courses, and practice on yourself regularly.

2. Market Yourself: Once you have established your portfolio, it’s time to get the word out about your talents! Start creating social media accounts dedicated to showcasing your work and build relationships with local beauty businesses, photographers, and other professionals in the industry who may be looking for freelance artists. Creating a website can also help potential clients find you online easily.

3. Networking: As with any career field, networking is key in the beauty industry. Attend beauty events, join networking groups and create relationships with other makeup artists and professionals in the industry. These connections can lead to more work opportunities and referrals.

4. Get Certified: Many states require that makeup artists have a cosmetology license or special certification before they are legally allowed to practice makeup services professionally. Research your state’s laws to determine what kind of qualifications you need, then take classes or obtain certifications that will allow you to practice legally.

5. Offer Different Services: You can make money as a makeup artist by offering different services beyond makeup applications including skin care treatments, facial massage, eyebrow shaping, hair styling and more. The more diverse your skill set is, the greater your earning potential will be.

With the right skills, dedication, and marketing approach, you can make money as a makeup artist and establish yourself in this competitive industry.

Other Ways to Make Money as a Makeup Artist

1. Brand Ambassador: As a brand ambassador for major cosmetic companies, you can help to promote their products through your social media channels and even participate in events on their behalf in exchange for compensation.

2. Teaching Makeup Classes: Teaching makeup classes either privately on Sidetrain or at a local college or academy is another great way to make money as a makeup artist. You can create custom courses and offer private lessons while sharing your knowledge with aspiring artists.

3. Selling Your Own Products: If you have a knack for creating unique beauty products such as lipsticks, eyeshadows, or skincare items, selling them online or at local stores can provide an additional source of income as well.

4. Freelance Work: Take on freelance gigs at local beauty salons, spas, or events such as weddings and proms. Freelance work can also include doing makeup for models in photoshoots or shows.

5. YouTube: Create your own YouTube channel and share makeup tutorials, reviews, and tips in exchange for money through ad revenue or sponsorships. You can also monetize your videos with other platforms like Patreon or Twitch if they become popular enough.

6. Consultation Work: Many makeup companies are looking for professionals to provide consultation services such as helping them develop new products, create ads or marketing campaigns, or even become the face of their brand.


Making money as a makeup artist can be tough, but with the right strategies and dedication it is possible to establish yourself in this competitive industry. Start by building an impressive portfolio, networking with other professionals in the field, and diversifying your skillset so you can offer different services. Consider teaching classes, creating your own products and becoming a brand ambassador. Finally, take advantage of digital platforms such as YouTube where you can share your knowledge and expertise with others for additional income opportunities. With the right approach, you can make money as a makeup artist and build a successful career in the beauty industry.


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