Making money as a singer can be an incredibly rewarding career. From the feeling of performing in front of an audience to having your music heard by millions, there is no limit to what you can achieve with hard work and dedication. This article will provide tips on how to make money as a singer and become successful in the business.

The first step to making money as a singer is finding your niche. Whether you’re into pop, rock, classical or something else entirely – it’s important to find out which style of music appeals to you most and focus on refining that type of singing. Once you’ve identified your niche, take classes or workshops to hone your craft and develop your unique sound.

The next step is to create a portfolio of your singing. This can include audio and video recordings, as well as live performances. You should also create a professional website or online profile where potential fans and employers can check out your work. Social media is another great way to promote yourself – post regularly about upcoming gigs, new songs or other news related to your music career and engage with followers to build up a fan base.

How to Make Money as a Singer


Gigging is an important part of making money as a singer, so it’s important to make sure you have an impressive live show. Consider taking voice lessons from a qualified vocal coach in order to learn how to captivate audiences with your voice and stage presence. When you are ready, you can start contacting local venues and music promoters to get gigs. You should also look into competing in singing competitions, which can give you valuable exposure and experience.

Recording and Licensing Your Music

Recording your own songs is another great way to make money as a singer. Once you have created a few tracks that represent your unique style, you can submit them for licensing consideration. This means that other companies may be able to use your songs in their projects such as film or television soundtracks, commercials or video games. Alternatively, you can license out your music directly by setting up an online store where people can buy individual song downloads or whole albums directly from you.

Collaborating with Other Musicians

Collaborating with other musicians is also a great way to make money as a singer. You can work together on new songs, or perform together at gigs and festivals – both of which have potential to earn you extra income. Plus, collaborating with others can open your music up to larger audiences and help you gain more exposure.

Create Merchandise

Creating merchandise is another great way to make money as a singer. You can design t-shirts, mugs, hats and other items with your logo or artwork on them and sell them online or at gigs. It’s also worth considering creating digital products such as songbooks, tutorials or instructional videos related to your music – these can be sold through online platforms like Bandcamp for additional income.

Coach Other Singers

You can make money as a singer by coaching other singers by using platforms like Sidetrain. This can involve providing vocal lessons, teaching singing techniques or helping others to create and promote their own music. You could even offer online consultations where you provide advice to up-and-coming musicians remotely.

Start a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is another great way to make money as a singer. You can create videos of your music and share them with fans, as well as offer tips and advice for aspiring singers. Plus, you can also earn income from advertisements on your YouTube channel – all you need is 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to become eligible for the YouTube Partner Program.

Start a TikTok & Instagram and Become an Influencer

Consider starting a social media account on TikTok or Instagram to promote your music and become an influencer. You can post videos of yourself singing and also advertise gigs or merchandise as well as collaborate with other influencers. Additionally, you may be able to secure sponsorships or brand deals that will bring in extra income.

Start a Patreon Account

Consider creating a Patreon account to make money as a singer. This platform allows fans to support their favorite creators with monthly contributions. You can set up different levels of rewards for your supporters such as exclusive content or behind-the-scenes access. Additionally, you could offer one-on-one vocal lessons or personalized singing tutorials which will bring in extra income.

Sell a Course

Another great way to make money as a singer is to create and sell an online course. You can create instructional videos and materials about singing techniques, songwriting, music production or performance and market them directly to your fans. This will provide you with another income stream while also helping other singers grow in their craft.

Freelance on Fiverr

You can also make money as a singer by offering freelance services on Fiverr. This online marketplace allows you to offer gigs related to your singing such as providing vocal lessons, recording demos or writing custom songs. You can set your own rates and build up a portfolio of clients who will help spread the word about your services.

Sign Up for SoundBetter and Sell Services

Signing up to SoundBetter is another way to make money as a singer. This platform allows you to offer your services such as singing, songwriting or producing music in exchange for payment. You can set your own rates and determine how much work you want to take on – plus, clients are vetted by the service before they’re able to hire you, ensuring that you get paid fairly for the work you do.

Start a Podcast

Finally, consider starting a podcast to make money as a singer. You can share stories and advice about the music industry, discuss new releases and chat with fellow musicians. Plus, you can also offer sponsorships or feature ads on your podcast to generate additional income.

These are just some of the ways that singers can make money in the industry. With hard work and dedication, you could easily become successful as a singer and make a living through your musical passions!


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