How to Pay on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace makes buying and selling locally easy and convenient. As a buyer, you have several options to securely pay for Marketplace items. Here’s an overview of how payments work on Marketplace:

Pay with Facebook Pay or Messenger Pay

The easiest payment method is using Facebook Pay or Messenger Pay to send money. To pay this way:

  • After agreeing to a price with the seller, request their payment details
  • Open your Facebook Pay or Messenger payments tab
  • Enter the dollar amount and select “Send Money”
  • Enter the seller’s details and payment method
  • Click “Continue” and confirm payment

Payment will be securely processed and sent to the seller.


Another common payment option on Marketplace is PayPal. Sellers may request you:

  • Send a direct PayPal payment to their email
  • Create a PayPal invoice that you pay like any other invoice
  • Use PayPal’s goods and services option for a protected purchase

PayPal keeps financial info secure. Confirm payment before pickup.

Local Pickup Cash Payment

For local in-person transactions:

  • Agree to a cash price with the seller upfront
  • Arrange a pickup time and public meeting location
  • Inspect the item before paying to verify condition
  • Pay the exact agreed amount in cash upon pickup
  • Get a receipt if the seller has one available

Only pay cash upon carefully inspecting the item at pickup.

Invoice or Money Request

The seller may also send a money request or invoice through Messenger. To pay:

  • They will send an invoice with their payment details
  • Review the item, amount, and payment info
  • Choose your payment method to complete invoice
  • Confirm payment went through before pickup/delivery

Facebook tracks invoice payments and confirms completion.

Tips for Paying on Marketplace

  • Only pay for items you can inspect locally before paying or have shipped
  • Don’t pay random accounts without a conversation first
  • Ensure payment methods are secure like PayPal Goods & Services
  • Beware requests for unusual payments like gift cards or crypto
  • Never pay more than the agreed amount

Follow these payment best practices to stay secure when buying on Marketplace.

FAQs About Facebook Marketplace Payments

Is Facebook Marketplace free to use?

Yes, there are no fees to buy or sell items on Facebook Marketplace. All payment transaction fees are covered.

Can you get scammed as a buyer on Marketplace?

Yes, scams are possible. Only pay via secure methods and verify item condition before paying to stay protected.

What if the item is damaged or not as described?

Try resolving directly with the seller first. If needed file a dispute via PayPal Goods & Services for refund. Or report issue to Facebook.

Is Local Pickup or Delivery safer when paying?

Local pickup allows inspecting the item before paying, adding a layer of security. Both options can work safely.

Can sellers require only certain payment methods?

Yes, it’s up to the seller to specify their accepted payment methods in their listing.

Facebook Marketplace makes local peer-to-peer commerce convenient and secure. Follow these tips to ensure smooth payments and transactions.


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