How to Post a Garage Sale on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace makes hosting a garage, yard or rummage sale easier than ever. With over 1 billion active Facebook users, Marketplace gives you a huge potential audience to come shop your garage sale items.

This guide covers tips for creating your garage sale listing, pricing and organizing items, scheduling pickups or managing delivery, and best practices for an smooth, profitable garage sale.

Create the Facebook Marketplace Listing

Start by creating a Marketplace listing for your garage sale:

  • Use the title to indicate it is a garage/yard/rummage sale
  • In the description, share key details like date, time, location
  • Specify that only local pickup is available
  • Add photos of the sale items or decor to attract interest
  • Share the listing in local Facebook groups and on your timeline

Updating the listing with address details the day before the sale is recommended.

Organize and Price Items

To maximize sales:

  • Categorize like items together – clothes, toys, books, electronics etc.
  • Clean items so they are presentable
  • Check items for any issues and factor condition into pricing
  • Print waterproof price tags with name of item, brief description and price
  • Offer bundles or bulk discounts to incentivize bigger purchases

Use garage sale pricing guides to determine fair asking prices.

Manage Local Pickup and Delivery

For pickup:

  • Specify clear start and end times for the sale
  • Have ample change and small bills on hand
  • Assign specific pickup locations for furniture, electronics, etc.
  • Bring help for loading large purchases into cars

For delivery:

  • Indicate your delivery range radius in miles
  • Quote delivery pricing based on mileage and item size/complexity
  • Take payment through PayPal, Venmo etc. before delivery
  • Bring a friend or family member to assist with safe delivery

Best Practices for Your Garage Sale

Follow these tips for a smooth, successful sale:

  • Check weather and have a rain backup plan if needed
  • Provide bathroom access for shoppers if possible
  • Display items neatly and attractively
  • Advertise with signs and directional arrows on your street
  • Keep pets secure indoors so they don’t run into the street
  • Have beverages and snacks available for shoppers
  • Be friendly when negotiating prices
  • Say thank you and ask attendees to share your sale online

With the right preparation, Facebook Marketplace can drive tons of motivated buyers to your garage or yard sale.

To list a garage sale on Facebook Marketplace, follow these steps:

  1. Create a Marketplace listing, using a clear title indicating it’s a garage/yard/rummage sale.
  2. Include key details like date, time, and location in the description, and specify local pickup only.
  3. Add attractive photos of sale items or setups.
  4. Share your listing in local Facebook groups and on your timeline, updating address details closer to the sale date.
  5. Organize items by category, price them fairly, and use waterproof tags.
  6. Manage local pickups efficiently and offer delivery within a specific radius if applicable, charging based on mileage and item size.

This approach helps maximize reach and sales success.

FAQs About Marketplace Garage Sales

Can I post a garage sale if under 18?

Yes, anyone 13+ can have a parent post the garage sale listing for them through the parent’s account.

Is local pickup the only option for garage sales?

Yes, garage sale listings should be local pickup only. Shipping large furniture or lots of small items would be impractical.

Can I accept credit cards as payment?

No, there is no built-in way to accept credit card payments. Stick to cash, Venmo, Paypal, etc.

Is there a fee to post a garage sale listing?

Nope, Facebook does not charge any fees to post items for sale in Marketplace.

Should I offer holds on items?

No holds should be offered, as this can lead to no-shows. First to pickup and pay gets the item.

Posting your garage or yard sale on Marketplace taps into a huge pool of potential customers. Use these tips to maximize turnout and make your sale a huge success!


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