How To Sell Feet Pics and Make Money

In the age of the internet, a myriad of unconventional means to make money have emerged. One such way is selling pictures of your feet. While it may sound odd to some, there’s a genuine market for feet pics, fueled by various reasons, from art, advertisement needs, to those with foot fetishes. If you’re considering diving into this venture, this comprehensive guide is for you.

1. The Market for Feet Pics

Like any product or service, there’s a demand and supply chain for feet pictures. The demand arises from:

  • Advertisements: Brands selling foot-related products like shoes or nail polish may require foot models.
  • Artists: Some artists seek feet pictures for reference.
  • Private Collectors: There are individuals with a foot fetish who buy these pictures for personal use.

2. Legal Considerations

Before starting, ensure you are of legal age in your country (usually 18 or older). Selling explicit content of minors, even if it’s just feet, can land you in legal trouble. Also, remember to pay taxes on your earnings.

3. Platforms to Sell Feet Pics

Comparison Table

Fun With FeetNiche community, High engagementSmaller user baseVaries
WikifeetPopular, Community-drivenNot primarily for sellingNone
Dollar FeetDirect selling platformCompetition10% commission
InstafeetLarge user base, Monthly subscribersRequires regular uploads10% commission
All Things WornNot just feet, Varied clienteleDiverse items can dilute focusVaries
PrintfulPrint on demand, Unique angleNeed to handle design & marketingPrinting costs
Feet FinderSecure, Payment protectionVerification process5% transaction fee
Your Own BlogFull control, Brand buildingNeed to drive trafficDomain & hosting
Stock Photo SitesWidely accepted, Residual incomeNot feet-specific, low payoutVaries
eBayHuge user base, Easy listingNot feet-focused, Listing fees10% final value fee

A Deeper Dive Into Each Platform

  • Fun With Feet: A community-driven site that is niche-specific for feet lovers.
  • Wikifeet: It’s more of a celebrity feet ranking site but can provide exposure.
  • Dollar Feet: A platform dedicated to buying and selling feet videos.
  • Instafeet: Allows creators to set up profiles and get subscribers who pay monthly.
  • All Things Worn: A marketplace for various used items, including feet pics.
  • Printful: A unique angle where you can print your feet pics on products like t-shirts or mugs.
  • Feet Finder: A platform with a rigorous verification process ensuring safety for sellers.
  • Your Own Blog: Set up your own website and gain loyal customers.
  • Stock Photo Sites: Sites like Shutterstock or Getty might have demand for feet pics.
  • eBay: A less conventional method, but listings can be set up for feet pics.

4. Tips for Taking Attractive Feet Pics

  • Foot Care: Regular pedicures and moisturizing can make your feet look their best.
  • Good Lighting: Natural lighting works best to avoid harsh shadows.
  • Diverse Angles: Offer various angles and poses to cater to a wider audience.
  • Quality Over Quantity: High-resolution, clear photos are more likely to sell.
  • Watermarking: Protect your images from theft.

5. Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much can I earn from selling feet pics?
A: The earning potential varies. Some sell their pics for $5, while others earn hundreds. It depends on your marketing and the quality of your photos.

Q: Are there risks involved?
A: Like any online venture, there are risks. Protect your identity, avoid giving personal details, and be wary of scammers.

Q: Do I need professional equipment?
A: No. A good smartphone with a decent camera is often enough.

Q: Is it legal to sell feet pics?
A: Generally, yes. But ensure you’re of legal age and report your earnings for tax purposes.

Q: Can men sell feet pics?
A: Absolutely. There’s a market for men’s feet pics too.

6. Final Thoughts

Selling feet pics is a legitimate way to make money, but like any business venture, it requires dedication, strategy, and a focus on safety. Do your research, choose the right platform, and always prioritize quality. With the right approach, this unique venture can become a lucrative side hustle.


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