Harnessing first-party customer data to understand behaviors and personalize experiences has become a priority for modern businesses. Two platforms that can help centralize customer data for marketing are Lasso and AAWP.

Lasso is a dedicated customer data platform (CDP) designed for multi-channel data consolidation and segmentation. AAWP is an affiliate link plugin for WordPress focused on Amazon associates earnings.

While Lasso and AAWP serve different primary functions, we’ll compare their capabilities for managing customer data and driving revenue through personalized online experiences.

An Overview of Lasso and AAWP

Let’s first provide a high-level introduction to Lasso and AAWP:


  • Customer data platform (CDP)
  • Consolidates data from all sources
  • Builds unified customer profiles
  • Segmentation and analytics
  • Personalization and predictive modeling
  • Omnichannel activation


  • Affiliate link plugin for Amazon Associates
  • Optimizes affiliate links on WordPress sites
  • Shows live price, image and reviews
  • Cloaks and shortens links
  • Detailed analytics and earnings reports

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive into the details and compare their features.

Collecting and Managing Customer Data

A core use case for both Lasso and AAWP involves centralizing customer information. Here is how they compare:

Data Collection

Lasso seamlessly consolidates first, second, and third-party data into unified customer profiles. Sources include:

  • CRM, email, helpdesk, ecommerce
  • Online activity like clicks and page views
  • Offline purchases and support calls
  • Social media, mobile apps, surveys

AAWP collects customer clickstream data on-site to understand and attribute affiliate conversions. It does not connect offline or broader online data.

For multi-source data aggregation, Lasso is the winner here.

Data Hygiene

Lasso offers robust data quality tools including:

  • Data validation against duplication and errors
  • Pattern matching to identify inaccuracies
  • API standardization
  • Data enrichment from other sources

AAWP has no native data hygiene or quality capabilities. It accepts at face value whatever customer data the Amazon affiliate link captures.

Lasso takes the crown for ensuring clean, validated data quality as part of its intake process.

Data Organization

Lasso allows highly granular organization and segmentation of customer data:

  • Orchestration across channels
  • Tight integrations to update CRM, email and other systems
  • Segment builder to create unified audience groups
  • Powerful tagging for flexible attributes

AAWP focuses solely on recording conversions and clicks from Amazon affiliate links. No additional organization or segmentation.

For actually structuring, managing and segmenting data, Lasso is the winner.

Leveraging Data for Personalization

Both platforms aim to drive revenue through personalized messaging. How do they compare on activation?

Personalized Experiences

Lasso creates tailored customer experiences like:

  • Individualized product recommendations
  • Predictive email and messaging based on preferences and behaviors
  • Consistent omnichannel personalization
  • Next best actions and real-time offers
  • Lookalike modeling to find similar customers

AAWP personalizes by recommending Amazon products on-site based on browsing behaviors and purchases to boost conversions.

Lasso supports 360-degree personalization across all touchpoints. AAWP just on Amazon links.


Lasso continuously optimizes engagement through built-in analytics including:

  • Attribution modeling
  • Journey mapping
  • Churn predictors
  • Propensity scoring
  • Custom analytics and reporting

AAWP analytics focus on clicks, conversions and earnings from Amazon affiliate links.

Clearly Lasso provides more advanced optimization tools to maximize results from personalization and improve experiences.

Additional Features and Capabilities

Beyond personalization, Lasso and AAWP each offer some additional features:


  • Machine learning intelligence
  • Real-time data streaming
  • Customer lifecycle management
  • Customizable segmentation
  • Developer-friendly open APIs


  • Cloaked affiliate links
  • Amazon price tracking
  • Auto inserting affiliate products
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Affiliate link management

For those focused solely on managing Amazon affiliate links on WordPress, AAWP provides solid capabilities. But Lasso is a far more advanced and customizable platform.

Lasso vs AAWP: Which Is Right For You?

So which platform is better for your business needs? Here are some key points:

When Lasso Is the Right Choice

  • You need to consolidate data from multiple channels
  • Personalizing beyond just ecommerce or on-site experiences is a priority
  • You require predictive modeling and machine learning capabilities
  • Flexible omnichannel activation and APIs for developers are required

When AAWP Is the Right Choice

  • Your focus is specifically monetizing an informational WordPress site via Amazon affiliate links
  • You want to automatically display Amazon products mentioned in posts
  • Optimizing affiliate conversion tracking and earnings is the main goal

Overlapping Capabilities

  • Centralized platform to manage customer data
  • Generates some personalized on-site recommendations and offers
  • Provides analytics into customer behaviors

For most companies, Lasso will be better suited as a scalable customer data platform. But niche WordPress sites driving Amazon affiliate commissions may benefit more from AAWP.

Lasso vs AAWP: Verdict

While Lasso and AAWP overlap for collecting customer data, their core use cases differ significantly.

Lasso is designed as an enterprise-level customer data platform for complex consolidation, segmentation and omnichannel activation.

AAWP serves a much narrower niche of managing Amazon affiliate links and monetization on WordPress sites.

Most organizations will gain far more value from the robust unified data foundation Lasso provides. But publishers focused solely on Amazon optimization may prefer AAWP.

For driving omnichannel personalization, predictive analytics and customer lifetime value using consolidated data, Lasso is the clear enterprise winner.

FAQs About Lasso and AAWP

Does Lasso offer ecommerce functionality like AAWP?

Yes, Lasso integrates natively with ecommerce platforms to centralize transaction data. This facilitates creating personalized product recommendations and targeted offers.

Can AAWP connect data beyond Amazon affiliate links?

No, AAWP is limited to collecting and optimizing Amazon affiliate data from clicks and conversions on-site. It does not consolidate broader online or offline data.

Is Lasso only for marketing teams?

No, Lasso can provide sales, product teams, analysts and executives a holistic view of customers by unifying data from across the organization.

Does AAWP rely solely on Amazon affiliate links?

Yes AAWP is specifically designed for visualizing, optimizing and tracking Amazon Associates affiliate links and earnings. It does not support other affiliate programs or broader personalization.

Can Lasso analyze behavior of anonymous site visitors?

Yes, Lasso can ingest device, cookie and event data to generate behavioral profiles and recommendations even for unknown visitors by analyzing their behaviors.

For most businesses seeking an enterprise-level customer data platform, Lasso is superior to a niche Amazon affiliate solution like AAWP. Evaluate their respective capabilities against your needs.


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