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Looking to earn some extra cash online? The internet offers endless money-making opportunities through side hustles, selling goods and services, cash back sites, and more.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll review the top online money making websites across different categories based on income potential, payout reliability, and ease of use.

Whether you want to freelance, leverage unused assets, get rewarded for tasks, or find virtual odd jobs – these platforms enable generating real supplemental income. Let’s get started!

Freelance Services Platforms

Freelancing websites connect independent workers with clients needing digital projects and skills. If you have expertise in areas like writing, design, programming, consulting, etc. you can find paid freelance gigs relevant to your niche.


Fiverr is one of the largest online freelance services marketplaces with thousands of project categories. Buyers post jobs, you submit proposals, they select and pay for the work. Jobs start at $5 but go up to thousands for extensive projects. Fiverr takes a small transaction fee.

Income potential – $10 to $5,000+ per project based on gig pricing and client demand. Top sellers earn thousands per month.

Payment reliability – Excellent. Fiverr heavily vets clients and handles payments securely through their system. Freelancers are paid reliably.

Useability – Very simple to get started. Just set up your profile and portfolio then start applying for relevant gigs in your skillset.


Upwork is a huge freelance job board with hourly and fixed price projects across hundreds of categories like web development, graphic design, writing, virtual assistance, and more. Clients post job listings you can apply and interview for.

Income potential – Ranges from $10 per hour to $100+ per hour based on your skills, rates, and client budgets. Freelancers can earn thousands per month over time.

Payment reliability – Very good. Upwork has robust processes to ensure clients pay freelancers for contracted work. Funds kept in escrow until milestones complete.

Useability – Slightly more intensive signup but overall easy to build a profile, search projects, submit proposals, and communicate with clients.


Sidetrain is a newer freelance platform that connects business professionals with clients needing consulting in areas like marketing, finance, HR, operations, and tech. Experts share their knowledge via video calls and messaging.

Income potential – Consultants set their own hourly rates. Earnings depend on your niche expertise and rates. Sidetrain says top experts earn up to $150 per hour of consulting time.

Payment reliability – Very good. Sidetrain has a vetting process and built-in payment functionality through their site to ensure consultants get paid.

Useability – Simple to create an advisor profile and list availability by day. Clients can then book paid video consultations.


TaskRabbit is an online and mobile marketplace for freelancers to earn money assembling furniture, standing in lines, grocery shopping, yardwork, handyman jobs, moving help, and various on-site tasks posted by clients. They take a service fee of around 30%.

Income potential – Taskers set their own rates so earnings vary. Simple tasks may pay $20 per hour. Handyman or moving help can reach $50+ per hour. Top taskers can exceed $1,000 per month.

Payment reliability – Very good. TaskRabbit processes payments from clients and reliably disburses them to taskers within a few days after job completion.

Useability – After background check approval, simply select tasks within your skillset and availability. New opportunities can show up instantly.

Gig Economy Platforms

Gig platforms allow leveraging your assets, skills, space, or possessions to earn money through the sharing economy model. If you have a car, spare room, tools, free time, etc. these sites connect you with paying customers in your area.


Uber lets anyone with a suitable vehicle sign up to drive passengers and earn income in your free time. As an Uber driver, you get paid for each ride you provide at rates based on distance. Average hourly earnings range from $15-$35 per hour before expenses.

Income potential – Depends on your location and how often you drive. Top drivers work full time and make $4,000+ per month on average. Part-time drivers can earn hundreds of extra dollars.

Payment reliability – Excellent. Payments process seamlessly through the app right after each ride. Uber’s system is very reliable.

Useability – If approved after submitting your information, it’s very quick and easy to start accepting ride requests through the mobile app within minutes.


Similar to Uber, Lyft allows using your car to drive passengers for payment. As a Lyft driver, you earn per ride fares and tips. Lyft takes a commission around 20-25% of ride revenue. Average hourly income is around $17-$25 before vehicle expenses.

Income potential – Varies based on your market and how often you drive. At 20 hours per week or less than full time, you can earn $500-$1,000 extra per month. Top earners make $2,000+ monthly.

Payment reliability – Excellent. Lyft automatically transfers ride earnings into your account almost instantly with no issues.

Useability – If approved, just download the app and you can start accepting ride requests immediately. The onboarding and activation is quick and seamless.


Turo lets you earn money by renting out your extra car to trusted users in your area. You list the car details, availability, and set rental pricing and rules. Turo handles reservations, insurance and payments, taking 25% of the rental revenue.

Income potential – Depends on your car’s market value, rental rates set, and utilization. With average weekly rentals, expect to earn $300-$500 extra per month. Luxury and specialty cars can earn $1,000+ per month.

Payment reliability – Excellent. Turo handles payment processing securely and reliably transfers earnings to your bank account within 5 days of rental completion.

Useability – Very straightforward to sign up, list your car details and availability through the Turo app and wait for rental requests to start coming in.


Airbnb allows you to rent out extra living space – like a spare room, basement, or entire vacant home – to guests as a mini hotel. You set nightly rates, availability, and house rules. Airbnb handles booking and payments, taking a 3% host commission.

Income potential – Varies based on your space but expect $30-$150+ average per night. For infrequent rentals of an extra room a few nights per month, you can earn $500+ extra. Entire home rentals earn $2,000+ per month typically.

Payment reliability – Excellent. Airbnb collects payment from guests and transfers earnings to hosts seamlessly within 24 hours of check-in. The system is very reliable.

Useability – Straightforward to list your space including photos, details, pricing. Guest inquiries come in through the site and app for easy management.


Become a pet sitter on Rover to earn income watching and caring for dogs and other pets while the owners are away. Sitters set their own rates, schedule, and availability. Rover takes a 20% commission on bookings.

Income potential – Sitters charge $20-$60 per night depending on services provided. Sitting 2-4 nights per week you can expect to earn an extra $400-$1,000 per month.

Payment reliability – Excellent. Rover directly handles transferring payment from clients to sitters reliably and quickly after each stay.

Useability – Very easy to sign up and list your services. The app makes coordinating visits, messaging owners, and receiving payment intuitive.

Cash Back & Rewards Sites

Cashback and rewards platforms pay you to shop online, take surveys, play games, or complete various offers and tasks. While no get-rich quick scheme, these sites enable earning extra spending money from things you enjoy doing already.


Swagbucks is a popular cashback site that rewards users for online shopping, taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, browsing the web through their tool, and more. You can redeem points called “SB” for cash and gift cards.

Income potential – Depends on your activity level. With consistent use, expect to earn $50-$100+ in gift cards/cash each month. Top users earn hundreds per month.

Payment reliability – Very good. Swagbucks has paid out over $500 million to users through verified gift card redemptions and PayPal cash outs.

Useability – Very easy to earn SB points through the website and mobile app. Lots of options tailored to your interests and time.


Rakuten provides cash back from thousands of retailers when users shop online through their portal. Simply activate the Rakuten browser button or app when visiting major stores. You can redeem earnings for cash.

Income potential – Cash back percentages range from 1-20% at most stores. Expect to earn $15-$50+ cash back per month with moderate use by routing your normal shopping through Rakuten.

Payment reliability – Excellent. Rakuten reliably pays out earned cash back through PayPal or check each quarter with no issues. They’ve paid members over $1 billion to date.

Useability – Very straightforward to earn cash back. Just sign up for free, download the browser extension or app, then enable Rakuten when shopping as usual.


InboxDollars pays users to read emails, take surveys, play games, and complete various online activities. You accumulate points that can be redeemed for cash via check or PayPal. One of the highest paying reward sites.

Income potential – Active users earn up to $50 per month. Consistent use yields $400-$500 extra cash per year. Top members earn over $1,000 annually.

Payment reliability – Excellent. InboxDollars has reliably paid members over $59 million in cash rewards since launching. Payments come as promised.

Useability – Very easy to earn points through the website in your free time by taking surveys tailored to you, opening promotional emails, playing games, searching the web and more.

Government Grant Sites

These sites help identify government grants, benefits programs, tax credits, and money owed in your particular situation. Depending on eligibility, it can lead to thousands in assistance, aid, rebates or forgotten funds. is a free government resource to find financial assistance programs you qualify for. Answer questions about your income, family, military status and shares hundreds of benefit programs worth over $10,000 per family.

Income potential – Varies tremendously based on your eligibility for housing assistance, food stamps, tax credits, medical care, veteran benefits, pandemic relief, and various government grants. Well over $1,000+ per year for many families.

Payment reliability – Excellent. Benefits listed are administered reliably through federal and state government agencies. Payments, tax credits, and aid come as expected.

Useability – Very easy online questionnaire to find and apply for qualifying benefits through the secure site. Customer support provided to guide you.

SearchUnclaimed sources unclaimed money owed to you from unused gift cards, forgotten bank accounts, tax refunds, utility deposits, and more. SearchUnclaimed conveniently aggregates unclaimed property listings for free to facilitate collecting funds owed to you.

Income potential – Varies greatly. But many users find $100 up to thousands in unclaimed dollars. Larger amounts typically from forgotten investments, inheritances, or business relationships. Average is approximately $500-$1,000 per person found.

Payment reliability – Excellent. Unpaid funds are held reliably by banks and government agencies. The process to claim and receive money owed is very consistent when following the steps provided.

Useability – Just enter your name for a free search. Any results show you exactly how to claim the funds discovered with instructions and forms.

Selling Your Stuff

Selling unused possessions for cash enables decluttering your house while earning extra money. Apps make listing items for local pickup fast and convenient.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace connects buyers and sellers directly through local buy/sell groups and listings within Facebook. It’s very popular for reselling clothing, furniture, electronics, household items, cars, and more.

Income potential – Depends on how much you sell. Items tend to go for bargain prices compared to classified ads, but the broad reach enables volume. Active sellers earn hundreds to thousands of dollars per month.

Payment reliability – Generally very reliable as most transactions are done in-person with cash or electronic payment in hand. There is some risk of no-shows or scam attempts to be aware of.

Useability – Extremely easy to list available items for sale locally through the Marketplace tab within Facebook. Lots of demand due to huge buyer audience.


Craigslist is a long-running local classified ads platform. You can post items for sale by category like furniture, electronics, cars, jewelry, clothing, appliances, bikes, instruments, tools, and more.

Income potential – Varies greatly based on the items, quantities, and pricing. Active sellers can earn $500 or more per month. Top sellers who constantly list high-demand items make $1,000+.

Payment reliability – Fairly reliable if taking safety precautions. Prioritize buyers willing to pay with cash. Requires vetting buyers more carefully versus social platforms due to wider audience.

Useability – Very easy to create For Sale listings with photos through Craigslist’s streamlined submission form and category structure. Tends to have plenty of local buyers.


Decluttr makes it easy to sell your old electronics, CDs, DVDs, Legos, and books without having to deal with listing or shipping. Just enter your items, they provide valuation quotes, ship for free, and pay you quickly once received. Not for high-value goods.

Income potential – Don’t expect to get rich. But it provides an easy way to convert old media, books, toys, and gadgets around the home into $100+ extra per month. Active sellers earn $300+ annually.

Payment reliability – Excellent. Once you accept Decluttr’s quote and mail your items, they reliably pay out a few days after receiving and validating them. The process is very consistent.

Useability – Extremely convenient service. Simply enter your items into their valuation engine, box everything up, and ship using their free label. Then wait for your funds to process to Paypal or direct deposit.

Reselling Platforms

Apps like Mercari make selling unwanted stuff easier than traditional classifieds. You list items with details and photos, buyers purchase through the app, then you ship. The platform handles payments, customer service, and tracking. You earn ~80% per sale after minor fees.

Income potential – Power sellers make $1,000+ per month regularly. More casual sellers can easily earn $100+ monthly by listing unwanted clothes, electronics, toys, accessories, collectibles and more.

Payment reliability – Excellent. Mercari releases your earnings to bank account or PayPal as soon as the buyer confirms receiving the item. Very reliable system.

Useability – Super easy mobile listing process and built-in shipping labels streamline the selling experience. For quick cash from unwanted possessions, Mercari is convenient.

Printful – Sell Custom Printed Merch

Printful allows you to design and sell custom printed merchandise without handling production or shipping. They produce items like shirts, hats, mugs on-demand and dropship directly to customers.

By setting up a Printful integrated store on Shopify, Etsy, or other platforms, you can offer dozens of merch products. When an order comes in, Printful handles fulfillment end-to-end.

Income potential – Depends on your marketing. Top creators earn thousands per month. Expect to make $300-$500 as you build your shop. Profit margins are typically $10-$25 per item after Printful’s base prices.

Payment reliability – Excellent. Printful handles collecting payment from customers and reliably sends your profits within 5 days of completing orders.

Useability – Very easy integration with online stores. No inventory required – just add products and start selling. Printful handles production and shipping fulfillment.

Which Online Money Making Website Is Best?

The best online money making platforms for you depend on your goals, skills, possessions, and time availability.

Freelancing sites like Fiverr and Upwork are ideal if you can offer professional skills and services.

Gig platforms like Uber, Airbnb, and Rover leverage your assets and space for earning potential.

Cash back and rewards sites work well for anyone looking for quick extra income online.

Selling goods locally through Marketplace and Craigslist converts unwanted items into cash.

Printful allows you to sell merch designed by you and fulfilled by them.

Choose options matching your expertise and resources for the highest money making potential on flexible schedules.


The internet provides endless ways to make extra money through freelancing, monetizing your assets, selling goods and services, and earning rewards.

Top platforms make it simple to earn supplemental income from home on your schedule. Focus on websites aligning with your unique skills, resources, and goals to maximize your profit potential.

With consistent effort, these money making sites can generate hundreds to thousands in valuable extra earnings per month to help cover bills, debt, or discretionary spending.

The opportunities highlighted above are a great starting point on the journey toward financial freedom and online entrepreneurship. Find what works for you!


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