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To drive growth, brands are increasingly focused on loyalty and partnership marketing strategies. But executing programs manually in spreadsheets is tedious and ineffective. The right software streamlines processes while providing insights to maximize value.

This guide examines Rewardful and Partnerstack head-to-head – two leading solutions for loyalty and partnership management. We’ll compare features, analytics, support, ideal use cases, pricing, and user reviews.

By understanding the pros and cons of Rewardful vs Partnerstack in depth, you can determine the best platform for your specific programs and needs. Let’s dive in.

Rewardful Overview

Rewardful provides a customizable, white-labeled platform to manage automated loyalty and referral programs. Core features include:

Loyalty Marketing

  • Flexible tiered point systems
  • Custom rewards catalogs
  • Automatic enrollment
  • Member badging and leaderboards
  • POS and CRM integrations

Referral Marketing

  • Trackable referral links
  • Custom new user promotions
  • Social sharing integration
  • Automated reward delivery
  • Detailed referral analytics


  • Templates to launch quickly
  • Robust segmentation options
  • Behavior automation workflows
  • Real-time dashboard analytics
  • Open API for custom integrations

Over 700 ecommerce, retail, consumer app, and agency clients use Rewardful to drive measurable engagement and growth.

Partnerstack Overview

Partnerstack offers partnership management software to automate and optimize B2B partner programs like channel sales, affiliates, integration, and technology alliances. Key features include:

Partner Relationship Management

  • Unified partner database
  • Personalized partner portals
  • Track partner activities and pipeline
  • Collaborative deal registration

Partner Marketing

  • Co-branded collateral
  • MDF fund allocation
  • Automated content syndication
  • Localized assets

Partner Incentives

  • Customizable compensation rules
  • Sales contests and SPIFFs
  • Accurate commission calculations
  • Rebate and payment management


  • Partner onboarding and lifecycle management
  • Observability into engagement analytics
  • APIs and CRM integrations
  • Robust security and access controls

Over 300 leading B2B brands trust Partnerstack to streamline partnership channels and maximize revenue.

Now that we’ve provided quick overviews, let’s compare Rewardful and Partnerstack across key capabilities.

Rewardful vs Partnerstack Feature Comparison

While Rewardful and Partnerstack share some functionality, Rewardful focuses on consumers while Partnerstack manages business partnerships.

Loyalty Programs
Referral Programs
Channel Sales Portal
Partner Marketing
Track Partner Pipeline
Partner Database
Automated Workflows
Commission Tracking
Analytics Dashboards
Mobile Apps
CRM Integrations

As you can see, Rewardful specializes in consumer programs while Partnerstack excels at B2B partnerships. But both provide automation and insights to maximize relationship ROI.

Next let’s examine the analytics, customization, and support offered.

Rewardful vs Partnerstack Analytics

To track program performance, built-in analytics are crucial. Here is an overview of reporting:


  • Charts showing key engagement metrics over time
  • Segment users for persona insights
  • Monitor loyalty activity
  • Track referral metrics and ROI


  • Dashboards for partner pipeline and channel revenue
  • Track MDF utilization
  • Segment partners by tier, product line, etc
  • Measure partner engagement over time -optimize based on clicks, logins, and activity

While metrics differ, both platforms provide excellent analytics and visibility into the key performance indicators for their respective programs.

Rewardful vs Partnerstack Customization

To match unique brands and workflows, customization is vital:


  • White-labeled with your branding
  • Build tailored rewards catalogs
  • Customize loyalty point programs
  • Create automated trigger journeys
  • Personalize email templates
  • Open API for advanced customization


  • Whitelabel partner portals
  • Customizable permission levels
  • Tailor partner application flows
  • Build incentive models
  • Automate lifecycle workflows
  • Personalize co-branded assets
  • Open API for customization

Rewardful and Partnerstack both enable extensive configuration without relying on developers. Users can personalize programs to meet unique needs.

Rewardful vs Partnerstack Support

In terms of customer support, both Rewardful and Partnerstack offer:

  • Email ticketing
  • Phone and chat options
  • Onboarding assistance
  • Ongoing account management
  • Robust help documentation

Support receives positive feedback on both platforms. Partnerstack may cater better to technically-adept B2B users while Rewardful suits casual business users. But expect quality assistance either route.

Next let’s examine integrations and mobile capabilities.

Rewardful vs Partnerstack Integrations

Expandability through app integrations is important. Here are some key integration capabilities:


  • POS systems like Square, Clover, etc
  • CRM platforms like Salesforce, Hubspot
  • Email tools like Mailchimp, Drip
  • WhatsApp, Slack, Segment, Zapier
  • Catalogs like ShipStation, Printful


  • CRM systems like Salesforce, HubSpot
  • Marketing automation tools
  • Accounting systems
  • Business intelligence dashboards
  • Marketo, Zapier, Slack

With Zapier and Segment, both platforms connect well with surrounding martech and sales stacks.

Rewardful vs Partnerstack Mobile Apps

Mobile apps allow program members to engage on-the-go. Here are the mobile capabilities:


  • iOS and Android apps
  • Access loyalty balances
  • Browse rewards catalogs
  • Refer friends for signup incentives
  • Receive notifications


  • iOS and Android apps
  • Check partner pipeline
  • Review account performance
  • Access partner portals
  • Receive alerts and notifications

While basic, both platforms cover the core mobile needs for their target users to track rewards or sales performance.

Rewardful vs Partnerstack Pricing

Rewardful and Partnerstack both offer free trial periods. Their paid pricing starts at:

Free Trial14 Days14 Days
Starting Price$199/moCustom Quotes

As you can see, Partnerstack requires contacting sales for custom enterprise quotes. Rewardful offers much more accessible published pricing.

Volume discounts available with both for large programs. But Rewardful clearly aligns better to SMB budgets.

Ideal Users for Rewardful

Rewardful works well for:

  • Restaurants, cafes, and retail chains
  • Consumer apps wanting to increase user engagement
  • Employers looking to drive staff retention
  • B2C ecommerce brands focused on repeat purchases
  • Agencies running loyalty/referral campaigns for clients
  • Brands with limited budgets but seeking proven techniques

With turnkey templates and affordable pricing, Rewardful suits consumer-focused businesses extremely well.

Ideal Users for Partnerstack

Partnerstack best fits:

  • B2B tech firms running channel/reseller programs
  • SaaS and enterprise software companies
  • Businesses developing ecosystems of integrated solutions
  • Firms that rely heavily on value-added resellers
  • Businesses needing granular visibility into partner pipelines
  • Complex organizations with many partnership models
  • Companies ready to invest heavily in optimizing partnerships

For multifaceted B2B partnerships, Partnerstack provides enterprise-grade capabilities. But it comes at an enterprise price point.

Rewardful vs Partnerstack Customer Reviews

Rewardful Reviews

“We’ve been able to create an automated, customized loyalty and referral program that our customers love using Rewardful.”

“The biggest value is having our loyalty and referral programs reinforce our brand creatively instead of looking like every other generic solution.”

“We’ve seen member enrollments increase over 15x in under a year since launching our program on Rewardful.”

Partnerstack Reviews

“Partnerstack has allowed us to finally manage multiple partnership models – from referral to reseller to tech partners – in one centralized place.”

“Automating so many tedious processes has allowed us to focus on leveraging partnerships strategically vs manual administration.”

“The ability to track partner pipeline progress at each stage has been invaluable as our channel sales have scaled.”

Both platforms receive outstanding feedback given their respective strengths.

Rewardful vs Partnerstack: Which is Right for You?

So which platform is better suited for your needs – Rewardful or Partnerstack? Here are key considerations:

  • Rewardful supports loyalty and referral programs targeted at end consumers.
  • Partnerstack specializes in managing B2B partnerships like resellers, integrators, affiliates.
  • Rewardful provides more templates and faster launch capabilities out of the box.
  • Partnerstack offers enterprise-grade capabilities but requires more expertise to tailor.
  • Rewardful starts at $199/month with transparent published pricing.
  • Partnerstack is enterprise-priced with custom quotes and likely higher overall costs.
  • Rewardful better suits consumer brands with simpler partnership needs.
  • Partnerstack made for complex multifaceted B2B partnership ecosystems.

For most small businesses, Rewardful should satisfy requirements at reasonable rates. Partnerstack prioritizes robust but complex B2B program management for large enterprises.

Think carefully about your budget, maturity, needs and objectives to pick the right platform for your goals. Both deliver excellent value but through tailored approaches.

Loyalty and Partnership Program Alternatives

While Rewardful and Partnerstack lead their respective markets, here are some alternative options to consider:

Loyalty Program Software

  • – Popular loyalty program builder starting at $99/mo.
  • LoyaltyLion – Prebuilt loyalty app and site tools from $199/mo.
  • Kangaroo Rewards – Loyalty automation for retailers. Starts at $200/mo.
  • FiveStars – Turnkey loyalty solution starting at $199/mo.
  • Annex Cloud – Advanced loyalty platform. Enterprise quotes.

Partner Management Software

  • Impartner – Enterprise-grade channel management platform. Demo on request.
  • Allbound – Specialized for partner onboarding. Enterprise quotes.
  • Channeltivity – Cloud software to optimize partners. Custom pricing.
  • Octiv – Automates channel incentives and enablement. Free trial.
  • RingPartner – Channel sales portal software. 14-day free trial.

Do thorough research to match the best platform to your specific business needs and budget. Both Rewardful and Partnerstack make excellent starting points for evaluation.

Key Things to Know About Rewardful and Partnerstack

When comparing Rewardful head-to-head against Partnerstack, keep these key differences in mind:

  • Rewardful specializes in consumer loyalty and referral marketing automation.
  • Partnerstack focuses on managing multifaceted B2B channel partnerships.
  • Rewardful provides templates for quicker launch of common program types.
  • Partnerstack offers more advanced customization for complex partnerships.
  • Rewardful starts at just $199/month with very affordable pricing.
  • Partnerstack requires enterprise quotes and likely carries higher costs.
  • Rewardful great for restaurants, retailers, and consumer brands managing consumer relationships.
  • Partnerstack designed for large enterprises collaborating formally with other businesses.

Determine the right fit based on your audience, budget, use case and technical capabilities when choosing between these two capable software options.

The Bottom Line

Both Rewardful and Partnerstack provide automation for customer and partnership programs, but tailored for different users:

  • Rewardful focuses on managing consumer loyalty initiatives, ambassador programs, and buyer referral campaigns.
  • Partnerstack specializes in automating B2B channel partnerships – affiliates, resellers, integrations.
  • Rewardful starts at just $199 per month with transparent SMB-friendly pricing.
  • Partnerstack requires enterprise quotes and likely carries higher costs for complex organizations.
  • Rewardful great for loyalty programs, referrals, and consumer initiatives.
  • Partnerstack made for large enterprises collaborating with other B2B partners.

Review your specific program objectives, audiences, and budgets to determine the right long-term platform provider. But investing in automation pays dividends either route.


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