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The cleaning and janitorial service industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar market with many franchising opportunities. For entrepreneurs interested in owning a cleaning business, partnering with an established cleaning franchise can provide training, support, and automatic credibility. Here is an overview of some of the top cleaning and janitorial franchises in sectors like residential maid service, commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning, and window washing.

Residential Maid Service Franchises

These home cleaning franchises specialize in regular maid services for private residences:

Merry Maids

  • One of the largest U.S. maid services franchisors with over 900 territories
  • Founded in 1979 and part of ServiceMaster franchise family
  • Initial investment: $113k – $156k

Molly Maid

  • Specializes in recurring maid service, with over 460 franchises
  • Founded in 1984 in Canada and now worldwide
  • Initial investment: $150k – $204k

The Cleaning Authority

  • Maid cleaning focused on residential recurring service
  • 180 franchise units across U.S. and Canada
  • Initial investment: $71k – $146k


  • Residential maid cleaning services
  • Winning “Women’s Choice Award” for home services
  • Initial investment: $106k – $258k

For households wanting reliable regular cleaning, these national maid service brands provide quality training and consistency.

Commercial Office Cleaning Franchises

These business cleaning franchises specialize in janitorial services for offices:


  • International commercial cleaning franchise with 12,000+ units
  • Founded in 1969 in Texas
  • Initial investment: $3k – $71k

Jan-Pro Franchising

  • Commercial cleaning focused on small business market
  • Over 10,000 franchise units in US and internationally
  • Initial investment: $3k – $65k

Anago Cleaning Systems

  • Commercial office and building cleaning services
  • Over 2,500 units in U.S. and internationally
  • Initial investment: $14k – $60k

Buildingstars International

  • Commercial cleaning franchisor with green cleaning focus
  • Veterans and first responders discount
  • Initial investment: $10k – $40k

These major brands dominate commercial office cleaning with training and consistency across franchise locations.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Franchises

Leading carpet cleaner franchises include:


  • World’s largest carpet cleaning franchise with over 4,000 locations
  • Uses green-certified solution and low moisture process
  • Initial investment: $29k – $184k


  • Carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning franchise
  • Uses patented water-free cleaning process
  • Initial investment: $46k – $69k

Stanley Steemer

  • Carpet, upholstery, tile, hardwood cleaner
  • Founded in 1947 in Ohio, over 300 franchises
  • Initial investment: $132k – $245k

The Steam Team

  • Carpet, drapes, and upholstery cleaning services
  • Over 200 franchise locations in Canada and U.S.
  • Initial investment: $55k – $185k

These leading carpet cleaning companies provide proprietary equipment, training, and marketing to franchisees while benefiting from national branding.

Window Cleaning Franchises

Popular window washing franchises include:

Fish Window Cleaning

  • Residential and commercial window cleaning services
  • Over 250 franchise locations across U.S. and Canada
  • Initial investment: $150k – $400k

Window Genie

  • Specializes in window, gutter, and outdoor services
  • Part of Groundworks group of home service franchises
  • Initial investment: $127k – $204k

Sheen Group

  • Commercial, residential, and high-rise window cleaning
  • Over 60 franchise regions
  • Initial investment: $200k – $400k

Window Gang

  • Window cleaning for commercial and residential
  • Locations across southern U.S.
  • Initial investment: $60k – $100k

These franchisors offer training and marketing to build out a recurring window cleaning business locally.

FAQ About Cleaning Franchise Opportunities

Here are some commonly asked questions about cleaning service franchising:

What is the top cleaning franchise?

Jan-Pro is likely the largest global cleaning franchise with over 10,000 units, though rankings shift between the major commercial brands.

What is the most profitable cleaning franchise?

Gross sales and profitability can vary dramatically based on local market, number of clients, pricing, and operational efficiency. Research potential earnings carefully.

Do cleaning franchises provide employee training?

Yes, most cleaning franchisors provide initial training on using equipment, cleaning methods for different surfaces, employee policies, and other operational areas.

Are commercial cleaning franchises profitable?

Established office cleaning franchises can offer stable recurring revenue and moderate profits. Consistent client density and retention is key.

Can cleaning franchises be run absentee?

Most require owner oversight of operations initially. Multi-unit franchising may allow stepping back eventually with managers handling day-to-day workflow.

Which requires lowest investment – janitorial or residential cleaning franchise?

Commercial janitorial franchises often require lower startup costs given lower inventory and equipment needs. Residential maid services require more workforce.

Give Your Entrepreneurial Goals a Shine

For entrepreneurs interested in starting a scalable cleaning business, partnering with an established franchise can provide training, support, equipment, branding, and business fundamentals. Do diligence to find the cleaning franchise that fits your goals and local market demand.


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