What Can You Sell on Gumroad

Gumroad is a platform made specifically for selling digital products directly to customers. The beauty of Gumroad is that it handles everything from processing payments to delivering your digital files or access links.

But what kinds of digital products can you actually sell on Gumroad? Here’s an overview of what types of digital files and services work with Gumroad’s platform.

Digital Downloads

One of the most popular products on Gumroad are one-off digital downloads like:

  • eBooks and PDF guides
  • Printables and SVG/images
  • Stock photos, graphics, and templates
  • Music, podcasts, and other audio files
  • Videos, courses, and documentaries
  • 3D models, game assets, and animations
  • Software, WordPress themes, and plugins

If you can create it as a digital file, you can sell it on Gumroad. Customers instantly receive access to downloads after purchase.

Online Courses & Tutorials

In addition to one-time downloads, Gumroad is great for selling access to online courses like:

  • Video tutorial series
  • Online classes and lessons
  • Coaching and consulting calls
  • Interactive workbooks and challenges
  • Community access and forums

Gumroad lets you gate course access behind a payment. New modules can also be unlocked based on payments.

Subscriptions & Memberships

For ongoing access, Gumroad enables you to sell:

  • Monthly or yearly subscriptions
  • Premium member areas
  • Newsletters and email courses
  • Private podcast feeds
  • Monthly delivery of files or lessons
  • Digital box subscriptions

Recurring subscriptions are easily setup in Gumroad. Manage access to give members the latest content.


Beyond digital items, services can also be sold through Gumroad like:

  • One-on-one video calls
  • Feedback, code reviews, and audits
  • Custom graphic design, editing, or consulting
  • Shoutouts, endorsements, and mentions
  • Interactive workshops and office hours

Appointments and access to services are scheduled after successful payment.

The options for selling digital products and services on Gumroad are truly endless. Anything delivered online can work.

Benefits of Selling Digital Products

Some key advantages of selling digital products include:

  • Higher profit margins without production costs
  • Ability to reuse content for multiple revenue streams
  • Low platform fees compared to physical item sales
  • Passive income potential from automated delivery
  • Ability to easily update, improve, and expand your catalog of products
  • Global reach – customers anywhere in the world can purchase

Digital information products align perfectly with Gumroad’s simplified seller platform.

Tips for Selling Digital Products on Gumroad

Follow these tips when selling any type of digital product on Gumroad:

  • Clearly explain what customers are purchasing and what’s included
  • Break larger courses or bundles into smaller modular offerings
  • Host videos and large files externally, provide access after purchase
  • Deliver smaller files directly through Gumroad
  • Structure pricing from low to high for different options
  • Use coupons and affiliate marketing to attract initial customers
  • Stay active creating new products and improving existing ones

The benefit of digital products is that once created, they can continue generating revenue with minimal additional work. Selling them through Gumroad makes the process even smoother.

FAQs About Selling on Gumroad

Can physical products be sold on Gumroad?

Unfortunately Gumroad only supports digital products, not physical items that must be shipped.

Are there file size limits for products hosted on Gumroad?

Yes, Gumroad currently limits files hosted directly on their platform to 500MB. For larger files, link to external hosting.

How many products can be listed on Gumroad?

There is no limit to the number of digital products you can create and list on Gumroad. You can build an entire online catalog.

Does Gumroad work for selling globally?

Yes, Gumroad handles global payments and digital delivery, so customers worldwide can access your products.

What happens if I need to issue a refund?

Gumroad allows for easy refunds to be issued directly within their platform. You can refund charges entirely or partially.

Gumroad opens the doors for creators to start selling a wide range of digital product offerings with minimal effort. Sign up and start creating your digital catalog today!


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