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Walmart distinguishes between two main types of third-party sellers on its marketplace – basic sellers and Pro Sellers. What exactly is a Pro Seller and how is it different than a regular Walmart seller account?

A Pro Seller is essentially an upgraded seller account that has been invited to join Walmart’s dedicated Pro Seller program. This program provides qualified sellers with additional benefits and opportunities.

Key Benefits of Being a Pro Seller

Here are some of the main perks that Walmart Pro Sellers receive:

  • Lower referral fee commissions from 4% down to just 3%
  • Unlocked category access to sell more product types
  • Priority placement in search results and product listings
  • Early access to new Walmart marketplace features
  • Increased product quantity limits
  • Dedicated Walmart account manager
  • Eligibility for bulk shipping rates

Upgrading to Pro Seller status provides more attractive fees and opportunities.

Walmart Pro Seller Qualification Requirements

Walmart has strict standards that sellers must meet in order to be invited to upgrade to Pro Seller status:

  • Maintain a high seller performance rating
  • Hit minimum sales volumes each month
  • Have a return rate lower than a specified threshold
  • Fulfill orders on time at a high rate
  • Maintain adequate inventory availability
  • Comply with all policies and agreements
  • Sell only authorized categories and products

An invitation is extended once all requirements are consistently met.

Pro Seller Application and Approval Process

Eligible sellers will be notified and sent an invitation to apply for Pro Seller status. The application involves:

  • Accepting modified terms and contracts
  • Providing a current W9 tax form
  • Signing additional agreements as needed for specific product categories
  • Completing questionnaire about catalog and business
  • Sharing sales metrics and growth plans

If approved after application review, access to Pro Seller features is enabled.

Achieving Pro Seller status requires hard work, but opens up many advantages. The program incentivizes sellers to maintain exceptional performance and grow successfully on Walmart’s marketplace.

FAQs About Walmart Pro Sellers

How long does it take to qualify as a Pro Seller?

It typically takes 6-12 months of solid performance before a seller may receive an invite to apply for Pro Seller status.

Can you request an invitation to become a Pro Seller?

Unfortunately invitations are only sent by Walmart based on their criteria. Sellers cannot directly request approval.

Is there a Pro Seller program fee?

No, Walmart does not charge any fee or additional commission for being part of the Pro Seller program.

Do Pro Sellers get better placement in search?

Yes, Pro Sellers do benefit from getting prioritized visibility in some cases compared to basic sellers.

Can Pro Seller status ever be revoked?

Yes, Pro Seller privileges can be removed if a seller fails to maintain the account requirements and standards.

Achieving Walmart Pro Seller status demonstrates a seller’s commitment to providing an excellent customer experience. The program rewards top-tier marketplace sellers.


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