When browsing the Graphic Design category on Fiverr, you may come across gigs for “stationery design”. But what exactly does this service include?

Here’s an overview of what buyers can expect when ordering stationery design from graphic designers on Fiverr.

What Does Stationery Design Typically Include?

A stationery design gig will include some or all of the following visual branding assets tailored to the buyer’s preferences:

  • Business card designs
  • Letterhead designs
  • Envelope designs
  • Invoice templates
  • Email signature banners
  • Logos and icons

The deliverables make up a complete brand stationery package.

Intended Use Cases

Buyers generally purchase custom stationery design services on Fiverr for:

  • Establishing branding for a new business
  • Refreshing aging branding collateral for an existing company
  • Adding stationery to match a new brand identity
  • Coordinating stationery with other branding like brochures
  • Adding stationery suite elements individually as needed

Stationery visually extends a business’s brand.

Design Details

When purchasing stationery design, buyers can expect:

  • Initial consultation to understand needs
  • 1-2 original design concepts to choose from
  • Opportunity to provide revision feedback
  • Vector files in formats like PSD, PNG, PDF, etc.
  • Layouts suitable for commercial printing
  • Color matching across all elements
  • Design elements following brand guidelines

Some gigs offer extras like business card printing.

Why Buy on Fiverr?

Fiverr stationery design services provide an affordable way for small businesses to obtain:

  • Professional designs costing much less than traditional graphic designers
  • Very fast turnaround from order to final delivery
  • Design file ownership rights for ongoing use
  • Designers experienced specifically with stationery
  • Satisfaction guaranteed or money back

This makes Fiverr an economical source for small businesses to order stationery.

Stationery design on Fiverr refers to the creation of visual branding assets tailored to a business’s needs. This service typically includes designing business cards, letterheads, envelopes, invoice templates, email signature banners, logos, and icons. The deliverables comprise a complete brand stationery package, essential for establishing or refreshing a business’s branding. Buyers can expect initial consultations, design concepts, revisions, and print-ready vector files. Fiverr offers an affordable, professional, and efficient solution for small businesses to develop their brand identity.

In summary, stationery design is an ideal service for startups or existing businesses to cost-effectively establish or refine their print and digital brand visual identity.

FAQs About Stationery Design on Fiverr

What file types are delivered?

Most sellers provide stationery design files in formats like: JPG, PNG, PDF, AI, PSD, SVG, XD. EPS and INDD are also common.

Can I get unlimited revisions?

Most sellers include 1-3 rounds of revisions. Unlimited can be purchased as an add-on in some cases. Be reasonable with edit requests.

Can I get physical prints through Fiverr?

Some gigs offer add-ons for professional printing and shipping of your finished stationery suite. Otherwise, you print locally.

Should my stationery match my website?

Ideally yes, the Fiverr designer can coordinate colors and design with a provided website or sample webpage content.

What if I need just one element?

No problem! Most sellers will happily accommodate individual stationery item orders if you don’t need the full suite.

Stationery design is a key part of professionally presenting small business brands both digitally and physically. Take advantage of the many skilled graphic designers on Fiverr to create yours affordably.


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