As an Amazon seller, having the right software and tools is crucial for efficiency and profitability when sourcing products, optimizing listings, managing inventory, and making data-driven decisions. One of the most popular suites of tools is Jungle Scout.

But what exactly is Jungle Scout, and how does it work? What features does it offer? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Jungle Scout, including:

  • Overview of Jungle Scout’s features
  • How its main tools like Product Tracker work
  • Comparison of plans and pricing options
  • Pros and cons of the platform
  • How Jungle Scout data works
  • Accuracy of the information
  • Ideal use cases and applications
  • Jungle Scout alternatives

Let’s dive into everything Jungle Scout provides to support Amazon FBA sellers and entrepreneurs!

What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is a robust platform of software, data, and services catered specifically to selling on Amazon and running a successful FBA business. Their tools help with critical processes like:

  • Finding profitable products to sell
  • Optimizing Amazon product listings
  • Monitoring inventory and sales
  • Generating product reviews
  • Analyzing market data
  • Forecasting demand
  • Tracking keywords
  • Calculating fees and profits
  • Guiding launches

Top features include Product Tracker, Inventory Manager, Listing Optimizer, Demand Forecasting, Market Intelligence analytics, Review Generation, Keyword Tracker, and Revenue Calculator.

These comprehensive tools, combined with detailed training courses on launching products, aim to provide an end-to-end solution for running a thriving Amazon FBA business.

A Brief History of Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout was founded in 2015 by Greg Mercer and Allen Walton after they successfully built up a profitable supplements brand selling on Amazon using the initial product research technology that formed the foundation of Jungle Scout.

Seeing the need for tools tailored specifically to Amazon’s unique marketplace dynamics, they continued honing the software based on their selling experience. The set of web-based apps ultimately became the Jungle Scout suite used by over $8 billion in Amazon brands today.

In addition to launching their own brands, Mercer and Walton created the Amazing Selling Machine training course and community to teach others their proven methods for establishing successful FBA businesses. Jungle Scout is frequently used hand-in-hand with ASM’s approach.

Over time, Jungle Scout has grown into one of the most popular and trusted software solutions for FBA sellers at all stages of their Amazon journey. Let’s look at some of the platform’s major features.

Key Features and Tools of Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout offers a wide range of features focused on supporting the entire lifecycle of running a FBA business. Here are some of the main tools:

Product Database

The Product Tracker database lets you lookup vital data for any product selling on Amazon, including:

  • Estimated revenue and sales
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Bestseller ranking (BSR)
  • Monthly price and inventory trends

Invaluable for product research and tracking competition.

Listing Optimizer

This tool optimizes Amazon product listings for maximum conversion by improving:

  • Titles, features and descriptions
  • Backend search keywords
  • Enhanced content like video and images
  • Translations/localizations

Results in higher CTR and sales.

Keyword Tracker

Find untapped low-competition keywords using data like:

  • Exact Amazon search volume
  • Keyword difficulty scores
  • Related keywords
  • Trends over time
  • Top ranking ASINs

Essential for SEO and PPC.

Demand Forecasting

Leverages big data analytics to estimate future sales based on:

  • Historic sales data
  • Seasonal demand curves by category
  • Similar product trajectory modeling
  • Predictive data science

Helps plan inventory needs proactively.

Supplier Database

Database of vetted manufactures and suppliers specialized by product category to simplify sourcing logistics. Reduces legwork finding reliable partners.

Review Generation

Automates customer review gathering at scale by managing:

  • Review email campaigns
  • Review code coupons
  • Feedback collection across channels
  • Responding to reviewers

Builds high-converting social proof.

Inventory Manager

Centralized dashboard to track and control stock across:

  • FBA, FBM and other channels
  • Real-time inventory analytics
  • Demand-based restock quantity suggestions
  • Expiration date monitoring
  • Replenishment workflows

Critical for cost-efficient inventory management.

This diverse set of specialized tools combines to provide end-to-end software support fueling successful Amazon FBA businesses.

How Does Jungle Scout Work?

Many of Jungle Scout’s tools work in conjunction with each other, fueled by the platform’s underlying access to Amazon data through API integrations. Here is a high-level overview of how the platform operates:

  • Users search for product or keyword data using the web-based interface or Chrome extension.
  • Databases automatically populate sales, reviews, dimensions, keyword metrics etc. by pulling latest info from Amazon.
  • Listing tools sync with Amazon catalog to optimize elements algorithmically.
  • Machine learning models analyze Amazon data to produce demand forecasts and opportunities.
  • Inventory dashboards track orders and stock levels across channels via APIs.
  • Review emails and coupons drive product reviews at scale.

So rather than manual tracking and aggregation, Jungle Scout does the heavy lifting leveraging direct Amazon integrations. This enables efficiency.

Advanced users can also export data to manipulate outside the interface for customized modeling. But most tools provide actionable insights and recommendations immediately with minimal manual work required.

Jungle Scout Plans and Pricing

Jungle Scout offers web app access to all features along with a Chrome extension. Multiple plans are available based on needs:

Basic Web App

  • Product Tracker database
  • Product opportunity finder
  • Keyword Tracker
  • Listing optimization
  • Inventory Forecaster
  • Supplier database

Suite Web App


  • Historical keyword data
  • Opportunity Score
  • Launch guidance
  • Inventory manager
  • Demand-based Forecasting
  • Review generation

Chrome Extension

  • View product data quickly while browsing
  • Assess ideas on-the-fly
Basic web app$39/mo
Suite web app$49/mo
Chrome Extension$39/mo

Discounts for annual subscriptions are available. They also offer free trials to experience the platform.

Two tiers plus a browser extension allow picking the features that best match business needs and budget.

Pros and Cons of Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is considered a top Amazon seller tool, but still has some tradeoffs:


  • Direct Amazon data for reliable accuracy
  • Wide range of specialized tools
  • Streamlines many workflows like sourcing and launching
  • Easy to self-onboard with good documentation
  • Reasonably affordable pricing


  • Steeper learning curve for some advanced capabilities
  • Requires own selling experience to contextualize data
  • Additional fees beyond Amazon costs
  • MIS data only for own brand insight

Overall Jungle Scout effectively addresses many pain points faced by FBA sellers with robust productivity features. But there is a slight initial investment to skillfully leverage the full platform capabilities.

What Makes Jungle Scout Different Than Other Tools?

Jungle Scout holds a popular niche in the Amazon seller software market. A few key differentiators:

  • Breadth – Offers an extensive suite spanning the entire selling lifecycle rather than just one-off point solutions.
  • Amazon focus – Tailored entirely to selling on Amazon specifically versus general ecommerce platforms.
  • Accuracy – Leverages direct Amazon API data rather than proxies or estimates for reliability.
  • Ease of use – Fairly user-friendly interface and workflows suitable for non-technical users.
  • Training inclusion – Some plans include step-by-step video training for contextual guidance beyond just software.

This combination of Amazon-specific, accurate tools supplemented by training positions Jungle Scout differently than generic ecommerce software or individual point solutions.

What is Jungle Scout Best Suited For?

Jungle Scout provides the most value for these use cases:

  • Product research – Quickly drill down on sales and metrics for item ideas in the Amazon catalog.
  • Sourcing – Supplier database plus product demand validation data helps efficiently identify and source winners.
  • Listing optimization – Create high-converting Amazon listings at scale.
  • Inventory management – Keep stock balanced across FBA, FBM, and other channels.
  • Keyword tracking – Monitor keyword metrics and ranking changes over time.
  • Review generation – Collect reviews ethically to boost SEO and sales.
  • New product launch planning – Demand forecasting and launch tools support new introductions.

For end-to-end business management, Jungle Scout provides extensive capabilities. But it shines most for product research, sourcing, listings and launch.

Jungle Scout Industry Use Cases

In addition to general FBA sellers, Jungle Scout is commonly used by:

Amazon agencies – Tools like Listing Optimizer enable efficiently managing listings for many client accounts.

Amazon consultants – Data and estimates fuel recommendations for clients.

Multichannel sellers – Use demand forecasts and inventory management even when not FBA-only.

Sourcing agents – Quickly scout and validate product opportunities across categories.

FBA accelerators – Provide training curriculum covering product and inventory management.

Retail arbitrage sellers – Assess potential of finds efficiently in stores with mobile app.

Wholesalers – Demand data helps gauge interest before committing to large factory orders.

Jungle Scout serves diverse business models, not just individual sellers. The platform scales to support agencies, consultants, retailers, and more selling on Amazon.

Jungle Scout Mobile App

In addition to the web platform, Jungle Scout offers a mobile app for iOS and Android. Features include:

  • Product Tracker database lookups
  • Barcode scanning to quickly assess retail finds
  • Keyword searches
  • Listing enhancements like adding/editing
  • Inventory dashboard
  • Profit margin estimates

This enables on-the-go access to product data and management from anywhere. Useful for things like sourcing trips and trade shows along with daily oversight.

Jungle Scout Accuracy and Data Sources

Jungle Scout pulls product data directly from Amazon’s databases through API integrations. This results in a high degree of accuracy for things like:

  • Historical and real-time sales estimates
  • Product dimensions, weights, and specs
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Inventory quantities
  • Keyword metrics like search volume and CPC data
  • Bestseller ranking (BSR)

For sellers, this level of reliable data reduces guesswork when evaluating product ideas, forecasting demand, and managing inventory.

However, Jungle Scout does still apply algorithms and modeling for projections like estimated future sales. These should be seen as directional rather than absolute. Past data will usually be highly precise.

Alternatives to Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is not the only solution available to FBA sellers. Some other popular tools include:

Helium 10

  • Robust set of data analysis tools for sourcing and optimizing
  • Additional features like indexing, review generation, and lead magnets
  • Chrome extension and web app access


  • Specialized focus on product research
  • Cashback rewards program pays you for purchases driven
  • Free basic subscription


  • Inventory management and repricing automation
  • Analyzes competitors and sales estimates
  • Offer Mayday 24/7 live support

IO Scout

  • Product database with sales estaimtes and trends
  • Automatic pricing suggestions based on competition
  • Listing quality scoring


  • Comprehensive platform including marketing, repricing, analytics
  • High level of automation for hands-off management
  • Inventory and shipment tracking

Sellers should evaluate their needs and preferred tools for each business function when assembling their software stack. Jungle Scout can pair nicely with other solutions.

Jungle Scout Competitor Comparison

How does Jungle Scout stack up against alternatives like Helium 10 and AMZFinder? Here is a brief head-to-head overview:

Jungle ScoutHelium 10AMZFinder
Core focusEnd-to-end toolsData analysisProduct research
Key featuresProduct Tracker, Launch toolsCerebro, Magnet, Black BoxProduct database, idea generator
AccuracyHigh from API dataEstimates from samplingHigh from official API
Learning curveLow-moderateModerate-highLow
Ideal forLaunching, inventorySEO, sourcingFinding product opportunities
Price$$$Free – $

Jungle Scout provides robust capabilities across the entire seller workflow. Helium 10 offers in-depth data insights. AMZFinder focuses specifically on opportunity identification. All are proven solutions.

Does Jungle Scout Offer a Free Trial?

Yes, Jungle Scout does provide free trials so users can experience the platform first-hand before subscribing.

The standard free trial period is 7 days for the main web app tools. Extensions also offer a 7 day trial before the monthly subscription begins.

This allows you to get hands-on with Product Tracker, Inventory Manager, Listing Optimizer, and other key features to evaluate if Jungle Scout is a good fit for your selling approach and needs.

Is Jungle Scout Worth the Money?

The cost of Jungle Scout is relatively affordable compared to the profit lift it can enable by optimizing and automating core parts of the Amazon selling process.

However, the value also depends on your existing workflow and needs. Completely new sellers may gain the most from end-to-end guidance. But experienced sellers may only require specific tools in Jungle Scout like Product Tracker.

Try a free trial to determine if the full platform capabilities warrant the price tag based on your current business maturity and pain points. The ROI can be substantial if it solves genuine issues hindering growth and efficiency.


Jungle Scout offers one of the most robust suites of software tailored specifically for Amazon FBA sellers. By providing key tools for product research, listing optimization, inventory management, demand planning, and review generation in a unified platform, Jungle Scout aims to support virtually all elements of running a successful FBA business.

It’s ideal for sellers focused on thoroughly researching and launching new products. But the flexible plans and broad capabilities also make it suitable for existing sellers looking to scale efficiently.

While not essential, pairing Jungle Scout with training like Amazing Selling Machine helps new sellers contextualize how to apply the software insights. This enables launching strongly.

Given the risk and costs of sourcing inventory blindly, Jungle Scout’s abundant product data and scope of features make the platform a worthwhile investment for most serious FBA sellers. Sign up for a free trial to experience the capabilities first-hand.

Just be sure to have sufficient workload across different areas like inventory management and PPC where Jungle Scout can drive major efficiency gains and ROI. As your business grows, the platform’s benefits and value also increase.

FAQs About Jungle Scout

Does Jungle Scout integrate with Amazon Seller Central?

Yes, Jungle Scout pull data from Amazon’s databases via API integration and mirrors much of the information you see in Seller Central. This keeps product specs, inventory status, and other details synced across Jungle Scout and Seller Central.

Can you use Jungle Scout for ecommerce platforms besides Amazon?

Jungle Scout is designed specifically for selling on Amazon. However, some features like the inventory management tools can still provide value to multichannel ecommerce businesses. But the core platform is tailored around Amazon.

Does Jungle Scout offer repricing tools?

Not directly. Jungle Scout specializes more in product research, opportunity identification, demand planning, and inventory management. For repricing capabilities, services like Sellics may be better suited. But Jungle Scout can help you determine optimal pricing based on sales data.

Can Jungle Scout show data for other sellers’ products?

Yes, one of Jungle Scout’s biggest advantages is users can look up and analyze sales history, demand, dimensions, and other key data points for any product listing on Amazon to conduct competitor research. You don’t need to own a product to view its performance.

Does Jungle Scout integrate with accounting software?

Jungle Scout doesn’t currently integrate directly with accounting platforms. However, you can export your sales and inventory data to download CSV files and import into accounting tools manually. The platform is more focused on product analytics.

Hope this guide provides a comprehensive overview explaining what Jungle Scout is, how it works, major features, ideal applications, and what makes it a robust software choice for FBA sellers!


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