Walmart Marketplace

Walmart Marketplace is Walmart’s platform that allows third-party sellers to list and sell products directly on Similar to Amazon, it has opened Walmart’s ecommerce platform beyond just Walmart’s own retail inventory.

But what exactly is Walmart Marketplace and how does it work? This article provides an overview of the Walmart Marketplace model, its benefits for sellers, and tips for success.

Overview of the Walmart Marketplace

Walmart Marketplace operates as an online shopping mall:

  • Walmart continues to sell its own retail inventory
  • Approved third-party sellers also list products for sale on
  • Sellers manage their own product listings, inventory, pricing, etc.
  • Walmart provides the site traffic, name brand, and infrastructure
  • Commission fees apply when seller items are purchased

This model provides sellers access to Walmart’s millions of customers.

Benefits for Walmart Marketplace Sellers

Key potential benefits for sellers on Walmart Marketplace include:

  • Low startup costs – no need for a separate website
  • Built-in traffic – gets over 100 million visits per month
  • Trusted brand – Consumers trust Walmart for quality and value
  • Turnkey infrastructure – Walmart provides the ecommerce platform

Sellers also gain useful data and insights on product opportunities.

Qualifying as a Walmart Marketplace Seller

Walmart thoroughly vets sellers on criteria like:

  • Product lines must align with Walmart’s brand
  • High standards for product quality and safety
  • Strong inventory capacity and order fulfillment capabilities
  • Robust customer service resources and policies
  • Clean business history and practices

Meeting the application requirements is necessary for approval.

Tips for Success on Walmart Marketplace

Once approved as a seller, focus on:

  • Listing high-demand products not directly sold by Walmart
  • Maintaining competitive pricing while retaining healthy margins
  • Keeping inventory in stock to avoid losing the Buy Box
  • Providing excellent customer service with fast issue resolution
  • Actively supporting your items with marketing and promotions
  • Analyzing reports to identify new opportunities

The same best practices for selling on Amazon also apply to Walmart Marketplace. Consistent effort leads to growing success.

The Walmart Marketplace provides approved sellers the enviable opportunity to tap into their vast customer audience. With preparation and effort, it can become a major sales channel.

FAQs About Walmart Marketplace

What fees does Walmart charge sellers?

Walmart charges referral fees of 4% to 20% depending on product category. Promoted listings also incur fees.

Can sellers ship inventory to Walmart warehouses?

No, sellers handle their own fulfillment like shipping and inventory management for Walmart orders.

How do sellers get paid on Walmart Marketplace sales?

Earnings are deposited into sellers’ linked bank accounts weekly after Walmart deducts referral fees.

Does Walmart handle payments and customer service?

Yes, Walmart processes all payments and handles issues like returns. Sellers must support the backend issues.

Can international sellers join Walmart Marketplace?

Yes, international sellers can apply. Those approved must comply with US terms and policies.

The Walmart Marketplace offers approved sellers streamlined access to Walmart’s massive customer base. Take advantage of this high-traffic sales channel.


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