Fiverr is an incredible platform for turning skills and talents into income. But with seemingly endless possibilities, what exactly should you create gigs for and sell on Fiverr?

Certain digital services tend to see high demand on Fiverr across niches. Here are some of the top selling Fiverr gigs and categories to consider offering:

Graphic Design Services

Graphic design is one of the most popular categories on Fiverr. Top gig ideas include:

  • Logo design
  • Social media graphics and banners
  • Print designs like business cards or flyers
  • Infographics
  • Image editing and retouching
  • Illustrations and cartoon drawings
  • Packaging design
  • Signage and banner design

Writing and Translation Services

Quality writing and fluency in languages are in demand. Offer gigs like:

  • Article, blog post, and copy writing
  • Resume writing or editing
  • Press release writing and distribution
  • Translation services
  • Copy editing and proofreading
  • Localization of content
  • Transcription of audio and video files

Video Creation and Editing

Video related services have huge buyer demand across niches. Sell gigs for:

  • Short promotional video creation
  • Slideshow videos
  • Basic video editing services
  • Animated explainer videos
  • Intros, outros, and logo reveals
  • Subtitling and closed captioning

Programming and Tech

Programmers and developers can offer services like:

  • Website and app development
  • WordPress development and customization
  • Setting up or troubleshooting programs
  • Coding plugins and bots
  • Tech tutorials and lessons
  • Building mobile apps
  • Game development

The key is narrowing into specialized skills vs. broad offerings. Evaluate your strengths.

FAQs About What to Sell on Fiverr

What sells best for beginners on Fiverr?

Beginner-friendly gigs include simple graphic design, writing, voice overs, video editing, administrative tasks, and basic data entry.

Should I stick to established categories?

It’s best to focus on proven categories at first. Once established, you can experiment with expanding into less common offerings.

How specific should my gigs be?

More specific is better, as is targeting particular buyer needs. For example logo design for law firms, rather than general logo design.

Can I sell physical products?

No, Fiverr is focused on digital services and deliverables. For physical products, use sites like Etsy or eBay.

What if I offer a service no one buys at first?

Give it a few weeks of promotion. But if no purchases come in, switch your focus to gigs that are proven to sell.

Selling services where demand aligns with your skills and interests is key to creating successful Fiverr gigs long-term. Do research to identify high-potential opportunities.


  • Gio Watts

    Gio Watts brings over 10 years of digital marketing experience to his role as marketing manager at Walletminded. In his current position, Gio oversees brand marketing, campaign management, and audience growth initiatives. Prior to joining Walletminded, Gio held marketing roles at several ecommerce and SaaS startups, most recently serving as senior marketing manager at CloudTable Inc. There, he specialized in paid social advertising and content marketing. Gio holds a bachelor’s degree in business marketing from the University of Oregon. He is a certified content marketing specialist and frequently guest lectures at his alma mater. When he's not devising omni-channel marketing campaigns, you can find Gio coaching youth basketball and indulging his passion for live music.

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