What Should I Sell on Fiverr? Top Services to Offer

Fiverr has become one of the most popular freelance marketplaces, with over $200 million in services sold each year across thousands of categories. Deciding what to offer potential customers on Fiverr can be challenging with so much competition. This guide explores profitable gig ideas along with tips for choosing the right services to sell on Fiverr.

Top Selling Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr’s own data reveals the current most in-demand services that see consistent sales and orders. Best options to consider include:

  • Graphic design – logos, social media posts, banners, business cards, book covers
  • Voice over work – commercials, audiobooks, podcast intros
  • Video editing – sizzle reels, event highlight reels, trailers
  • Article & copy writing – blog posts, SEO articles, product descriptions
  • Website development – WordPress sites, landing pages, web programming
  • Translation services – document translation, subtitles, transcriptions
  • Illustrations – book illustrations, character art, cartoons, caricatures
  • Animation – 2D & 3D animation, motion graphics, animated explainer videos
  • Programming & tech – install WordPress, code plugins, mobile apps, bots, web scraping
  • Music production – original songs, remixes, background music, sound effects
  • Data entry and research – collect/organize data, online research for businesses

The most successful sellers specialize in one or two of these popular categories that attract continual buyer demand.

Choosing Services Based on Your Skills

Focus your gigs on skills and experience you already have. For example:

  • Are you a website developer? Offer site building/programming.
  • Graphic design background? Sell logos, social media assets, ebook covers.
  • Photography experience? List photo editing and restoration services.
  • Musician or singer? Provide custom song/lyrics commissions.
  • Write for a living? Offer article writing, copywriting, transcription.
  • Foreign language fluent? Translate documents or provide lessons.

Take inventory of your knowledge and talents. Find related Fiverr gigs that align with them. This ensures you can deliver professional-level quality efficiently.

Analyze Gigs With Low Competition

Check Fiverr’s product categories and sort by bestselling. Make note of popular gigs with fewer competing sellers. These present opportunities to become a prominent provider in an in-demand niche. For example:

  • Proofreading academic papers
  • Making how-to explainer videos
  • Transcribing podcasts or interviews
  • Interior design visualizations -Nutritional meal plans
  • Content audits for SEO
  • Calculating complex equations

Researching specific gig types with high buyer demand but low competition increases your odds of gaining visibility and sales quicker.

Unique Services Buyers Crave

Offer creative services that solve an everyday problem for businesses or individuals. For example:

  • Shopping assistant – compare prices, find discounts, purchase items
  • Personal matchmaker – find compatible dating matches based on personality analysis
  • Technology assistant – help setup devices, troubleshoot issues virtually
  • Genealogy researcher – build detailed family trees and ancestry profiles
  • Product reviewer – provide impartial reviews of products in your niche
  • Email manager – sort, organize, schedule, unsubscribe from spam
  • Professional organizer – develop home organization systems remotely

Think outside the box for gigs that give great value while utilizing your particular expertise. These imaginative offerings stand out versus competitors.

Local Services at a National Price

Offer location-based services virtually for cheaper than local rates. For example:

  • Property valuations for any address
  • Local business reviews for any city
  • Event promotion to local audiences
  • Legal document filings for any state
  • Licensed therapist consultations online
  • Architecture concept sketches
  • Website marketing specific to regions

Buyers love getting local talent and expertise delivered digitally at an affordable nationwide price.

Promote Existing Skills As Services

Skills you use in everyday work or life can often directly translate into sellable gig offerings. Consider:

  • Project manager at your job? Offer PMP services.
  • Makeup artist as a hobby? Provide virtual consultations.
  • Experienced parent? Sell parenting coach sessions.
  • Excel whiz at accounting? List financial modeling services.
  • Previous teacher or tutor? Offer virtual lessons.
  • IT professional? Sell tech support services.
  • Fitness trainer? Provide online workout plans.
  • Photographer? Sell photo editing and touchups.

Tap into background and knowledge you already possess to provide value to buyers through Fiverr gigs.

Research Profitable Gig Ideas

Use these resources to find inspiration:

  • Browse top-selling gigs in all categories on Fiverr
  • Search Fiverr gigs using relevant keyword phrases
  • Look at competitors’ bestselling offers to identify demand
  • Check Google Trends for rising search interests
  • Read niche-specific blogs and forums for problems needing solutions
  • Social media listening to find buyer pain points
  • Poll friends and social networks for services they would use

Researching profitable gig possibilities takes some initial investment of time. But it pays off long-term by zeroing in on confirmed buyer demand.

The key is choosing gigs that play to your abilities or interests while serving strong buyer needs. Offer services competitively but creatively. With smart positioning, your gig can fill an attractive niche in the Fiverr marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have any special skills – what should I sell on Fiverr?

Consider less specialized gigs like social media management, research, administrative tasks, writing, and more. Many top services rely on general expertise.

Should I focus on just one service or offer multiple gigs?

It’s generally best to start with one core gig that you can excel at based on experience and then expand into related offerings.

How quickly will my gigs start making sales on Fiverr?

It takes consistent effort to build reviews and authority but expect it to take at least a few weeks to start seeing orders. Patience and persistence pays off.

Can I sell services on Fiverr that my employer would traditionally offer?

No, you cannot legally sell services on Fiverr that would compete with or jeopardize your main employment conditions. Check your employment agreement.

Is it better to charge more than $5 for gigs on Fiverr?

Generally it’s best to start around the $5 mark but raise prices as you build reviews and value. Buyers expect premium pricing once you demonstrate quality.

How important are gig images and videos on Fiverr?

Extremely – eye-catching and professional gig imagery convinces buyers you are legitimate and gets more clicks.

Should I promote my Fiverr gigs outside of the website?

Yes, aggressively market your Fiverr offerings on social media, forums, your website, and elsewhere online to expand visibility.

Choosing the right services to sell on Fiverr is crucial to stand out and profit in your niche. Start with your passions and skills, identify high-demand opportunities, and deliver amazing value.


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