What to Sell on Etsy

With over 60 million active buyers, Etsy offers a huge opportunity to turn your handmade goods or vintage finds into a profitable business. But with so many potential products, what should you actually sell on Etsy?

Certain types of items perform better than others on Etsy’s marketplace. Read on to learn the top-selling categories and product opportunities to focus on.


Jewelry consistently dominates sales on Etsy. Shoppers love handmade necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, and more showcasing unique designs.

Bestselling jewelry items include:

  • Personalized name, date, or engraving jewelry
  • Wire wrapped pendants and stones
  • Hand stamped coin and plate jewelry
  • Vintage jewelry and watches

Home & Living

Home decor and household goods also see high demand on Etsy. Things like:

  • Wall prints and tapestries
  • Pillows, throws, blankets
  • Incense and candles
  • Soaps and bath products
  • Glassware and mugs

Clothing & Accessories

If you love fashion, Etsy is a great venue to sell clothing and accessories handmade or sourced secondhand.

Winning products include:

  • T-shirts with unique prints
  • Vintage clothing and bags
  • Scarves, hats, and headbands
  • Baby and kids clothing
  • Masks and face coverings

Paper & Party Goods

Etsy shoppers head to the site for specialty paper goods not found elsewhere. Bestsellers include:

  • Wedding invitations
  • Party decor like banners, garlands
  • Stickers, greeting cards, gift wrap
  • Planners, journals, and stationery
  • Downloads like prints, posters, and art

Craft Supplies

Crafters also love purchasing supplies to fuel their hobbies on Etsy. Top supplies in demand:

  • Fabric, yarn, knitting patterns
  • Pen sets, watercolor trays
  • Washi tape, rubber stamps
  • How-to books, zines
  • Digital cut files for Cricut


Finally, vintage goods are cherished by Etsy buyers seeking unique secondhand finds. Trending vintage items include:

  • Vintage clothing, jewelry, and accessories
  • Collectibles like toys, comics, sports memorabilia
  • Antique furniture, decor, and housewares
  • Upcycled and repurposed vintage goods

Now that you know the top-selling categories, focus your shop on a specific niche you’re passionate about. With targeted products, you can better attract buyers and make sales on Etsy.

FAQ About What To Sell on Etsy

How do I know if a product will sell well on Etsy?

Do keyword research to see search volume and competition for a product. Browse bestselling items in the category. Make sure there is demand but not too much competition.

Should I sell high or low priced items?

A mix is best. Higher priced items bring more profit per sale. Lower priced goods sell faster and attract repeat purchases. Find a balance for your business.

How many products should I have before opening my Etsy shop?

Aim for at least 50-100 listings in your shop before launch. This gives buyers enough selection. Add new items weekly to keep your shop fresh.

Can I sell items not handmade by me?

Yes, you can sell vintage and craft supplies sourced elsewhere. Just disclose you didn’t make them yourself in listings.

What if my products don’t fall into a specific category?

No problem! Part of Etsy’s appeal is unique goods. Just focus your shop brand around your specialty style or product theme.

Selling on Etsy provides a rewarding way for creatives to monetize their skills while reaching eager buyers. Use this guide to strategize your product offerings for success.


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