Where to Print Invitations Bought on Etsy

You’ve found the perfect customizable invitations for your special event on Etsy. But most sellers only provide the digital design files – not the actual printed invitations. Where do you go to print your invites purchased on Etsy?

You have a few great options for quality printing of your Etsy invitations. Read on for recommendations and tips to get your custom invites printed beautifully and affordably.

Option 1: Order Printing from the Etsy Seller

Some savvy Etsy sellers provide professional printing services for the invitations they design.

When browsing invitation listings, look for sellers that mention printing options like:

  • “Printing available upon request”
  • “We can print these invites for you!”
  • “High-quality printing offered”

Then you can simply message the seller after purchase to have them print a certain quantity of the invites you bought.

The upside here is convenience – no need to find another printer on your own. It’s also reassuring to have the original designer print their work.

Just be sure to confirm pricing and timelines upfront to set expectations. Request a sample print if possible.

Option 2: Use Local Printing Shops

Your second option is to use a local print shop in your area. Search for terms like “custom invitation printing near me”.

Benefits of local print shops are fast turnaround times and hands-on customer service. You can see print quality firsthand.

Provide the digital files from your Etsy seller and discuss paper types, printing methods (digital vs. offset), quantities, etc. Most will be familiar with printing invitations.

Local printers are ideal for quick jobs like wedding invites needed within a few weeks.

Option 3: Send Files to Online Printers

For affordability and mass quantity printing, online printers are hard to beat. Companies like Vistaprint, Printique, and PSPrint offer custom invitation printing with volume discounts.

You simply upload your design files, select your paper type, trim options, and quantity. Then the prints are shipped straight to your door.

Give yourself more lead time with online printers – up to several weeks in some cases. But per unit costs are very affordable, even for high-end paper stock.

This is a budget-friendly route for printing invitations in bulk for big weddings or corporate events.

Top Tips for Printing Etsy Invitations

Ready to get your Etsy invitations printed? Here are some top tips:

  • Ask the seller for a print-ready file to avoid issues.
  • Request a hard proof or soft proof to approve the design first.
  • Choose paper in a weight like 100lb text or cover stock.
  • Upgrade to specific paper types like cotton, linen, or recycled.
  • Set realistic time expectations for production and shipping.
  • Order 10-15% extra invitations to be safe.

With the right printing partner, you can turn your Etsy digital invite purchase into beautiful tangible cards for your big occasion.

To print invitations purchased on Etsy, consider these options:

  1. Order printing directly from the Etsy seller if they offer it. This is convenient and ensures the designer’s work is printed accurately.
  2. Use local print shops for quick turnaround and hands-on service. They can advise on paper types and printing methods.
  3. Utilize online printers like Vistaprint, Printique, or PSPrint for affordable, bulk printing with a wide range of customization options.

Remember to request a high-quality PDF print file and consider a sample print for quality assurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What file type do I need for printing invitations?

Request a high quality PDF print file from the Etsy seller. Avoid JPEG and PNG files meant for web use only.

How can I get the best print quality for invitations?

Use a thicker 100+ lb text or cover stock. Linen, cotton, or recycled papers also have nice texture. Matte, soft touch, and uncoated finishes look more luxe.

Is it cheaper to print invitations at home?

For small quantities under 50, home printing can be cheaper. But for 50+ invitations, professional printing becomes more affordable due to volume discounts. Quality is also higher with pro printers.

How far in advance should I order printed invitations?

For Etsy seller printing, allow 2-4 weeks lead time. For local printers, 1-2 weeks. For online printers, 4-6 weeks to be safe.

Can I get sample prints made first?

Yes, ask any printing partner if they offer hard copy or digital soft proofs. This lets you confirm quality before final printing.

Printing your Etsy invitations is easy when you use the right service. Follow this guide to save time and get beautiful results!


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