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Walmart Marketplace offers sellers an incredible opportunity to tap into Walmart’s massive customer base. But with Walmart’s strict standards, how can you demonstrate you would be a good fit as a Marketplace seller?

When applying for Walmart Marketplace, it’s crucial to highlight strengths in key areas Walmart evaluates. Here are the top factors to emphasize and tips for showing you meet the criteria.

Strong Inventory Management

Walmart wants sellers who can keep items consistently stocked to meet customer demand. Showcase:

  • Established relationships with manufacturers/distributors
  • Ability to procure bulk quantities of top-selling items
  • Resources to closely monitor inventory levels
  • Proven sales volume you can replenish

Reliable inventory access is essential for Walmart.

High Fulfillment Capabilities

To satisfy Walmart’s delivery promise, highlight your fulfillment credentials:

  • Fast order processing within 24 hours
  • Integration with major carriers for discounted shipping
  • Ability to meet 1-2 day handling expectations
  • Experience with high volume order throughput

Share metrics and case studies proving dependable order fulfillment.

Positive Seller Reputation

Emphasize your strong reputation and track record as an online seller:

  • High seller ratings on other sales channels like Amazon or eBay
  • Low return and cancellation rates historically
  • High percentage of on-time shipments and deliveries
  • Positive feedback and reviews from past customers

Proof of good standing helps ease Walmart’s screening.

Strong Customer Support

Show you have the resources to provide excellent customer service:

  • Very responsive support team via email/chat/phone
  • Ability to resolve issues, refunds, etc. quickly
  • Experience dealing with high volume contacts
  • Ticket tracking and performance metrics

Share customer satisfaction survey results or ratings.

Compliance at Scale

Demonstrate your ability to manage compliance requirements successfully:

  • Experience selling regulated products
  • No flags for intellectual property or safety issues
  • Ability to adapt to changing regulations
  • Resources to monitor and audit for compliance

Document your compliance management processes.

The more evidence you can provide that you meet Walmart’s high standards, the higher your chances of approval. Highlight strengths tailored to Walmart’s top criteria.

FAQs About Selling on Walmart Marketplace

Can I submit letters of recommendation?

Yes, letters vouching for your business by partners, vendors, or major clients can help strengthen your application.

Should I promote my unique or niche products?

If they align well with Walmart’s brand. But focus more on mass market and top-selling items in your application.

Does Walmart want tech startups or seasoned sellers?

They evaluate all types of sellers, but having years of experience helps ease concerns about unproven newcomers.

How important are financials in the application?

Very important. Submitting strong financial records helps justify you have the resources and capital to meet Walmart’s demands at scale.

If rejected, can I reapply later?

Yes, you can reapply down the line once you grow your business and are able to better meet Walmart’s seller criteria.

Gaining Walmart’s trust is challenging but pays huge dividends. Use these tips to craft the strongest Marketplace seller application possible.


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