When you were young, there is a good chance that you hated jigsaw puzzles. Now that you are older and dealing with ‘social distancing’, you are most likely looking for ways to spend your time. Instead of turning on the television all day long, it’s good to keep your mind busy. So whether you are retired or just looking for something to do, there are a number of ways to keep busy. While some people would rather spend their time with a board game, we’re here to show you the best puzzles for adults.

A 2014 study found that working on games like puzzles can enhance spatial skills. Other studies have shown that puzzles can help people improve their collaboration and cooperation skills. These are the best puzzles for adults below.

Best Puzzles for Adults

Days To Remember 500-Piece Puzzle

[amazon box=”B01DP0NUQM”]

Star Wars The Mandalorian 500-Piece Puzzle

[amazon box=”B0823CP62M”]

Cinque Terre 1000-Piece Puzzle

[amazon box=”B00ITTI3VW”]

Coffee and Donuts 300-Piece Puzzle

[amazon box=”B01N52M4BS”]

Moonlight & Roses 1000-Piece Puzzle

[amazon box=”B071R6B9WL”]

Knock Knock Jigsaw Puzzle

[amazon box=”B00VSDLEQ2″]

The Movies 1000-Piece Puzzle

[amazon box=”B076XD1F5X”]

Land of Dinosaurs Jigsaw Puzzle

[amazon box=”B0007M3ZH6″]

Candy Wrappers 1000-Piece Puzzle

[amazon box=”B005JAH3TC”]

Inspirations of Spring 1000-Piece Puzzle

[amazon box=”B01DP0MFT0″]

Songbird Menagerie 300-Piece Puzzle

[amazon box=”B00LP8ES04″]

Disney’s Moana One Ocean One Heart 100-Piece Puzzle

[amazon box=”B000NLR0BS”]

Milky Way 1000-Piece Puzzle

[amazon box=”B07PCM28TV”]

Ballet Recital 100-Piece Puzzle

[amazon box=”B0007OF1QM”]

Purple Succulents 1000-Piece Puzzle

[amazon box=”B07TT4NYFR”]

Sweet Tooth 500-Piece Puzzle

[amazon box=”B075FR8LVX”]

Olde Buck’s County 1000-Piece Puzzle

[amazon box=”B0145GML0G”]

Star Wars You Were The Chosen One 2000-Piece Puzzle

[amazon box=”B07N4PXC5N”]

Sweet Shop 2000-Piece Puzzle

[amazon box=”B01I95LK2E”]

Noah & Friends 1000-Piece Puzzle

[amazon box=”B07T32CLR4″]

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