Wayfair is one of the top online destinations for home goods, furniture, and home improvement products. For manufacturers and brands, becoming an authorized Wayfair supplier provides access to their millions of customers.

But how can you get your products sold directly through Wayfair as an approved supplier? This guide covers the application process, requirements, benefits, tips and steps for successfully selling your brand’s items on Wayfair’s marketplace.

Understand Wayfair’s Supplier Model

As a Wayfair supplier, you manufacture or source products that Wayfair then purchases at wholesale rates to resell on their website.

Key aspects include:

  • Wayfair purchases inventory in bulk from suppliers upfront
  • You ship large batch orders to Wayfair under supplier agreement
  • Wayfair handles marketing, promotion, shipping, and customer service
  • Customers purchase your products among Wayfair’s catalog

This allows brands to tap into Wayfair’s built-in customer base by providing wholesale inventory of their products.

Benefits of Selling on Wayfair

Major benefits of having your products on Wayfair include:

  • Large volume orders shipped straight to Wayfair
  • Reduced effort – no individual order fulfillment
  • Wayfair’s millions of customers exposed to your products
  • Increased brand awareness and validation
  • Opportunity to develop products exclusively for Wayfair

Exposure on Wayfair can greatly expand a brand’s reach.

Qualification Criteria to Sell on Wayfair

Wayfair has high standards when vetting potential new suppliers:

  • Products must align with Wayfair’s catalog gaps
  • Items should demonstrate attractive, modern design
  • Brand must have capacity to handle high order volumes
  • Quick production and supply turnaround time capabilities
  • Competitive wholesale rates must be offered
  • Excellent customer service and communication skills

Wayfair seeks reliable, established suppliers able to support ongoing high demand.

How to Submit a Wayfair Supplier Application

Brands interested in selling to Wayfair can submit a new supplier application on their website:

  • Provide company name, website, contact info, social profiles
  • Describe the products you want to sell through Wayfair
  • Outline production capabilities and lead times
  • Share current product catalog images and line sheets
  • Submit required compliance and business documentation

If Wayfair determines you may be a fit, further discussions will follow on specific inventory planning.

Tips for Managing Your Wayfair Supplier Account

If approved as a Wayfair supplier, focus on:

  • Maintaining adequate inventory levels to supply periodic bulk replenishment orders
  • Quickly fulfilling orders and coordinating accurate shipping
  • Developing new products to fill gaps in Wayfair’s catalog
  • Monitoring your product’s performance and reviews on Wayfair
  • Providing excellent customer service and support as needed
  • Following all terms in your Wayfair supplier agreement

Strong performance leads to increased orders and expanded business with Wayfair long-term.

Becoming a Wayfair approved supplier provides brands immense new customer reach. Target this lucrative sales channel for your products.

FAQs About Selling on Wayfair

What fees and commissions does Wayfair charge?

No fees, but discounted wholesale rates are negotiated since Wayfair purchases and resells the inventory.

Can I sell on other sites if I supply to Wayfair?

Yes, Wayfair suppliers only provide inventory to Wayfair itself. You remain free to also sell through other channels.

How are suppliers paid by Wayfair?

Net 45 payment terms are standard, so approximately 45 days after invoice submission.

Does Wayfair help market my products?

Yes, one benefit is that Wayfair handles all marketing, promotions, and selling of your items on their platform.

What system does Wayfair use for inventory management?

Wayfair provides an API for suppliers to integrate with their ordering and logistics systems.

Becoming a Wayfair seller provides incredible opportunities for brands to access millions of new customers. Focus on exceeding their supplier standards to drive this new sales channel.


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