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Walmart Marketplace gives approved sellers access to Walmart’s massive traffic and loyal customer base. But with so many possibilities, what types of products should you actually sell on Walmart’s marketplace?

Certain categories align well with Walmart’s brand and shopper preferences. Here are some top products with potential for success on Walmart Marketplace.

Electronics Accessories

Electronics like cables, chargers, cases, stands, and mounts have high search volume and sell well on Walmart. Name brands or quality generics in these accessory niches can do well.

Toys & Games

Fun, affordable playthings for kids have a natural appeal to Walmart’s family-focused shoppers. Try selling engaging toys, games, or activity sets not directly sold by Walmart.

Home & Kitchen Goods

Kitchenware, decor, organization solutions, furniture, and more are the backbone of Walmart’s offering. Complementary items in these huge categories can gain traction.

Outdoor Recreation Items

Products like camping gear, hiking supplies, pool toys, backyard games, and more tap into Walmart’s outdoor and fitness audiences.

Licensed Merchandise

Officially licensed goods like sports team apparel, pop culture merchandise, toy brands, etc. are proven sellers that align with Walmart’s brand.

Specialty Home Goods

Consider niche home items not widely carried physical retail like specialized appliances, unique furniture, or custom decor. Made-in-USA goods also perform well.

Classic Apparel Basics

Essential apparel like basic t-shirts, hats, scarves, and socks are dependable sellers that consumers re-purchase frequently.

Auto Accessories

Aftermarket auto accessories like seat covers, sun shades, organizers, floor mats, and more have mass appeal for the millions of drivers who frequent Walmart.

Pet Supplies

Pet owners flock to Walmart for value-priced supplies. Lesser-known pet brands in food, treats, toys, apparel, and accessories have an opportunity to gain visibility.

Health & Wellness Goods

Walmart shoppers browse this section regularly. Supplements, fitness gear, massage items, and relaxation products have potential.

Do thorough product research and competitive analysis before investing in inventory. Find your niche within Walmart’s major retail categories.

FAQ About Selling Products on Walmart Marketplace

What product categories are prohibited or restricted?

Walmart prohibits adult items, medical equipment, supplements, firearms, etc. Some categories require approval first.

Should I avoid categories where Walmart competes?

Not necessarily, you can find gaps in their massive catalog. But be careful not to undercut Walmart’s own pricing.

What product price range tends to sell best?

Good values priced below $50 have the widest appeal. But also sell some higher ticket items to boost margins.

Should I sell name brand or generic products?

Name brands sell more easily, but can be competitive. Private label and unique generics are an opportunity if competitively priced.

How many product types should I launch with?

Start with 5-10 products in your initial product selection to test demand. Then expand your catalog over time.

Focus on value-priced goods with existing buyer demand to maximize your chances of success selling on Walmart Marketplace.


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