Turo is a peer-to-peer car sharing marketplace that allows car owners to rent out their personal vehicles. With over 850 makes and models listed on Turo, renters have a huge variety of vehicles to choose from for their trips. But when browsing Turo, you may wonder – what are the most commonly rented cars that Turo users book?

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the different vehicle types and specific car models that prove most popular with Turo renters. Whether you’re looking to earn extra income renting out your car or want to find a great deal on your next Turo rental, understanding the platform’s most in-demand models is key.

Why the Vehicle Type Matters

When evaluating the most rented cars on Turo, it helps to first consider the overall vehicle categories that see high demand. Turo allows users to search and filter by body type, so identifying the most popular types tells us a lot about renter needs and preferences.

Here are some of the vehicle categories that commonly get booked:

Sports Cars

For travelers looking for exciting rides for scenic drives, sports cars get snatched up fast on Turo. Models like Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Corvette and BMW Z4 are in high demand. Sports cars let you experience performance and thrills on vacation.


With their spacious cargo room and passenger capacity, SUVs are extremely popular for family trips and adventures. Midsize SUVs like Toyota RAV4, Ford Escape and Jeep Grand Cherokee as well as full-size options see heavy booking activity.


Truck rentals appeal to Turo users who need to haul equipment, boat trailers, ATVs and other recreational gear. Models like the Ford F-150, GMC Sierra 1500, Toyota Tacoma and Chevrolet Silverado get rented frequently.


For large groups and families, minivans offer ample room for passengers and luggage. Options like Chrysler Pacifica, Honda Odyssey and Kia Sedona attract lots of vacation rental bookings.


For scenic cruising with the top down, convertibles make perfect Turo rentals. Models like the Ford Mustang Convertible, BMW 2 Series, Mazda Miata and Nissan 370Z Roadster are in high demand.

Luxury Cars

To enjoy an upscale driving experience, Turo renters seeking luxury often book cars like Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, BMW, Audi, Lexus and Cadillac models. Premium amenities appeal to vacationers.

By listing your vehicle in one of these popular categories, you’re more likely to maximize bookings and earnings on Turo. But next, let’s look at the specific models that get rented most frequently.

Most Rented Cars on Turo

Based on Turo rental data and user search trends, the following car models consistently appear as the most commonly booked rentals on the platform:

1. Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep Wrangler is by far the most rented vehicle on Turo. With its convertible top, rugged off-roading capabilities and fun style, the Wrangler appeals to adventurous travelers heading to destinations like mountains, beaches and national parks. It’s perfect for cruising with the top down.

2. Ford Mustang

A classic American muscle car, the Ford Mustang is hugely popular on Turo for its cool, fun styling and performance capabilities. Available as a coupe or convertible, it’s great for road tripping along scenic routes or around cities. Sports car thrills attract many renters.

3. Tesla Model 3

With their impressive electric performance, autopilot features and luxe interior, Tesla vehicles are a hot rental commodity. The Tesla Model 3 gets booked constantly by renters who want to experience this EV firsthand. Tesla’s impressive tech is a major draw.

4. Ford F-150

The best-selling pickup truck in America also tops truck rentals on Turo. The Ford F-150 has the size, capability and comfort features renters want for hauling, towing, and loading adventures. It meets many travelers’ truck needs.

5. Toyota RAV4

Toyota’s small SUV remains a rental favorite for its blend of cargo space, car-like handling, and fuel efficiency. For families and groups needing room for passengers and luggage, the versatile RAV4 is a smart choice.

6. Mercedes Benz G-Wagon

With its posh interior and imposing off-road style, the G-Wagon is highly sought after by renters who want to travel in upscale luxury. It turns heads while providing a comfortable premium driving experience.

7. Chevrolet Corvette

The Corvette continues to be the most rented sports car on Turo. With exotic styling, incredible performance capabilities and relatively affordable pricing, the ‘Vette is appealing for scenic cruising vacations.

8. Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep’s midsize SUV offers plenty of room along with off-road capability. For outdoor-loving families and adventurers, the Grand Cherokee gets lots of bookings for hiking, camping and ski trips.

9. Mercedes Sprinter Van

Large group trips drive demand for the Mercedes Sprinter, with seating for 12+ passengers. Church groups, bachelor/bachelorette parties and teams traveling together commonly book this van for tailgating, trips to events, and more.

10. Land Rover Defender

Land Rover’s rugged but refined SUV is a favorite rental thanks to its comfortable interior and impressive off-road performance. It’s perfect for reaching remote, adventurous destinations in style.

The most rented cars indicate renters’ priorities – sports cars bring thrills, trucks haul cargo, SUVs offer space, and luxury models provide lavish amenities. Listing your own similar high-demand vehicle is the fast path to maximizing Turo earnings.

How Owners Can Earn More with Popular Rental Cars

If you want to rent out your car on Turo but aren’t sure where to start, going with a known popular model is a smart move. Here are some tips for earning effectively with in-demand vehicles:

  • Meet Local Demand: Check what’s booking in your city, which may differ from nationwide trends. Adjust to popular local preferences.
  • Price Competitively: Research rates for your model in your area. Price competitively based on similar vehicles to attract renters.
  • Highlight Desirable Features: Play up things like convertible tops, luxury packages, off-road trim levels, and performance specs in your listing.
  • Use Great Photos: Showcase your clean, attractive vehicle with photos highlighting cargo space, nice interiors, and features. Good photos attract renters.
  • Review Renter Profiles: Screen potential renters carefully, reviewing identity verifications, past reviews, and look for red flags before approving.
  • Provide Extras: Offer add-ons like phone chargers,smart TVs,bike racks,surfboard racks. These earn more and enhance renter experience.
  • Market Your Listing: Share your Turo link on social media and forums related to your car model to gain more visibility and bookings.

By listing a well-presented, competitively priced popular model and marketing it smartly, you can expect a steady stream of booking requests. Supplying what’s in demand is the key to Turo rental success.

Finding the Best Deals on Rentals

For renters looking for a good deal, knowing the most booked models also provides valuable insight. You can use filters to find cheaper options for high-demand vehicles. Here are tips for renters to save:

  • Compare rental rates for the same model in different locations. Sometimes farther pick-up spots offer better deals.
  • Check prices on older model years of popular vehicles – an older Wrangler or Mustang may rent cheaper.
  • Avoid renting during peak periods like holidays and summer when rates spike. Look for off-season deals.
  • Rent Monday-Thursday when weekend rates are lower and you can still get a 5 day+ trip.
  • Search using filters for lower priced listings below the model average rate per day.
  • Book 21+ day monthly rentals to get the deepest discounts – great for long trips.
  • Scope out last-minute deals as some owners slash prices if bookings are light. Flexible travelers can score deals.
  • Leverage coupons and promotional codes which Turo offers year-round for added savings.

Renting a popular model that fits your needs is the way to maximize value. Using smart search strategies can help you find affordable pricing on the most in-demand vehicles on Turo for car renters.

Most Rented Cars on Turo FAQ

For more on maximizing Turo for owners and renters, here are some key questions answered:

What are typical Turo rental prices for popular models?

Turo rental pricing varies greatly by location, vehicle specifics, and owner rates. Average daily rates for popular models nationally are around $75-$100 for sedans, $100-$150 for SUVs, and $150-$250+ for luxury and specialty vehicles.

How much can Turo car owners earn on average?

Owner earnings vary based on pricing, demand, and booking frequency. On average owners report earning $500-$800 per month but top models in busy areas can earn $1,000+ per month. Luxury and specialty vehicles also earn more.

How far in advance should I book Turo rentals?

Aim to book 1-2 months ahead for best selection and prices. But last minute rentals can also offer deals. Avoid booking only 1-2 weeks out as selection is limited at that point.

Are Turo rentals cheaper than traditional rental companies?

Turo rentals are often 30-50% cheaper than rental car companies. But pricing can vary greatly so always compare Turo to other options for your dates and locations.

What insurance coverage is included with Turo?

Turo’s basic policy covers up to $750,000 in liability insurance and collision coverage varies by owner selections. Supplemental protection can be added for around $15 per day.

What are mileage limits and overage fees?

Turo rental mileage is usually around 200 miles per day. Rates range from $0.15-$0.45 for excess miles. Be sure to understand mileage policies before booking longer trips.

What type of renter verification does Turo do?

Turo does background checks on all renters including DMV and identity verification. Reviews from past owners also help identify responsible renters. Avoid first-time renters with no reviews.

What support does Turo provide during my rental?

Turo provides 24/7 roadside assistance during your rental at no added cost. The Turo app also allows you to extend your rental period easily if needed.

So in summary, vehicles like the Wrangler, Mustang, RAV4, trucks and luxury cars get rented frequently on Turo. Listing a popular model in your local market is the key to maximizing earnings for owners. While renters should leverage filters and smart search strategies to find deals. This allows you to optimize your Turo experience, whether you are renting out or booking your next vehicle.


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