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Pictory is a powerful video creation tool that allows you to make professional, engaging videos while keeping your identity anonymous. With Pictory’s templates and assets, you can easily produce faceless videos on any topic for YouTube without ever appearing on camera.

This guide will cover how to use Pictory’s features to create compelling faceless videos, optimize privacy, and grow your YouTube channel. Follow these tips to start making successful videos that connect with audiences while protecting your identity.

Benefits of Pictory for Faceless Videos

Pictory has several advantages for creating anonymous videos:

  • 10,000+ video templates – Templates for tutorials, list videos, animation explainers, and more come pre-made for every niche.
  • Massive media library – Over 1 million stock videos, images and audio tracks to visually illustrate your points anonymously.
  • Voice synthesis – Generate natural voiceovers from text using 100+ voices so you don’t have to use your own voice.
  • Text-to-speech – Convert text from scripts into voiceover audio instantly.
  • Library of avatars – Insert animated characters or illustrated profiles as your video host instead of showing yourself.
  • Video editing – Pictory’s editor lets you quickly customize templates to your brand.

Pictory provides all the tools and assets needed to produce high-quality videos while protecting your identity and privacy as a creator.

Getting Started with Pictory

Here are the basics of using Pictory to make anonymous videos:

  1. Sign up – Create a free Pictory account first.
  2. Search templates – Browse Pictory’s template library organized by niche and pick one matching your video concept.
  3. Edit text – Customize the template by editing placeholder text with your own script.
  4. Pick voice – Add computerized voiceover using Pictory’s text-to-speech voices.
  5. Add imagery – Search Pictory’s media library for visuals to illustrate your points.
  6. Customize branding – Change colors, add logo, modify fonts to fit your channel style.
  7. Export and upload – Download the finished video and upload directly to YouTube.

In minutes, you can customize professional templates, synthesized voices, and stock media into topical videos without ever being on camera!

Best Video Niches for Pictory

Pictory’s video assets work nicely for faceless videos focused on topics like:

⭐ How-To Tutorials – Show hands/screencasts demonstrating skills

⭐ List-Based – Top 10s, compilations, fact lists voiced over

⭐ Explainer Videos – Animated visual metaphors illustrated

⭐ Commentary & Reactions – Voice opinions over news/viral clips

⭐ Gaming – Screen record playthroughs and add voiceover

⭐ Technology – Demonstrate gadgets and software anonymously

⭐ Animation – Use illustrated avatars and motion graphics

⭐ Informational – Fact voiceovers illustrated with B-roll video clips

The templates, graphics, animations and stock footage available provide creative flexibility telling stories or teaching topics without being on camera.

Producing Step-by-Step Tutorials

How-to tutorials are perfect for faceless videos. Make them using Pictory in a few easy steps:

1. Pick Tutorial Template

Browse Pictory’s How-To & DIY templates and pick one matching your skill topic.

2. Edit Text Slides

Customize slide titles and text instructions relevant to each step you’re teaching.

3. Add Stock Videos

Insert short video clips demonstrating each step visually.

4. Use Voice Synthesis

Add natural voiceover audio explaining each step using a computerized text-to-speech voice.

5. Brand and Export

Add channel branding and export finished tutorial from Pictory to YouTube.

With the template foundation in place, Pictory lets you quickly create polished, informative tutorials using stock video assets and voice generation technology.

Creating List-Based Videos

List videos are highly engaging. Use Pictory’s templates to easily make ranked lists or compilations voiced over:

1. Pick a List Template

Select from Pictory’s templates for Top 10, Most Surprising, Best Products, etc.

2. Enter List Items

Replace pre-made items with your own list topics. Add descriptions for each.

3. Insert Visuals

Use Pictory’s stock photos and clip art to visually represent each list item.

4. Add Voiceover

Add a computerized list narration using Pictory’s text-to-speech voices.

5. Add Countdown Animations

Insert slick animations that count down through your ranked list for a professional touch.

6. Final Edits

Make final branding edits then export and upload to YouTube.

Pictory’s huge media library and templates guide you through quickly creating a polished list video packed with engaging visuals using just your mouse and keyboard.

Animating Explainers

Animated videos help explain concepts creatively:

1. Pick Explainer Template

Browse Pictory’s Explainer templates using motion graphics, drawings, and text animations.

2. Customize Text

Replace pre-made slides with your own script walking through key points.

3. Insert Animated Icons

Use Pictory’s massive icon library to visually illustrate your concepts.

4. Add Voiceover

Generate clear voiceover audio explaining each animated scene.

5. Add Captions

Reinforce points using animated captions and text overlays.

6. Brand and Export

Apply channel branding then export your professional explainer.

Bring complex ideas to life through clean motion graphics and vocal narration without ever being on camera. Animatedexplainers make absorbing information highly engaging.

Recording Gaming Playthroughs

Gaming content works perfectly faceless. Use Pictory to enhance playthroughs:

1. Record Gameplay

Use screen recording software to capture uninterrupted game footage.

2. Trim Captured Footage

Import footage into Pictory and trim into concise scenes using the editing tools.

3. Add Voiceover

Use Pictory’s text-to-speech voices to add energetic voiceover commentary to gameplay.

4. Insert Accessories

Use graphics like subscribe buttons, notifications and channel branding to enhance.

5. Add Music

Include subtle background music from Pictory’s audio library.

6. Export and Upload

Export the polished gameplay video and directly upload to YouTube from within Pictory.

Pictory’s post-production tools help take unedited gameplay captures and transform them into compelling videos ready for YouTube in just minutes!

Promoting Your Faceless Channel

Once you’ve produced high-quality videos with Pictory completely anonymously, promote your channel to attract viewers:

  • Create catchy but SEO-optimized titles that rank in search results.
  • Write thorough descriptions explaining the video to search engines.
  • Use relevant tags so your videos surface for related keyword searches.
  • Engage consistently with commenters to build community.
  • Share your unique content across Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook.
  • Collaborate with similar channels for cross-promotion opportunities.
  • Analyze analytics to optimize based on your best-performing content.

Pictory expedites creating videos – growth stems from strategically optimizing promotion after production.

Monetizing Faceless Videos

You can generate income from faceless videos produced with Pictory by:

  • Joining the YouTube Partner Program to access revenue sharing once you meet eligibility criteria.
  • Becoming an affiliate for relevant brands, products, or services featured.
  • Offering channel memberships giving fans access to exclusive content and perks.
  • Using sponsorships and plugs for brands relevant to your audience and content.
  • Selling your own merchandise like t-shirts related to your channel.
  • Enabling Super Chats and viewer tips during live streams.
  • Crowdfunding through platforms like Patreon where fans support future production.

High-quality content produced at scale using Pictory’s technology can quickly accelerate monetization.

FAQ About Pictory

Does Pictory allow complete anonymity?

Yes, by using synthesized voices and avoiding showing any identifiable images or features, videos made with Pictory can retain total anonymity.

What makes Pictory better than free tools?

The templates, massive media library, voice generation, animations, graphics and overall ease of use reduce video production time from hours to minutes.

How much does Pictory cost?

Pictory offers affordable monthly subscription plans ranging from $12 – $39 per month. Discounted annual plans are also available.

Can I export videos to YouTube?

Yes, finished videos render right within Pictory’s editor and can be directly uploaded to your connected YouTube account with one click.

Does Pictory help videos rank better in YouTube search?

Pictory’s tools help you optimize YouTube metadata like titles, descriptions and tags to improve SEO. But promoting videos is still essential.

Can I change synthesized voices?

Yes, Pictory offers 100+ natural sounding male and female voices in dozens of languages. You can modify pitch and speed as well.


Pictory provides an immensely powerful “faceless video creator toolkit” allowing anyone to make high quality, professional videos for YouTube without revealing identity.

If you have ideas and scripts but don’t want to appear on camera, Pictory’s templates and media assets create videos engaging viewers through pure content quality and creativity rather than faces.


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